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The reason for increasing the temperature in a child with a cold properly measuring the temperature temperature should be incremented to reduce the temperature of the temperature in a child for children to reduce the temperature in a child of what cases a doctor is needed

Walled diseases in children, in addition to the inflamed throat and a cold, are almost always accompanied by an increase in body temperature. This is a natural protective reaction of the body, indicating that the immune system began to deal with pathogenic microorganisms - viruses and bacteria 1.5 . If the baby is colded, a question arises before the parent, to shoot down the child with a temperature. To make a right decision, it is important to deal with the causes of fever and closely monitor the well-being of a small patient.

The reason for increasing the temperature in a child with a cold

When infection falls into the child's body, immunity is activated. The development of the inflammatory response and an increase in body temperature is ways to combat the cold with microorganisms. As a result of the work of the immune system, special biological substances are highlighted, some of which affect the temperature centers in the brain 1. This is how the protective mechanisms of temperature increase are launched in the body. The heat and cheating of the pulse are also associated with a decrease in sweating and acceleration of metabolism. In children, the temperature can rise above 38 ° C very quickly. In some cases, the brain cortex does not have time to adapt to the changes occurring in the body, which provokes the appearance of febrile convulsions 1.5 . That is why high temperatures for kids are recommended to shoot down in a timely manner.

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How to measure temperature

If you have a suspicion that a child has a heat, measure the temperature in the most convenient way - in the axillary cavity or groin fold 3,4. . If you use a mercury thermometer, shook it to 36 ° C or lower. Before starting the measurement, wipe the skin in the area of ​​groin or under the mouse. If the child is over-excited, crying or scared, first let him calm down. Take the baby on your knees, put a degree in the armpit in such a way that its tip is completely in the folds of the skin. When measuring in groin, first put the patient on the barrel, do not cover it with a warm blanket - it can lead to an increase in temperature. Press your hand limb (hand or leg) baby to the body. After 10 minutes, remove the thermometer and write the measurement results.

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What temperature should be shot down

To knock down the high temperature in the child's first two months of life, if the thermometer mark reached 38 ° C 3.6. . Senior children with relatively normal well-being reduced the temperature at 39-39.5 ° C 3.6. . If the baby previously happened convulsions, the antipyretic should be given already at 37.5 ° C. Before you quickly knock down a high temperature in a child at home, appreciate the patient's condition. If the kid feels bad and heavily transfers fever, you should not wait for the thermometer mark 38 ° C 3. In this case, it is advisable to facilitate the patient's condition, making the antipyretic.

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Ways to reduce the temperature of the child

Creating an optimal microclimate. If a child has a temperature and runny nose, it is important to provide coolness in the children's room (18-20 ° C) and optimal humidity (50-60%) 1. Carry the room and launch the patient to bed. Cooking the baby is dangerous: it can quickly lead to overheating and thermal impact. If the child does not shine, it is easy to put it, do not cover with tight blankets.

Abundant drink. At high temperature, the body strongly loses fluid through the skin 1,3 . Baby need to apply as much as possible to the chest or water with water from a children's bottle. An older child can offer warm tea, cranberry Morse or any other drink that the baby will agree to drink. If you want to bring down the temperature in the child, it is better to water fractional and small portions: for some teaspoons every 10 minutes. A large dose of liquid can cause vomiting. If the thermometer's mark has reached 38 ° C, you can use hot drink preparation powders, such as rhinzasip ®for children. Such drugs at the same time satisfy the need of the body in the liquid and allow to reduce heat due to the action of active components 7.

Physical cooling methods. Various ways of cooling the body apply only if the heat in the baby is not accompanied by a spasm of vessels (limbs not pale and not cold). Help bring down the temperature in a child wiping cool or slightly warm water 2,4,5 . The baby can be carefully wiped with a napkin moistened with a napkin, feet, knee and elbow bends, inguinal folds. It is important that during the procedure a small patient is not frozen, it can again lead to an increase in temperature, progression of a cold, etc.

The use of antipyretic means. One of the safest and well-studied drugs to reduce the temperature in childhood is paracetamol. 4,5,6 . It can be used in the form of candles, tablets, syrups or powder for making hot drinks (for example, rhinzasip ®for children). To knock down the child with a temperature of 39 ° C for 3-4 hours, it is important to correctly calculate the dosage of paracetamol. Always follow the instructions for the preparation used. Usually, the dose of 15 mg of paracetamol is recommended for one-time reception to each kilogram of the child's weight. For a longer effect, for example, if you need to reduce the high temperature overnight, it is permissible to increase the one-time dose to 20 mg / kg. To reduce heat in children, drugs based on acetylsalicylic acid are not used 1,2,3,5 and funds from a group of non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs due to the high risk of side effects.

Folk remedies.

  • Tea with raspberries. Acetylsalicylic acid in raspberries and caffeine in black sheet tea sometimes contribute to improving well-being at high temperature and cold in adults. However, it is not recommended for children such a drink, since side effects due to inaccurate calculation of the dosage of active substances and the risk of allergy develops exceed possible benefits. In addition, in hot water, Malina loses almost all useful properties.
  • Herbrails. In folk recipes, it is proposed to be used to reduce the temperature in children decoctions from the inflorescences of the linden, rosehip fruits, and colts-stepmother sheets. It is important to remember that the substances contained in these and other plants may be allergens. None of the folk remedies have proven its effectiveness in clinical trials.
  • Hot milk with honey. Both of these products can cause an allergic reaction. The kids under the year the use of honey in any form is not recommended. When dissolved in hot milk, tea or any other drink, honey under the influence of high temperatures loses part of its useful properties.

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RINZASIP® for children to reduce the child's temperature

Rinzasip ®For children, you can apply to bring down at home the temperature of the child over 6 years 7. This modern antipyretic drug contains active substances in the dosage designed to take into account children's age. The tool helps to treat the temperature and runny nose in the child, at the same time contributing to the reduction of heat and the relief of nasal respiration. Rinzasip ®For children can be used to facilitate the state of the kid after consulting a pediatrician 7.

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In what cases do you need a doctor consultation

Treat any cold illness in the child, accompanied by heat and runny nose, is recommended under observation and in accordance with the recommendations of the doctor 1. Actually call the pediatrician house is necessary in the following cases:

  • Increased temperature is accompanied by vomiting, diarrhea, the appearance of rash;
  • At temperature, the kid several hours refuses drinking;
  • Temperature above 38 ° C holds more than three days;
  • The child appears convulsions, disturbances;
  • The kid has chronic diseases (kidneys, hearts, etc.).

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The information in this article is referenced and does not replace the professional consultation of the doctor. For the diagnosis and treatment of treatment, refer to a qualified specialist.


