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Today I want to offer you a simple and at the same time very tasty dessert - Soft caramel

I caught myself on the fact that recently almost in every second cake I use homemade caramel. It can be in a layer, the basis for the cream or filler. And how are you good cookies in principle with tea and caramel or crumbly baskets filled with this wonderful delicacy!

Caramel became such a frequent guest in our house for two main reasons. First, it is fast, simple and tasty. And secondly, I completely refused to shop and cook it myself, and I replaced the boiled condensed milk with success.

I really want you to also appreciate the taste of this wonderful delicacy. I am sure that you will definitely like - and caramel will often be present on your family tea drinking.

I will stop at one moment. Caramel's glitter can be changed depending on its purpose. If you decide to use it as an independent dessert, I recommend to take sugar and milk in a ratio of 1 to 1. If you need a filler for cookies and other delicacies or replacing a condensed milk for making cream, I recommend taking a milk to twice the sugar.

And last, do not prepare a large portion immediately, especially the first time. 200 grams of sugar The optimal amount, if the portion is increased, it will be difficult to melt sugar.

Sweet caramel is one of the most random desserts. Delicious lollipops were once the most favorite and desirable treat all the defers. However, in recent years, the recipes of this delicacy that can be prepared without difficulty and high costs at home have been undeservedly forgotten. The taste of pure caramel can be diluted with lemon juice, sealing various berries, cream. Such candy from ordinary sugar is an excellent version of the dessert for those who do not like sweets with synthetic taste and artificial additives.

General principles of cooking

Cooking home caramel and sugar candies is based on general rules, although as a result, you can get completely different variants of sweets. The main principle of cooking caramel at home - rejection of the use of harmful substances:

  • artificial flavors;
  • chemical thickeners;
  • Synthetic dyes.

To make houses such candy sweets or a soft caramel, which, by the way, is suitable for cakes and other desserts, it is enough to use ordinary sugar, water and lemon juice.

There are several caramel cooking options. All of them are original enough and simple. Cookinists know some secrets of cooking this sweetness based on sugar.

It should be remembered the most important rule: candy is prepared very quickly. That is why it is not worth distracted. Otherwise, everything will nourish. It should also be prepared in advance forms in which the sweet grain mass is planned. They should be lubricated with vegetable oil without a pronounced smell. Such trick will help you easily shoot candy.

If during the cooking of caramel at home on some kind of dishes or the surface, Luggy sugar, such items need to be soaked as soon as possible in water. Otherwise, the mass will shake and cope with it will be very troublesome.

There is another secret of cooking home caramel. To make not just candies from sugar, and the original dessert is worth using:

  • nuts;
  • confectionery powder;
  • coconut chips;
  • pieces of dried fruits;
  • Slices of berries and fruits.

The photo presents different options for this dessert. Choose one that is more like!

Caramel cooking recipes

There are several recipes for the preparation of liquid molasses from sugar at home. Based on her sweet caramel. The photo below presents some options for cooking this sweetness.

Recipe 1: Classic Home Caramel

The classic home caramel recipe is simple enough. It will not need to adhere to complex and multi-stage technology. For the preparation of sweets, expensive and rare ingredients are not needed. But the result will certainly please! Pulling delicious caramel is perfect for tea, coffee and toast. Deciding to take advantage of this recipe, it is necessary to prepare the "right" dishes in advance. The saucepan in which sugar will be melt, should be with a thick bottom and walls. This will allow the sugar to warm evenly. Otherwise, the patho can turn out to be checked. As a result, all caramel succeeds with a bitter taste.

Another principle of cooking caramel on a classic recipe is the correct heating of sugar. It must be done on medium heat. Mass will have to constantly stir, so that the sweetness does not burn sweetness at the edges during melting and did not biphal.

To prepare this caramel with a tasteful cream, you need to take the next set of ingredients:

  • Milk - 300 ml;
  • Sugar - 450 g;
  • Butter - 45

Oil is a very important component, and if you wish, you can replace the milk with cream.

  • So how to make caramel at home? First you need to pour the required amount of sugar into a thick-walled saucepan. The dishes are put on the stove. Heating should be small.
  • When the edges of the Patok will melt and take a little bit, should be prevented by a lot. In some cases, the composition is knocked in lumps. There is nothing terrible in this! These formations in the cooking process will independently differ.
  • In a separate pan, you need to pour the specified amount of milk or cream. This dishes are also placed on fire. But only if the sugar completely turns into a molasses, sugar syrup is poured into the barely warm milk or cream. The mass is mixed and brought to a boil. The mixture should be homogeneous. Caramel will become a solid piece, but it is not worth it to be afraid. When the milk is heated, it melts.
  • On a note! Sometimes sugar pounds poured into hot milk. But in this case, the mass forms a lot of foam from which you can burn.