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Hello, dear readers. Walled diseases attack us at any time of the year, but specially dangerous periods are precisely spring and autumn. At this time, our immunity level is somewhat underestimated, due to seasonal avitaminosis. The children's body is especially vulnerable in these periods, since in the process of growth, the child's immune system has not yet been fully formed. This means that the baby immunity is not able to deal with the disease independently. But the body is still trying to fight, and the sign of this struggle is high temperature. Many parents are "stitching" their babies antipyretic means that are not always safe for their health.

Other parents are too careful about the use of drugs, therefore, to the latter, hope for the miraculous properties of folk remedies.

Well, it is impossible to completely refuse both techniques, so the best solution will be their combination. You can give a child a small dose of the antipyretic agent, and to reinforce his effect herbal decoction.

Let's figure it out how to quickly knock down a high temperature in a child, and what means it will be necessary for this.

What temperature you need to shoot down and why

At the very first symptoms of a cold, each caring mother runs in a pharmacy for various anti-frequency and antipyretic agents. She is trying to eliminate all the first symptoms before the appearance of the disease itself.

Temperature in the child

Of course, if the baby has a runny nose or throat pain, the means of local applications will help to cope with it. But another thing is when the child begins to rise. Here you should act extremely careful not to aggravate the situation.

The temperature of the child is 38.5 - 39, without cold symptoms - which causes may be.

Specialists assure that the temperature rise is a good sign at a cold. This means that the body is struggling with its own disease.

If the indicators of the thermowner barely exceeded the mark of 37 degrees, then this means only one thing - the body only began to fight the infection. But if the temperature continues to rise, then it is necessary to take something urgently.

What if the child has a high temperature? There are some rules that are important to adhere to at elevated temperatures.

High temperature rules

1. During the first two months of the child's life, the temperature needs to be shot down if it exceeds 38 degrees. Starting from two months, the temperature is knocked down if the thermometer shows more than 39 degrees.3. If earlier the child was observed seizures, the antipyretic means should be given even at a temperature of 37 degrees.

These rules are common, so it will be wiser to be repelled from the state of the child. If the thermometer mark barely reached 37 degrees, and the baby looks sluggish, and his well-being is only worsening, then you should not wait for further increase in the indicators.

How to quickly knock down a high temperature in a child with folk remedies

Such methods are considered completely safe, but this is not always the case. Incorrect use of folk remedies may result in serious consequences. In addition, despite its naturalness, folk remedies have their limitations in the application.

Temperature in the child

Before conducting procedures at home, consult a pediatrician. This is especially important when it comes to not only the health, but also the life of the child.

Among the folk agents of the antipyretic action, they allocate several most effective.

1. Wasten

In this case, wiping is better carried out with simple purified water. Also allowed to add vinegar solution to water, which helps to remove heat.

It is necessary to wet a solution with a small piece of gauze, with which the procedure for wiping will be carried out. It is recommended to wipe the whole body, avoiding the heart area (when using acetic solution). But special attention should be paid to the area of ​​the armpits, temples and neck.

Cough in a child

Remember that the use of alcohol for wipes is prohibited if the body temperature is raised. Such a "procedure" can only aggravate the situation, significantly worsening the state of the child.

2. Compress from cabbage leaves

Such a procedure seems safe, it should not be abused either. If the disposable use of cabbage leaves did not bring any result, then other ways should be taste.

Cabbage sheet

Take several leaf of white cabbage and placed them in boiling water for a couple of seconds. Next, you should knock off the pawned leaves with a special hammer in order to free the juice.

Apply the leaves to the body of the baby, again, avoiding the heart area.

3. Physical

If it is impossible to bring down the temperature by external influence on the body, you will have to resort to internal temperature decrease.

For this, it is necessary to dial water temperature in a medical pear and introduce it into the baby's renouncess.

In no case do not fill the enema too cold or hot water, because it may worsen the condition of the child.

4. Broth on the barley

First you should boil the glass of pearl cereals in purified water for five minutes. After the time, constricted the decoction, passing it through the sieve.

In the resulting liquid, dissolve a teaspoon of honey (in order to sweeten the pill) and give a child to drink a decoction.

5. Tea with Malina

Malina contains a large amount of vitamin C, which helps to strengthen the immune system. This will help speed up the process of combating ailment, and therefore reduce the temperature.

Tea with Malina

But using such a tool should also be careful, since the excess of the dosage of raspberry jam can lead to the development of an allergic reaction.

Therefore, in a cup of warm tea, you can dissolve only one teaspoon of jam. Please note that drinking should only be warm, but not hot.

6. Warm milk with honey

Both products relate to sufficiently active allergens, so before using them, you should make sure that the child does not have allergies on them.

Such a means is allowed to take kids from one year. It is important to use precisely warm milk, since the hot drink is prohibited by increasing the temperature.

Milk with honey

In addition, when heated honey allocates poisonous substances that can harm health.

7. Herbal decoctions

For the preparation of the antipyretic beam, it is recommended to use linden inflorescences, rosehip fruits, as well as mother-and-stepmother leaves.

It is important to understand that the substances contained in these plants may be allergens, so it is necessary to use them with extreme caution.

Tea from a cold from viburnum

For reinsurance, it is better to prepare a weak decoction and give it to a child in warm form.

You can cook a decoction of dried fruits, as well as tea from viburnum, which perfectly reduces the heat.

8. Cranberry Morse

The berry is famous for the high content of ascorbic acid, which is an important assistant in the process of recovery.

In order to prepare Morse, cranberry berries need to be loaded into a saucepan with water and send to a slow fire. It is necessary to take it precisely in warm form with the addition of lemon or honey.

Cranberry for children

9. Bathing in the bath

It is important to monitor the water temperature, which should be 37 degrees. Such baths help not only knock off the heat, but also facilitate the condition of the baby.

In addition, after this procedure, the child will sleep hard all night.

10. Mountain compress

As is known, mint gives a refreshing effect that will help slightly reduce the temperature. In addition, it has a sedative effect, which will allow the child to calm down a little.

First, prepare a mint decoction, and let him cool a few minutes.

Mint tea benefits

Next, it is necessary to moisten the terry wipes in the cooked brave and applied to the forehead and temples.

It is important to understand that with increasing body temperature, treatment is prohibited by any warming means, whether by alcohol or hot drink. All this can lead to unforeseen consequences, so be careful.

How to reduce the temperature of the child with medicines - tablets, syrups

Many mothers are trying to avoid using drugs to reduce temperature, but sometimes it is simply necessary.

How many days the temperature is kept with an angina.

The reasons for increasing body temperature can be completely different, in connection with which it is not always possible to eliminate heat using one folk agents.

Temperature in the child

The kids can not always swallow the whole tablet, so most of the antipyretics are also produced in the form of syrups. Their feature is that the drug begins to act already in 20 minutes after the reception.

Also perfect alternative tablets are candles that have been operating already 40 minutes later. They are put in the event that the child due to nausea refuses to take syrup or pills.

To the most efficient, and, importantly, safe agents include two main types of antipyretic drugs.

1. Paracetamol

Disposable reception of such a means reduces the temperature to the maximum one and a half degrees, and its action continues for four hours.

Minor dose excess will not create problems, but it is still worth using it only under the supervision of the doctor. It is best to use precipitated syrup, as it will reduce the temperature much faster.

Paracetamol has an antipyretic and painful effect, but it is absolutely powerless with inflammatory processes.


It will be most effective in viruses, but it is unlikely to overcome a bacterial infection. Therefore, if you do not help paracetamol, then urgently call the doctor.

The drug has enough analogues, combined one by the main component:

- Panadol. Produced in the form of tablets, syrup and candles. Reception of the drug can be started from three months; - Efferelgang. The sirop form is allowed to give kids from one month. It can be diluted with milk, water or juice; - Calpol. The suspension is recommended to receive children from three months. You can drink water, but not dilute.


Unlike paracetamol, this drug has an anti-inflammatory effect, which not only helps to reduce the temperature, but also to overcome the causative agent of the disease.

It will be equally effective, both in viral and with bacterial infections.

Ibuprofen has several analogues, among which it is distinguished:


- Nurofen. The suspension is allowed to give children from three years, and the dosage will depend on the age and weight of the baby. Candles can be used from three months to two years; - Ibufen (suspension) You can take children from one year. The tool is strong enough, therefore it is assigned at particularly high temperatures.

In this case, self-treatment is quite dangerous, since the children's body is particularly sensitive to drugs. Therefore, it is better to contact the pediatrician, which will put an accurate diagnosis and prescribe the right treatment.

Causes of increasing temperature in a child

Not always, the heat appears only because of the colds, as we used to think. The reason for this is the inflammatory process, which occurs in the body.

It can be seasonal allergies, and maybe poisoning by non-freight products. Therefore, high temperature is not always accompanied by symptoms.

Eliminate such main reasons for the appearance of heat in kids:

- viral and bacterial diseases;

- Allergy;

- pathology of the organs of the endocrine system;

- overheating in the sun;

- teething;

- Reaction to the introduction of antibiotics into the body.

Whatever was the reason for such a symptom, it is necessary to do everything to eliminate it in a short time. At the same time, it is important to establish the reason so that the disease can be started.

How to bring down the temperature of the child

If your baby has sharply raised the temperature, and only continues to grow, then it is necessary to bring it down as quickly as possible. In this case, with the help of some folk remedies, it is difficult to cope, so the treatment will include also medication drugs.

Instead of independently draw up a course of treatment for your child, better contact your doctor for help. The competent specialist will be able to quickly make the correct diagnosis, and immediately begin treatment.

It will be much more efficient than your attempts to unsuccessful treatment. In addition, such a "treatment" can harm the health of the child than the risks cannot be risked.

НAnymorely often cause a doctor to house those parents who closely collided with the problem of pronounced hyperthermia from their children.

Infectious and inflammatory diseases are often accompanied by a strong heat, sometimes developing to the mark of thirty-nine degrees.

In general, the kids are not bad to endure this difficult state, but in the event of a serious illness, the associated symptoms complicating it will also be marked.

Migrain, chills or respiratory manifestations are most common. The question of the treatment of the baby can only solve the doctor, but parents should clearly know - than to bring down the temperature of 39 in the child before arrival.

Causes of temperature rise to 39 -39.5 in children

The most commonly significant hyperthermia in the child is developing into force:

  • Bacterial infection;
  • introduction into the organism of viruses;
  • respiratory infections;
  • food poisoning;
  • allergic reaction;
  • teething;
  • overheating;
  • nervous overvoltage;
  • oncological diseases;
  • Immune response to vaccination, etc.

These factors cause a strong heat from the kid, which reflects the sharp increase in the protective forces of its body.

Show the temperature 39?

Temperatura 39 U Detei

The overwhelming majority of domestic and western pediatricians hold the opinion that when Hyperthermia reaches an alarming mark of 38.5 degrees, it is not worth waiting for the further development of events.

It must be lowered. Otherwise, various heavy complications are able to occur, most frequent of which becomes a convulsive fit.

In the event of a serious infectious or inflammatory disease, the question of the appointment of antipyretic drugs should only be solved by the attending physician.

If there is no particular danger or, on the contrary, the pediatrician has not come yet, and the values ​​of the thermometer increase more than 39 degrees, they need to be reduced.

To do this, it is necessary to clearly understand that a significant increase in temperature is a direct reflection of the organism resistance. It is the heat that helps him actively deal with infection.

Nevertheless, too strong his manifestations are capable of negatively affect the baby, fully taking his strength and leading to dehydration.

How to bring down the temperature of 39 in a child and help him survive this serious condition? First of all, it is required to provide him with a large amount of fluid.


To prevent the body's dehydration, the baby should constantly have a kid.

For this, various fruit compotes, fruits from berries or brands of medicinal plants are well suited. Drinking should be tasty, otherwise the sick child is able to refuse him because of bad well-being.

Giving him a liquid is better from a spoon or a comfortable bottle. When parents are in confusion from the fact that the child has a temperature 39, Komarovsky believes that it is possible to knock it down in this way.

What advises us Dr. Komarovsky

The well-known Children's doctor Komarovsky also recommends that the lost balance of electrolytes in the body is filled with the development of hyperthermia. To do this, it is necessary to eliminate the lack of trace elements. In this case, we will help raisins, figs, kuraga and other dried fruits.

According to the advice of Komarovsky, it is strongly recommended to drink a drink to the child cooled, but still preserving heat. Therefore, before you begin to treat it with forceps, you first need to provide a children's body in sufficient liquid.

If the baby is hot only forehead, and the legs and hands are colded, this indicates the development of a negative vascular reaction.

In this case, it should be known that the child at a temperature of 39 degrees is permissible to give antispasmodics (drootaverine or papaverine) in a children's dose, clearly indicated in the instructions for the drug.

It is necessary to completely open the window and achieve a significant cooling of the room where the patient lies. Dr. Komarovsky believes that the thermometer in it should show no more than twenty, as a last resort, twenty-two, degrees.

It helps to balance the thermoregulation of the body with the help of breathing toddles inhaled and air allocated. In addition, it is worth the air jet also wet.

It is advisable to moisten the curtains, put in the room a large pelvis with water or decompose everywhere raw fabric.

Increased body temperature in a child - Emergency care "School of Doctor Komarovsky"

Pediatricians are advised not to slow, if a child is:

  • There is a strong heat, which has already exceeded the mark of thirty-nine Celsius and is approaching forty degrees;
  • diagnosed heart disease;
  • There is vascular pathology;
  • There is a tendency to cramps, etc.