  • Creamy oil is added to caramel. Everything is pretty mixed. It is necessary to do it with maximum caution. After all, with the addition of butter, a lot of foam appears on the surface of the mass.
  • It remains only to respect the sweetness to the desired consistency.
  • That's all! Homemade caramel with the addition of oil is ready! Step-by-step photos above will help avoid mistakes when cooking this sweet dessert.

    Recipe 2: Caramel on a stick

    Caramel on a stick is a traditional delicacy that only a few years ago was unusually popular. Children and adults love this sweetness. Previously, such candy candy was prepared in the form of cocks, bunnies, asterisks and other figures. But you can make the caramel round shape. To prepare such candy candies, it will not be necessary to purchase expensive components, and the cooking process itself is quite simple and fast. If desired, you can dilute the taste of delicacy with fresh fruit juice.

    It should be borne in mind that the process of cooking such candy from caramel on a stick is quite simple. But there are some nuances. This recipe requires constant monitoring and attentiveness. So it will not be exactly possible to cook such caramel and engage in unauthorized affairs at the same time.

    To prepare the house of these candies, it is necessary to use such components:

    • Water - 100 ml;
    • Sugar sand - 250 g;
    • citric acid - 1 pinch;
    • Food dye (optional) - 1 bag.

    Note! From the specified number of components, 12-16 lollipops will be obtained.

  • To make caramel on a stick, you need to prepare all the components. It is especially important to take even and thin sticks (skewers).
  • The cooking process of homemade lollipops is simple enough. We must mix water and sugar. The mixture is brought to a boil. Temperature should be high. It is necessary to respect the composition so that it turned out com. How to understand that everything is normal? There is enough one droplet of sweets into cold water. If caramel rolled into the water into a soft ball, it means that everything is normal.
  • If you wish at this time, you can put a food dye or fruit juice.
  • When caramel will harden in cold water, it is necessary to put citric acid into mass. Components for future lollipops are thoroughly mixed, after which the mass can be removed from the stove, after turning off the fire. Now you need to take parchment. The paper is lubricated with oil. Caramel is fine with a spoon.
  • Mass must cool a little, after which the wand is carefully introduced into each workpiece. It should be rotated in a circle. Then she will quickly enter caramel.
  • Lollipops need to fully cool in natural conditions.
  • Recipe 3: Delicious soft caramel

    Soft delicious caramel - excellent dessert for the whole family. Its preparation can be somewhat troublesome, but the taste of ready-made delicacy is unlikely to leave someone indifferent. The finished soft caramel can be used as a filling for rolls and cakes.

    To prepare such caramel, you need to take the following set of components:

    • Milk - 100 g;
    • Vanillin - 1 g;
    • Sugar - 200 g;
    • Salt - 1 pinch;
    • Creamy oil - 50 g.
  • Sugar must be put in a pot with a thick bottom. The product is placed on the middle fire. The mass is mixed. Capacity can be slightly shake. This will make it possible to warm evenly. It is necessary to completely dissolve the composition.
  • The dishes are removed from the stove. It is necessary to stir the composition evenly, without a rush. There is a slightly heated milk.
  • Capacity returns to fire. However, it is important to simply warm up the composition, but not to allow its boiling. Otherwise, milk will come. Vanillin and salt are suited here. It is still mixed again.
  • Caramel is removed from the stove. Oil is introduced into it, after which the mixture must be flushed to a homogeneous state.
  • It should be borne in mind that the optimal ratio for the production of liquid caramel, which will be used on the consistency of such a paste and is perfect for cleaning the cortex on the cake, is a combination of sugar and milk 1: 1. If the sugar take more, then the mass will be too dense and thick.
  • Ready liquid caramel should be pouring into a jar immediately after cooking. Later to do it will be quite difficult.
  • Video: how to make caramel at home

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    Another basic ingredients in the confectioner arsenal, which is given a special place in the classification of sweets, is caramel. In various formulations, this product can occur in different kinds, however, the basis of their preparation is the process of melting sugar.