All this places it in the zone of significant risk. The heat that has reached 39.9 degrees is no longer any benefit of the body, but causes coagulation of proteins, of which the human body is largely.

Mery Po Snizheniu Temperaturi U Detei

In addition, it creates a significant burden on the cardiovascular and nervous system.

With a significant development of the heat should be aware that it is possible to quickly bring down the temperature of 39 in a child using water-wiping temperature wiping. Add any substance to it is undesirable.

From the kid, you need to remove everything more superfluous to avoid overheating. It should be left in cotton pajamas or in a night shirt made of natural fabrics. Cover it better easy sheets.

It is not worth allowing the child to run or shout if it is in an excited state, but also forcibly putting it into bed is also undesirable.

Any nervous and physical overvoltage will only enhance hyperthermia. It is necessary to sit in a comfortable place, read him or distract to something interesting.

How to bring down a temperature of 39 in a child?

It is possible to reduce the manifestations of heat with the help of appropriate drugs only if the temperature of 39-39.5 in the child is not thrown off with wipes, and drinks.

It should be remembered that for children under 5 years old, candles, syrups and suspensions are preferred, and not pills.

There are special drugs to which syrups, suspensions or tablets include. They contain appropriate doses:

  • Ibuprofen;
  • Syrup or candle with nurofen;
  • Candle with Viferon;
  • Paracetamol;
  • Calpol;
  • Panadal;
  • Effergangan or cefecond in the desired dosage.

Take them should be strictly according to the instructions that are attached to the medicine. These are effective drugs that are able to bring down the heat for a fairly long period. In addition, they produce an operational effect.


The preparation of the safest choice in this case is Paracetamol .

It quickly helps to knock down the temperature, it has an anti-inflammatory and painful effect, has a minimum of contraindications and adverse reactions, and also does not have a noticeable effect on the blood formation system and the CNS.

Dosage in tablets at temperatures in children from 3 to 6 years is 800 mg / day.

With 6 years of age, the allowable dose is multiplied by 1.5-2. The minimum interval between medication techniques is 4 hours.

If the temperature is not reduced, the tablet can be repeated. If the temperature of 39 in the child holds and after repeated reception, other medicines are used, or home remedies.


Medicines based on Ibuprofen Also help to quickly eliminate heat, but they are less effective in relation to other positive impacts on the body.

However, their advantage is that the antipyretic effect remains a very long period. The child should also take them no more than every six hours.

For patients aged 3 months to 2 years, candles, syrup and suspension are used in accordance with the instructions. And for children over 3 years old - pills.

The dosage is 10 mg / kg of body weight at a temperature of 38.5 - 39.2, and if the heat is below this indicator, then - 5 mg / kg. The daily dose of the drug should not exceed 30 mg / kg body weight.

How can not be shot down

Many parents are horrified, seeing the digits on the thermometer who stopped at the mark of thirty-nine degrees. Therefore, they lose their head and begin to do what only aggravates the position of the child.

It should be noted that in medicine the elevated temperature is divided into:

  • White when hot forehead is celebrated, and the palms and the feet are cold, the face is pale ;
  • red when heat covers the whole body .

Therefore, the temperature is restored in different ways.

  • In the first case, it is not recommended to massage the finiteness of the child, fully undressing it, apply wet and cool bulls to his body. The condition of the baby is due to vascular failure and these measures will only strengthen it.
  • When red hyperthermia is observed, these actions are able to help, since in this case the spasm of the vessels is not observed, on the contrary, they are expanded.


If the temperature of 39 in the child holds hard and does not respond to anything, it is impossible to rub the baby with alcohol or acetic solution, as it contributes to the dehydration of the body and negatively affects the condition of the skin.

With a large amount of substance, as well as in the presence of damage on the body, it can get into the bloodstream and cause even more damage.

Also, you can also eat a child with hot drinks with raspberries, lime or honey, and then climb tightly.

Thus, parents cause a folding effect and at the same time clog the air exchange, not allowing the thermoregulation system to work in full force.

In addition, plant substances contribute to the creation of a diuretic result, which together with a force action creates all conditions for blood dehydration.

It is not recommended to do the enema with a cool saline, if there is no special instructions of the doctor. Only he can decide which methods will benefit.

Many parents fall into panic when they see that the temperature is 39.4 in a child, how to knock her down, do not know. Therefore, it is necessary to remember that it should not seek to eliminate the heat by any means.

Medicines forbidden to use by children

In no case cannot give the baby such drugs like  Amidopin, Analgin, Antipirin or Penacetin.

Children's body they are contraindicated, otherwise it is quite possible to the onset of intoxication, which will make the patient's condition critical.

  • Since the kids often observed a heat, then parents should be to this ready and know the basic measures, which it is desirable to use what to help him.
  • Even if the child is still breastless, then the mother must be prepared in advance to prepare for the fact that it is capable of and should do with the development of Hypertermia from him, since it often will have to deal with such a problem.
  • And, of course, to engage in self-medication when developing the heat, a small patient is simply unacceptable. All the necessary therapy performs only a doctor.

What to do if the temperature 39 is not knocked down

There are such cases when everything is tried, but hyperthermia does not disappear. Therefore, if the temperature of the child has 39 degrees, then this is a signal that the help of specialists is needed.

Urgent ambulance is needed when:

  • Heat is enhanced;
  • The child eats nothing;
  • He refuses to drink;
  • He is getting worse;
  • His limbs twisted;
  • The child is constantly tearing;
  • He has a strong diarrhea.

If you do not call an ambulance in time, then the onset of a convulsive seal, cardiac or vascular failure, organic brain damage is possible.

These symptoms indicate serious problems of metabolism, the rapid approximation of dehydration, as well as the availability of dysfunctions of internal organs, and most likely the doctor will prescribe an antibiotic.

While the team of doctors has not yet arrived, it is desirable to wrap in a wet shelf for about five minutes. Then it should be wiped out and put on a dry night shirt.

It is also necessary to pay attention to the associated symptoms, because they are indicated by the presence of a certain disease. High temperature is only one of them and in itself can not give a specialist with a full response to the question than the child is sick.

What to do if after receiving the antipyretic temperature did not decrease? - Dr. Komarovsky

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After reading the instructions for drugs that can help at a temperature of 38-38.5-39-39.5, it is possible to note the fact that the perforal agents are very negatively reflected in the state of the gastric and intestine mucosa, and the use of rectal candles is limited by inflammatory pathologies of the rectum. But people with diseases of the gastrointestinal tract, pregnant women, for whom drugs seem to have a poison for the baby, nursing mothers are also high temperatures, and you need to fight with it in some way. Yes, and the little children do not really want to be a chemical agent, because X organism is more sensitive to negative effect than adult.

So many people get up such an important question, is it possible to knock down a high temperature without drugs and how to do it? Some options for such treatment can even offer the doctors themselves (usually gynecologists and pediatricians who are followed by the health of the most vulnerable groups of the population).

Reducing body temperature will be facilitated:

  • Cool air in the room where the patient is located (not draft or wind, but fresh air within 18 degrees).
  • The use of a large amount of liquid (relevant also for the prevention of dehydration caused by hyperthermia, diarrhea, vomiting, truth In the latter case, the liquid must be administered intravenously in the form of water-electrolyte solutions),
  • Cool compress on the forehead area, caviar, wrists, paha (the fabric should be moistened with water and press, repeat the procedure every time it is heated from the body),
  • wiping the body with a cloth moistened with cool water (water on the body surface must dry by independently), to wipe the children, water should be warm, so it will enhance heat transfer, and not provoke vessel spasms,
  • Bath with cool water in combination with a massage with a washcloth (with a cold, this method can be called dubious, although it helps to bring down the high thermometer indicators),
  • wrapping sheets moistened in cool water (can be recommended for the treatment of children),
  • The cansism with boiled water temperature (for kids is more suitable for a warm decoction of chamomile in a volume of 50-150 ml, depending on the age of the child),
  • Rectal administration of a hypertensive solution (2 tsp. Salts on a glass of water), and the volume of the solution depends on the age of the patient:
  • Up to six months, 30-50 ml of solution are consumed to one procedure.
  • kids from six months to one and a half years - 50-100 ml,
  • kids 1.5-3 years old - 100-200 ml,
  • Preschoolers 4-6 years - 300-400 ml.

With age, the growth and weight of the child increases, respectively, the solution is required greater. For example, adolescents need to take up to 800 ml of solution.

It is difficult to say whether such methods will help to reduce the temperature of the body that increased for some reason, but it is still worth trying. It is only necessary to take this business when the temperature reached critical quantities, and the patient's condition was noticeably deteriorated, and when the thermometer indicators were overlap 38-38.5 and their further growth is noted. Either, if the thermometer readings froze at one point, but the temperature is transferred to the patient badly, exhausts it and deprives forces to combat the disease.

People's methods to combat hyperthermia

When the temperature rises to the indicators of 38-38.5-39-39.5, and at home will not be necessary drugs or not the opportunity to use them, it makes sense to take advantage of the farewell methods of struggle against heat and fever. In addition to the above-described temperature reduction methods, alternative medicine also offers other recipes, how to bring down the temperature of folk remedies, as well as amendments to the advice of doctors who make treatment faster and more efficient.

For example, doctors recommend wiping the body with cool water. But in the people, this recipe was improved, and instead of simple water began to use mixtures: water + vodka, water + vinegar, water + vodka + vinegar, in which all components are mixed in equal amounts. If you need to treat a child, the proportions are distinguished, while preference is given to a water-acetic solution, in which the components are taken in proportion 2: 1, however, it is considered quite sufficient and 1 tsp. The nine percent vinegar per 1 liter of water so that the solution enhances the heat transfer and reduced the temperature. Applying vodka for the treatment of a child is dangerous, as the alcohol can penetrate through the skin, causing intoxicating the body of the baby.

After wiping the child is finished, it is possible to fan it with a towel for a few minutes, which gives a quick and resistant effect of reducing body temperature.

For the same purposes, you can use the fan, directing the air flow to the bottom of the body, so as not to sharpen the head.

As for the compresses imposed on the wrist area, the forehead, the inner surface of the elbow bend, the ICR, they can be done not with simple water, and with the cabbage brine or the cassel, wrapped in gauze.

Instead of sauerkraut, you can apply and crude potatoes, sliced ​​with thin slices or grated to the grater. It is also used for compresses at high temperatures.

As for abundant drinking, traditional medicine recommends drinking not only water, but also juices and vitamin drinks:

  • juice of immature grapes in water with water (0.5-1 glasses with an interval of 2 hours),
  • Kalina's juice (1 tbsp. with an interval of 1 hour),
  • Celery juice (1 cup 4 times a day),
  • Mors from a high content of vitamin C, helping to fight the temperature,
  • Mineral water (wasting and without gas),
  • Green tea (without sugar, but it is useful to add a few drops of lemon juice or lemon skin, as well as black ground pepper on a knife tip - a good coating agent, contributing to a decrease in temperature),
  • Compote fruits and berries
  • The decoction of rose hips (2 tbsp. Dry berries on a glass of water, boil 10 minutes, insisted and take three times a day).

Carrot juice can be buried 2-3 drops into nasal moves, which also contributes to the fight against infection and a decrease in temperature.

With cold and high temperatures, the treatment of herbs is actively practiced. So for the child, the child healers recommend using not a simple boiled water, but a warm chamomile decoction.

Based on flowers, herbs, leaves and roots of various plants, you can prepare drinks with campling and antipyretic properties. The most popular drink in this plan is tea with raspberry jam (1 tbsp. On a glass of warm boiled water), which, due to his pleasant taste and aroma, is a favorite medicine of adults and children. If there is no finished jam, you can fill with dry fruit boiling water for 20 minutes, after which you drink a drink for half an hour.

The twigs or shoots of raspberries have even stronger action. They need to be prepared with boiling water, withstand with low boiling 1-2 minutes, insist for 30-40 minutes. For 1.5 glasses of water take approximately 1 tbsp. Ground shoots. The prepared composition drink 2 times. On the day of treatment, you need to make 2-3 such portions.

Instead of the shoots of raspberries, the sheets of black currant can be used (1 tbsp. Dry crushed raw materials by 0.5 liters of water, boil 5 minutes, after which we take 1.5 tbsp. With an interval of 1 hour).

If at home there is a bark of willow, you can use it (1 tbsp. On 1 tbsp. Water, boil 2-3 minutes and insist 1.5-2 hours). Willow decoction you need to drink in a warm form for 1 reception several times a day. To enhance the therapeutic effect in the drink, it is recommended to add a spoon of natural bee honey (in the absence of allergies to beekeeping products).

A good stream effect, relevant to reduce body temperature, has lime tea, which is better to prepare by insisting (1 liters of boiling water we take 100 g of dry inflorescences, insist 2-2.5 h). You can drink a decoction without restrictions like ordinary tea. It is also desirable to twisted honey.

As a coating agent, a decoction of the root of burdock (2 tbsp was used to combat heat and fever, and decoction of raw materials by 0.5 liters of water, boil 5 minutes, insist 2-2.5 hours). It is necessary to take it before eating 3-4 times a day for ½ cup.

In almost every home, you can find the stocks of grass sage. On 1 liter of boiling water we take 2 tbsp. Dry grass, leave to bent. After a few minutes, add chopped garlic to the composition (6 small or 4 medium-sized teeth). When the infusion is no longer hot, we take the half of the lemon, press the juice from it and pour into the healing composition. There are also sending the remaining zest, which contains ascorbic acid even more than the pulp of the lemon fetus. All infusion you need to drink in a couple of hours. True, such treatment is not suitable for children and future mothers.