    Invented a few centuries ago, the component of desserts has a rich history. Incidental with the familiar Latin word for our hearing "Cannamella Literally translates as «sugar cane".

    A similar caramel product in ancient India was obtained from cane stalk fried on fire. The base of the ingredient - sugar - in the Middle Ages, was valued quite high and was only available to wealthy.

    Read also the recipe for a delicious salt caramel.

    The large-scale production of the product in a number of countries - France, Great Britain, America, who consider themselves the founders of caramel practice, started in the XIV - XVI centuries. Figures on chopsticks were considered a favorite caramel sweetness of the French and Russians.

    In the XVIII century. Began the era of caramel from sugar in England. On the basis of candy and medicinal herbs, the German pharmacist created healing candies that have replaced bitter medicine.

    At the dawn of the caramel industry on open fire in copper boilers melted dissolved sugar in water. Manual temperature measurements served as a caramel mass readiness indicator to spill in forms.

    Caramel - favorite many delicacy

    Types of carameli

    The presence of a sugar substance determines the type of caramel, which can be produced from sucrose, glucose, maltose.

    Based on taste, the delicacy can be a liqueur, chocolate, berry or fruit. Pushed therapeutic caramels and lollipops with the addition of vitamins.

    The consistency distinguish with solid, soft caramel and ingredient-based sauce. Next, a little more about each of the condition.

    Solid caramel

    This species is also referred to as a liva, applied to cooking candies and lollipops, Montpanne. Do not cost without this ingredient when creating grill.

    Thinking, in the finished condition, the caramel of the candy becomes like glass. Working with caramel requires extraordinary skill: if the composition solidifies (And it happens very quickly), the revision is no longer possible.

    Cockerel on a stick - option of caramel

    From the stroke caramel at home is easy to perform «Petushkov "I. «Bunkers "on chopsticks, having appropriate forms. You can delight guests by covering caramel pieces of fruit and berries.

    By adding nuts to the mass and skipping it through a blender, get pralines, relevant in the recipes of cakes or creams. The cutting composition is applicable in the manufacture of caramel decor for decorating confectionery products.

    And so make caramel candies with a pattern on the cut:

    Soft caramel

    By changing the proportions of the components of the components, a plastic caramel is obtained, from which various figures can be cut into, without burning the fingers when the composition cools.

    Multicolored soft satin caramel make using food dyes. The ingredient is introduced into cakes and cakes, it can serve as a food additive. If cream is present in the recipe, caramel-iris are obtained.

    Preparation of caramels of this variety on an industrial scale involves the use of a filling with a humidity of 32-35%. The softness of the consistency is preserved due to the penetration of moisture into caramel mass during the storage of sweets.

    Soft caramel is an excellent interlayer option for cake. By fluidity close to honey, the French are seasoned croissants, toasts, pancakes.

    Caramel candy.

    Caramel sauce

    A amber product with a saturated sweet caramel taste belongs to the group of dessert sauces. Freshly prepared liquid yielding caramel is similar to condensed milk, and being in the refrigerator, it acquires consistency with boiled condensed milk.

    It is an excellent addition to desserts from ice cream, cakes and buns. A couple of caramel sauce spoons are able to turn yogurt into an extraordinary delicacy. The oatmeal flavored by them becomes a dish at the same time delicious and useful.

    Caramel sauce

    How to cook caramel?

    Recipe for solid caramel

    Caramel at home is not so difficult, but the simplest lollipops can even cook even a child.

    We bring to your attention the recipe for home caramel, according to which you should stock 250 g Sugar, vanilla sugar or powder in the amount of 1 tablespoon, the third glass of brandy or brandy. We will need a few drops of mint oil, lemon juice.

    Sugar sand melts in a saucepan on moderate heat, pour the vanilla sugar, we introduce brandy. Continuously stirring, withstand on the plane of the order of a minute. After removing from the fire, we drip into a mixture of mint oil and lemon juice, mix.

    Hot syrup fluctuate in forms, having previously lubricated them with oil for better removal of finished caramels, each portion we supply with a wand (You can use toothpicks) and send to the cold for pouring. Home caramel from sugar ready!

    Soft Caramel Candy

    Soft caramel recipe

    How to make caramel from sugar soft consistency? Best patience and set of ingredients:

    • 200 g Sahara;
    • 1 g Vanillina;
    • a pinch of salt;
    • 50 g butter;
    • 100 g milk.

    Solid home cooking caramel

    On medium fire, we melt sugar in a saucepan with a thick bottom. Stirred constantly necessarily, not giving weight to the merger. Capacity with molten sugar sand assigns to the side and minor portions introduce milk without stopping stirring.

    Cook the composition on medium heat, not bringing to a boil. During cooking, add vanilla and salt, wash.

    After removing the saucepan from the fire, we introduce the oil and make a mass of homogeneous. Soft caramel is ready to use. Observe accuracy, because the product is hot.

    Caramel Sauce Recipe

    How to make caramel, you already know. Now we bring to your attention a caramel sauce recipe.

    For the preparation of delicacy 250 g sugar sand 70 g water. Components connect and cook on slow heat before purchasing a mass of amber shade.

    220 g I bring to a boil and introduce into a sugar-water mixture. Stirring up to uniformity, remove from fire and season cream oil (50 g ).

    Cupcakes, strudeli, biscuits appropriately apply with warm caramel sauce, and, having cooled it, give the exquisite taste to desserts from ice cream.

    Soft caramel

    And the next video will tell you how to prepare a delicious salt caramel:

    Caramel Lamp: Opportunities and Benefits

    The device is a tool that allows you to maintain the temperature necessary for preserving the elasticity of pastry caramel during the required period of time, having warmed evenly composition all over the volume.

    The lamp allows you to work with an artistic caramel mass for the embodiment of the most intricate ideas in the form of decor for cakes and other baking.

    One of the available accessories that can be equipped with a setting is a confectionery alcohol. Avoid scattering light allows a protective screen.

    Liquid caramel sauce

    As a rule, devices have several levels of power adjustment. Latex gloves are a necessary accessory, allowing to protect the hands of a pastryer, working with caramel, from burns.

    High-quality infrared emitter lamps are oriented to heating caramel and work surface. The caramel lamp is an indispensable thing to improve the convenience of work and labor efficiency of confiter-professional. The acquisition of the tool is advisable under significant volumes of manufactured products.

    Homemade caramel
    Homemade caramel

    If you decide to become a homemade confectioner, then today's article will be as impossible. In it we will tell you the secret of making delicious home caramels in three versions, and each of them will perfectly complement and multilayer cake, and laconic cakes.

    Home caramel: how to cook

    If you think that all this was already - do not hurry. We have three caramel recipes for you: with butter, without oil, on coconut milk. We will describe in detail about each, and then also the secrets will open - barely persuaded our pastry trainer to share them.

    Caramel on coconut milk

    Caramel on coconut milk
    Caramel on coconut milk

    Delicious home caramel from coconut milk is not a classic option, but who will limit the flight of our fantasy?

    What you need from the ingredients:

    • coconut milk , 400 ml
    • Coconut Sugar. , 100g
    • sea ​​salt , 1/2 C.L.
    • Coconut oil , 1 tsp.
    • Vanilla extract for fragrance

    How to cook:

    • We take a saucepan or pot with a thick bottom, pour coconut milk
    • Sugar and sea salt add to milk
    • put on the middle fire and let me boil, constantly stirring
    • Reduce the fire to a minimum and cook a lot of about 15-20 minutes, not forgetting to interfere
    • When the sauce acquires amber tint, add oil and vanilla extract
    • Mix well, remove from the fire, let me cool and eat yourself or as topping to desserts

    Caramel with butter

    Caramel with butter
    Caramel with butter

    Classic caramel cooking option and cream oil. At the exit we get a soft and hard caramel.

    What you need from the ingredients:

    • Brown sugar, 200 grams
    • Cream 33%, 240 grams
    • Creamy butter, 5 grams
    • Badyan , 3 star
    • Maskaya salt , 2 grams

    How to cook:

    • We use a pot with a thick bottom where we pour cream and heated them to a boil
    • In another bucket (also with a thick bottom), soil sugar
    • The ideal temperature of sugar dissolution is ~ 150 degrees (that is, the middle fire)
    • When sugar almost dissolved, remove from the fire and mix with butter
    • add caramel to hot cream and mix quickly
    • When the mass be cooled, we put on fire again and mix it until uniformity
    • At the end, add salt and badyan so that the taste of caramel was brighter

    Caramel without butter

    Caramel without butter
    Caramel without butter

    Another option to prepare caramel at home, but without using butter.