Very useful for combating the temperature of 38-38.5-39-39.5 will also be ease. 3-4 tbsp. Flowers of plants pour a glass of boiling water and insist in a warm place a quarter of an hour. Drink a drink gradually for one reception. A recipe suitable for patients of any age can be diversified by connecting the beneficial properties of elderberry and mint. In this case, herbs recommend to take 2 tbsp.

For the treatment of children, the chamomile infusion is also suitable (1-2 tbsp. On a glass of boiling water). He does not possess a pronounced antisponic effect, but as an antiseptic helps to fight an infection that causes hyperthermia and inflammation.

Usually, at the temperature, you do not want to eat, but drinks, fruits and berries with a high content of vitamins will come across across the way, because they contain everything necessary to maintain the body forces and normalization of body temperature.

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Hypertermia homeopathy

It must be said that the people's high-temperature treatment methods are rather effective if the thermometer column is within 38- 38.5-39 degrees, but at a temperature of 39-39.5 degrees and above, they do not always give the expected effect. It is clear that the rapid decline in temperature is considered undesirable, because it will be stress for the body (ideally it should decline every hour on half grades). But the lack of effect is also not an indicator of the effectiveness of the treatment, and the temperature is higher than the critical is very dangerous for a person, especially if it is a child or an elderly man with a sick heart.

What should I do if the people's methods do not give the result, and there is no desire to kchemia a chemistry? The optimal output is to apply for help to homeopathy. Such preparations contain only natural substances in dosages, absolutely safe for the body. In addition, they do not just reduce the temperature, but affect the reason for its appearance.

What kind of preparations of homeopaths are recommended for hyperthermia:

  • BELDONNA. It is usually prescribed at a temperature caused by angina and ear diseases when the patient's forehead is hot, and the limbs are cool.
  • Hina. This drug is relevant with regular fluctuations in temperature (for example, it rises on the evening, and in the morning falls).
  • Aconite. This medicine is relevant if the temperature rise is not caused by a disease, but a nervous overvoltage, stressful situation, etc. (Against this background, the temperature of young children often rises in the first days of stay in kindergarten).
  • Pulsatilla. This medicine is prescribed when the thermometer testimony of 37.5 and higher degrees, if the temperature negatively affects the patient's mood and health.
  • Ferrum phosphoricum is not prescribed at high temperatures, but as its prevention at an early stage of the disease, the medicine is very useful. This drug is suitable in the absence of obvious symptoms of the disease, when the gradual rise of temperature is observed.

These drugs, the appointment of which should conduct an experienced homeopath, are suitable for the treatment of adults and children, since they practically do not have contraindications and side effects with the exception of the individual intolerance of the components. The dosage of drugs the doctor appoints individually.

Preparations in the form of homeopathic granules are designed for resorption. They are put under the language where they must completely dissolve. For up to 3 years old, it is difficult to carry out this requirement, so such babies are dissolved in water. The above-mentioned drugs of children from 3 years are usually given 1 grains three times a day with an interval from 2 to 4 hours. Kids up to 3 years must take 1 tsp. The diluted preparation (1 grain on ½ tbsp. water) with the same multiplicity of reception and interval. If the temperature during the day did not decrease or fell, and then again began to rise, the purpose is changed.

The funds listed above are sold in specialized homeopathic pharmacies, where he often accepts a homeopath. But some preparations of homeopathy can also be purchased in a conventional pharmacy. At the same time, we do not even always pay attention to the fact that the drug is a homeopathic drug as a therapist or pediatrician.

It is this drug that is often appointed by doctors rectal candles "Viborol". This complex drug, as part of which there are 6 single-component homeopathic agents, are prescribed at a temperature related to acute infectious diseases of the ENT organs and a genitourinary system, stress and nerve overvoltage, with convulsive syndrome (for example, febrile cramps in children), during teething kids, etc.

With acute diseases and high temperatures in adult candles, apply one with an interval in 20 minutes during the first 2 hours. Then go for treatment 2-3 times a day.

Babies up to 6 months use ½ candles 4 times a day. When the sharp symptoms of the disease fall, go to twofold use of the drug. For the treatment of newborns, up to 1 month is used by ¼ suppository 4-6 times a day.

The drug is relatively safe, so treatment for them can last up to 2 weeks. Although in most cases, 3-5 days are usually enough to normalize temperature.

This drug is a chopstick for pregnant women who are very difficult to choose a safe drug for both the mother, and for the baby in her womb. Almost hypersensitivity to its components can serve as contraindication to the use of "viborol", and the side effects of the drug are rarely observed (most often these are light allergic reactions).

If the temperature of 38-38.5-39-39.5 in the child appeared against the background of teething, the 3-component homeopathic solution "Dutinorm Bebi" will help remove heat and soreness. The drug is taken inside in the intervals between feeding at 1 dose 2-3 times a day for 3 days.

Popular homeopathic means are also considered to also drop "Aflub", which is prescribed for the treatment of infectious diseases of the upper respiratory tract that occur against the background of inflammation, intoxication of the organism, increase the temperature, and diseases of the rheumatoid joints (anesthetic and anti-inflammatory effect).

Take the medicine for half an hour before meals or an hour after it. Patients older than 1 year take medicine in its pure form, the kids are better to breed it in water or milk (better breast) in quantity of 1 tbsp.

For the treatment of infants, 1 drop of a five-component drug is enough. Children older than the year should receive 5 drops of the solution for reception, and patients over 12 years old - 10 drops. The multiplicity of drug intake is established by a doctor. Usually from 3 to 8 times a day.

In respiratory diseases, the treatment is continued for 3-10 days, and with rheumatic pathologies it can delay the month.

The drug has no other contraindications, except for hypersensitivity to its components, and side effects are reduced to strengthening salivation (infrequently).

Another popular drug at a temperature associated with infectious diseases of the respiratory tract, "otilloccinum". This is a one-component homeopathic agent in the form of granules placed in a tube designed for 1 dose.

Take a preparation for a quarter of an hour before meals or an hour after it. The dose is poured under the tongue and keep until complete dissolution. At the beginning of the disease, medicine is accepted with an interval at 6 o'clock, and then go to two-time reception (in the morning and evening).

The dose of the drug is bred in the water and give a spoon or use a bottle with a nipple.

The drug rarely causes allergic reactions, and among its contraindications, hypersensitivity to components and disorders of glucose metabolism (the medicine contains sugar).

Enhistol "is another drug based on homeopathy to treat sharp respiratory infections leaking with fever and headaches. It is produced in the form of tablets for resorption.