    What you need from the ingredients:

    • Sugar Sand, 300 grams
    • Maskaya salt , 5 grams
    • Water, 60 grams
    • Cream 33%, 300 grams

    How to cook:

    • In the saucepan with a thick bottom, we pour water and mix with sugar sand, put on the maximum fire
    • At the same time, on average fire, in the bucket heat the cream and constantly stir
    • add salt in sugar syrup, prevent cautiously to make caramel crystallized
    • Relieve before Amber Tint, not darker
    • Hot cream pour into syrup while continuing to interfere
    • Relieve the resulting mass for another 2-3 minutes
    • Remove from the fire, let me cool, after transfer to the bowl and swing the blender
    • overflow caramel to the jar and clean it in the refrigerator

    So that caramel turns out: our secrets

    Now you have three great recipe for caramel cooking, but so that it is accurately successful, you need to know small secrets:

    • Be sure to use the dishes with a thick bottom, whether it is a saucepan, a bucket or a saucer
    • Sugar should not cover the bottom of the thick layer, then the process of its dissolution will be uniform
    • In order to avoid the competence of sugar sand, you can add 2-3 drops of vinegar or lemon juice
    • To obtain a liquid caramel that will not be thick with time, it is enough to pour into caramel (when the desired shade is reached) 1 tablespoon of hot water and give boiling no more than 30 seconds
    • Consistency of sauce can be obtained by adding to dry caramel (i.e. without adding water during dissolving) butter and hot cream
    • By the way, if you add the oil at first, and then cream, you will get an interesting nut aroma
    • Soft caramel is obtained by adding 2 grams gelatin
    • Adding salt makes the taste of caramel brighter and interesting
    • As aromatic spices for caramel, you can use vanilla, pepper, badyan, cinnamon
    • To caramel keeps its properties, it is important to store it in a dry and hermetic container, avoiding moisture
    Caramel will perfectly complement your desserts
    Caramel will perfectly complement your desserts

    Now you are precisely armed not only with excellent recipes, but also useful ingredients for cooking delicious home caramel. Ingredients you can find in our online store, and with a promotion dzen on all orders up to 15 kg we will give a 10% discount so that you can be nice!

    Sweet pulp caramel - familiar taste of childhood. Sweetness is good as an independent dessert to tea. It is also used at the preparation of nougat, kozinakov, sweets. It is added to cakes and creams. How to cook caramel From products that are always at hand will tell in this article. Simple at first glance, dessert requires a clear compliance with the rules of preparation.

    Main subtleties or How to cook Sahara caramel And do not spoil the taste.

    1. The dishes should have a thick bottom, a cast-iron frying pan is well suitable.
    2. Sugar should be high quality: white and clean.
    3. So that the syrup does not sued it needs to be acidified - with citric acid or table vinegar.

    How to cook Tight Caramel from sugar at home.


    • Sugar - 100 gr.;
    • Milk - 50 gr.;
    • butter creamy - 25 gr.;
    • Vanillin - 1 pinch;
    • Salt - 1 pinch.

    Stages of preparation

    1. Sugar pour into the container and put on a slow fire. It should be heated, starting from the smallest temperatures, reaching up to medium.
    2. At the first signs of melting sugar, start stirring with wooden or silicone spatula. Continue to stir until the sugar is completely dispersed and will not become golden. But do not stand, otherwise you will appear.
    3. Remove dishes from fire on a heat-resistant stand. In yet hot melted sugar gradually pour milk, constantly stirring. Carefully - caramel will begin to foam and spray. It is impossible to immediately pour all the milk, otherwise the product will turn into a lump.
    4. Return the dishes on the stove and stirring to bring to complete dissolution. Do not bring to a boil, otherwise caramel will come into flakes. At the end, add vanillin and salt.
    5. Turn off the fire and add creamy oil. Stir to a homogeneous state. Caramel needs to be pouring immediately after cooking in storage dishes.

    The consistency of the finished product can be changed by varying the amount of milk and sugar. So, if you take one part of the milk into two parts of the sugar, then caramel is dense and tight. In proportions one to one caramel is more liquid.

    To cook hard Caramel at home From the process should exclude the addition of milk and oil. Forms in which caramel lollipops will be glanced with vegetable oil. Now you know how to quickly cook caramel at home. The process of cooking delicious delicacy will be interesting and adults and children.


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    Soft cream or dairy caramel is a delicious delicacy, from which you can cook candy, pour ice cream, buns and various other sweets. Adorable this dessert and children, and adults.

    You can prepare such caramel at home. It is not difficult to make it. In addition, many products do not need this. And the taste will be gentle and unique. Editorial Joy-Pup.

    Homemade caramel

    Share with you recipes and secrets of sweet home caramel.

    The first way to prepare caramel at home

    This caramel is soft. It is usually used as a filling to other desserts. But you can eat and so, right from the spoon!

    Lamp for caramel

    Cooking time: 20-25 min. Calority: 380 kcal. :

    • Ingredients
    • water - 60 g;
    • 33-35% cream - 160 g;
    • butter creamy - 70 g;
    Dairy caramel

    Sugar sand - 225 Council

    : It is better to use for cooking caramel white and high-quality sugar. On a note

    : If you want caramel to be crystallized, a little vinegar or lemon juice can be added to syrup. Then such sweetness will also be with sourness.

    1. Preparing step by step:
    2. Pour sugar into the pan.
    3. Add the required amount of water.
    4. On weak fire, bring the contents in a saucepan to a boil. Wait when sugar is dissolved.
    Soft cream caramel

    Sugar sand - 225 As soon as the future caramel acquires an amber shade, pour heated cream in it and mix.

    : Caramel cooking container is better to take with thick walls and bottom. On a note:

    If sugar with water to cook for a long time, then caramel will be dark. In this case, she will be bastard.


    After cooling, the caramel can be pouring into a glass container and stored in the refrigerator for a long time.

    Making a soft caramel at home: the second way

    This recipe differs from the previous one that such caramel is prepare without adding water. It will come out more thick consistency.

    • Required products:
    • Sugar - 1 cup;
    • Cream - 220 g;

    Creamy butter - 60 g

    1. Step-by-step cooking:
    2. Sugar pour into a saucepan. Clear it in parts - approximately 30 grams.
    3. Pour warm cream when all sugar is dissolved. Remove from the fire.
    Soft caramel at home

    Sugar sand - 225 Add the oil and mix.

    : Stir caramel during cooking should be silicone or wooden spatula.

    Dessert for sweet tech is ready. You just need to wait a bit when it cools.

    Caramel like Shcherbet

    Delicious caramel for those who love nuts, can also be prepared at home. Peanuts, almonds, hazelnut in it can be added as you wish.

    Caramel Recipe

    Cooking time: 25 - 30 ins. Pissed value: 475 kcal.

    • You need to cook:
    • water - 50 g;
    • Sugar - 300 g;
    • Cream - 100 g;
    • Oil - 50 g;

    Nuts (peanuts, walnuts, hazelnuts, almonds) - 100-200 g

    1. How to cook caramel:
    2. In the container, pour sugar, pour with water.
    3. Put on the slow fire and boil until the sugar is completely dissolved.
    4. After purchasing a liquid of amber color, pour cream, mix.
    5. Add crushed nuts and oil and mix again.

    Sugar sand - 225 After cooling the caramel, place in the refrigerator for several hours.

    : To make caramel to be soft and tasty, cream you need to add heated.

    You can pour this caramel into a form covering the food film. After sweetness cool down a little, put in the freezing chamber. After a few hours, the dessert serve to the table.

    Dairy caramel

    You can pour this caramel into a form covering the food film. After sweetness cool down a little, put in the freezing chamber. After a few hours, the dessert serve to the table.

    If you wish to cook caramel sauce, then this recipe is for you. Such yummy is preparing with milk, and does not require much effort and costs.

    • Milk - 100 g;
    • Sugar - 200 g;
    • You will need:

    Creamy butter - 60 g

    1. Creamy oil - 50 g.
    2. Sugar pour into a saucepan, which put on a weak fire.

    When caramel becomes golden, pour the milk with a slow jet. At the same time stir the mass.

    : Caramel cooking container is better to take with thick walls and bottom. Remove the saucepan from the fire and add the oil, mix.

    Sugar sand - 225 Do not interfere with sugar with a spoon when it is in the process of dissolution, otherwise caramel will begin to crystallize.

    : To use caramel as a separate dessert, and not as a filling or topping, it is recommended to take milk and sugar in equal proportions.

    Homemade caramel

    This caramel can be eaten separately, and optionally - add to buns, cookies, ice cream or used as a layer for cake.

    Sweet cream or dairy caramel - a lot of cooking options, but it turns out always tasty and homely. And the editors of Joy-Pup wishes you a pleasant appetite.

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