One-time dose for children and adults is 1 tablet that you need to put under the tongue and keep until it is completely dissolved. Little kids are dissolved in a tablespoon of water (it is pre-needed it in powder). One-time dose will depend on the age of a small patient: up to the year it is 1 tsp, up to 6 years old - 2 tsp, up to 12 years old - 3 tsp. Teenagers older than 12 years old are taking a tablet for adult dosage.

With sharp symptoms, a one-time dose must be taken with an interval of a quarter of an hour during the first two hours, and then go to a three-time reception. Treatment continues within 2-4 weeks.

Contraindications and side effects of the drug are limited to hypersensitivity to medication components and allergic reactions arising in this background.

Described homeopathic remedies can be given to kids from birth. They are not prohibited during pregnancy and breastfeeding. Therefore, such medicines are better to have in a home first-aid kit if there is a child or a future mother in the house.

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Walled and viral diseases in children may be accompanied by high temperatures. Seeing at the thermometer increased indicators, parents often fall into panic and begin to knock down the child with all known ways, although in fact it is not always necessary.

Why and when you do not knock down the temperature?

Increased temperature is a protective reaction of the body to penetrate the malicious microorganisms. In addition, at a temperature of 38-38.5 ° S. A special interferon protein is produced, which is actively struggling with the causative agents of viruses, including ORVI. Its maximum concentration is observed on the second or third day of the disease. If you actively shoot down the temperature to the mark below 37.5 ° S. , The production of interferon is reduced by the organism and antibodies appear only on the fifth-sixth day. As a result, the duration of the disease may increase to seven days.

In what cases do you need to quickly shoot down the temperature?

According to Pediatrician pediatrician children's urban clinical hospital number 9. G. N. Speransky Grigory Sheynova Today there is no single approach in this matter. Pediatricians pay attention to the fact that the reaction of the body to increase the temperature in children can be absolutely different. "Most recommendations converge on the fact that the temperature must be shot down if it is higher than either 38.5 ° S. or 39, or even 39.5. But if we are talking about the so-called white fever when the child has a pale leather, cold palms, it is recommended to shoot down and lower temperatures, "says herds.

According to the pediatrician, if the child has deviations in health, it also may require a decrease in temperature at lower indicators. "In particular, it is necessary to reduce the temperature in epilepsy or other convulsive states. Also, if a child has some chronic diseases in the decompensation stage, it is especially true of heart or lung diseases, "says the doctor.

What methods of temperature reduction can be used?

To quickly knock down the temperature, it is best to use antipyretic agents. One of the optimal methods is considered to be medications with paracetamol. "The reception of antipyretics can quickly reduce the temperature. There are a number of cooling methods to reduce the temperature, for example, the use of ice drifts, etc., but they all give only a short-term effect. They can only be used in the addition to drug methods, but not instead of them, "the values ​​advise the casuals.

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How to quickly knock down a high temperature?

August 27, 2013. 20196.

According to the degree of increase, the subfebrile temperature is distinguished - up to 38 degrees, moderately high - up to 39 degrees, high - above 39 degrees and hyperpirexic - above 41 degrees. With the last two indicators, independent treatment is excluded, it is necessary to urgently call a doctor.

Temperature in children can accompany hyperthermia and fever. Fever is a protective reaction of the organism on the effect of pathological stimuli and is often expressed in increasing temperature. Fever can be triggered by bacterial infections - pneumonia, angina, purulent otitis; viral infections - ORVI, influenza, paragripp; fungal and parasitic infections, as well as allergic diseases, tumor processes and various endocrine pathologies. Often, a feverish condition is observed with intracranial hemorrhages and injuries.

It should be noted that fever that continues longer than three days, indicates the presence of a bacterial infection, for example, pneumonia, angina, purulent otitis, acute pyelonephritis and many other no less serious diseases.

Hyperthermia arises as a result of a violation in the body of the process of heat transfer. This occurs during solar overheating, excessive physical activity, excessive wrapped and long stay in a hot storage room. With strong overheating, hypoxia of tissues occurs, from which the brain may first be injured and its edema will develop. At the same time, the child is observed nonsense with hallucinations, convulsions, oppression of cardiac activity and respiration, resulting in fainting.

Temperature Normalization by Child

Often, the high temperature is revealed by chance, as the child can be quite active and not complain about malaise. At elevated temperatures, changes occur in the work of the nervous and cardiovascular systems, as well as respiratory and digestion organs. Therefore, parents should be more attentive to the sick child, it must be put in bed, to climb and put a thermometer to clarify the temperature. First of all, it is recommended to give a child more fluid, it can be a lime infusion, cranberry or lumpy juice, as well as tea with honey and lemon. If the temperature does not exceed 38 degrees, it is not necessary to use antipyretic drugs.

If the child develops hyperthermia, it is necessary to urgently to ventilate the room, turn on the fan, open the vents and put on the forehead compress from the solution of 9% vinegar, alcohol and water. This solution is useful to wipe the back, stomach and limbs, avoiding the heart area. Such a procedure should be carried out until the body temperature falls up to 38 degrees. All this time, the child should drink boiled water or glucose saline, which can be prepared independently. To do this, it is necessary to take the floor of the water to the liter of the water of the salt, as much soda and two tablespoons of sugar, everything is thoroughly stirring and water the child in small portions for five hours.

Hyperthermia prevention

In order to prevent overheating, it is necessary to observe the optimal air regime, avoid long-lasting under sunny rays and competently take air baths. In sunny hot weather, the child can be in an open sun of no more than five minutes a day, after the tanning appearance, the time of stay can be increased to 15 minutes with the condition of the mandatory presence on the head of the panama.

For the prevention of febrile conditions, it is recommended to periodically increase the protective functions of the children's body. From early childhood it is necessary to teach the child to the morning charge and a healthy lifestyle. It is very important to carry out regular hardening, more often to be in the fresh air, eat rationally and more care for your health.

Published: October 2, 2019

What temperature do you need to shoot down in a child with influenza and ORVI?

In fact, the higher the temperature, the stronger the human body struggles with the source of the disease, but at the same time deteriorates well-being. Usually we are talking about general ailments, headaches. In a child, it is accompanied by lethargy, weakness, which delivers a lot of concerns and adults.

Usually a small increase in body temperature does not lead to serious disorders and knocking down does not require. If you do not understand what temperature you can shoot down in a child, begin to reduce it, it can lead to a deterioration in the quality of the work of the immune system. This is fraught with the development of complications and a longer the course of the disease, the deterioration of the work of immunity, which should "learn" to deal with viruses. The exception will be the following cases:

  • temperature 38.5 degrees and above;
  • sharp increase in temperature;
  • 38 degrees and higher before the departure to sleep;
  • long-term hold of temperature at a high level against the background of the disease;
  • diarrhea or vomiting due to the risk of dehydration of the body;
  • Cramps that can lead to a collection of cardiac rhythm and breathing.

We will pay attention if there are three latter cases, as well as with difficulties with a decrease in temperature, you must urgently consult a doctor for help.

ATTENTION. When you need to call an ambulance child:

  • increase temperatures up to 40 and higher degrees;
  • increase temperatures up to 38 and higher degrees, if a child is less than two months;
  • severe headache or growing abdominal pain;
  • the appearance of shortness of breath;
  • convulsions;
  • The rash, which, when pressed, does not disappear.

When classical ORVI, the temperature is usually held in the area of ​​38 degrees and with well-being of a child's child's adjustment. Sug down from the level of 37.5-37,7 practically does not make sense.

How to reduce the temperature?

How to reduce the temperature?

Regardless of recommendations as to which temperature you need to shoot down in a child, it is important to create an optimal microclimate in the room and the conditions for recovery. In general, we are talking about the following moments:

  • Regular air ventilation (flu virus and many others are concentrated in spots);
  • maintaining the optimal humidity of 40-60% (in this case, the mucous membranes of the nose and the larynx do not dry, which improves the quality of local immunity and improves the patient's condition);
  • Abundant drinking (with urine through the kidneys will be removed the products of the decay of viruses, which will reduce the burden on the body).

Increased temperature is knocked down by both folk remedies and medication. Proponents of the first option can use:

  • Wiping the child with water room temperature (not cold) gives a short-term and insignificant effect. In fact, the heat is returned again for 30 minutes, so regular repetition of the procedure is required.
  • Making compresses from sauerkraut, which are superimposed on veins located on the inner surface of the elbow bend, where they are close to the skin surface.
  • Cranberry Morse, which is an excellent coogent, which automatically reduces the temperature. At the same time, the berry is useful for its vitamins, and the drink accelerates the withdrawal of viruses and decay products with urine. Morse Cranberry has a beneficial effect on immunity, so actively used in folk medicine.
  • Herbal tea from linden, which gives a good effect when drinking together with honey, causing abundant sweating that reduces the temperature by evaporation of moisture from the skin surface.

The use of folk methods instead of pills requires special attention from adults. The reason in a possible allergic reaction to vegetable preparations, as well as in a not enough pronounced effect from such treatment. Therefore, if you need to quickly bring down the child's temperature, it is recommended to use drugs to reduce temperature.

Classic preparations for lowering the temperature are widely known. They are sold in pharmacies in various forms and with different dosages, allowing you to choose the optimal option depending on the age. For example, when you knock down the temperature of the child 1 year or younger, it is better to choose preparations in the form of a syrup or rectal candles. Children of senior kindergarten or schoolchildren will easily take the usual tablet, capsule or powder. The body can more sensitively react, for example, for some one drug, so experiment in practice, identifying a more effective tool based on the recommendations of your attending physician.

When taking medicines, when you need to shoot down the child's temperature, follow these rules:

  • Do not at the same time several drugs;
  • If necessary, alternate medicines, but the gap between the techniques should be at least 2-3 hours;
  • To dosing the syrup, use only a measuring spoon and a syringe, which are included, will warn it overdose.

What can not be given to children?

To reduce the temperature, in no case to children should not give the following drugs:

  • aspirin (acetylsalicylic acid) due to the risk of severe encephalopathy in the presence of liver failure;
  • Nimesulide due to a serious toxic impact on the liver.
What temperature you need to shoot down in a child

Do I need to shoot down the child's temperature to 36.6?

After taking the drug, the result is considered, when the temperature dropped by 0.5 degrees in an hour. If you gave a medicine at a temperature of 39, and after an hour it fell only to 38 and nothing further decreases, then this is a good result. No need to achieve a decrease to the norm at 36.6. It will give serious overload on the body, slow down the fight against infection and can lead to a decrease in temperature, which will worsen the overall condition of the child. If, after receiving the drug, the temperature is in the range of 37-37.5, then this is the ideal result in the first stage of the disease. After a few hours, the temperature may rise again, and this is normal, given that the active ingredient is derived from the body and stops working. This may require reuse of drugs. Here, be sure to observe the temperature rates and temporal intervals between the preparations. If the latter gradually increase, this is a sign of an effective struggle of the body with infection and gradual recovery, which in the standard case is 3-5 days.

When you need to quickly consult a doctor

Parents need to know the symptoms when the temperature is raised to quickly consult a doctor because of the possible development of a serious illness:

  • Breathing disorder (very deep or, on the contrary, superficial, very frequent or, on the contrary, rare);
  • The temperature reaches extremely high values ​​- more than 39 degrees;
  • rash on body in the form of bruises or blue stars;
  • The temperature is kept on the same values ​​or constantly rises within a few days;
  • loss of consciousness or convulsions.

How to help the body in the fight against infection?

In addition to the answer to the question, what temperature you need to shoot down in a child, it is important in the treatment of creating conditions for an effective pathogen control. To do this, it is desirable to organize an optimal microclimate indoor (temperature 18-20 degrees, humidity 40-60%). You can lower the first winter with active ventilation, which will additionally enhance the air in the room with oxygen and automatically increase the humidity. Increase the latest can be used by water evaporators or by the usual placement of a damp cloth on a battery, a wet room cleaning. Isolation of a patient from other children is also required to prevent infection.

All family members must strengthen the quality of personal hygiene. First of all, we are talking about washing hands and face, since the viruses often fall on the mucous membranes from them. Similar hygienic procedures are important to carry out not only before meals and after the toilet, but also after each entry to the patient, after each cottage of medicines, contact with its nose, linen. It is also necessary to allocate the child a separate set of cutlery and circles from which it will drink.

It is important to create comfortable conditions when lying. Do not cover the patient to ensure a good heat sink (an exception will be the situation when you gave the antipyretic and expect a strong sweating, after which it is necessary to dress in dry things).

Remember that the basis of the treatment of colds is a timely and effective struggle with its cause - viral infection. For this purpose, pediatricians are often prescribed various antiviral drugs. A good example of such a means is Derinat. It is widely used to treat ARVI and influenza in children from birth and adults. The tool is produced in two forms: in the form of droplets and spray. The drug, falling on the mucous membrane, is quickly absorbed and has the following impact:

  • activates the cells of the immune system, which suppress the breeding of the virus;
  • Strengthens and restores the mucous membrane, which acts as a natural obstacle to viruses and bacteria, preventing the accession of secondary infection and the development of complications;
  • Improves the work of its own protective forces of the body, helping him to deal with the disease.

Derinat is not a symptomatic means, its action is not directed directly to a decrease in temperature or suppressing other cold symptoms. But its reception contributes to the acceleration of recovery by naturally and helps prevent the development of complications. Additionally, droplets and spray Derinat can be used to prevent respiratory diseases. The drug can be applied from the first day of life, and before the start of use, you must familiarize yourself with the instructions.

Read more about the preparation and how it works, read here.

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