Where is the circulation number in the housing lottery?

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You know that you can currently buy a housing lottery ticket a very large number of ways.

You can find out the circulation numbers on the ticket itself. This way looks like a regular ticket:

You may note that the circulation number is listed in the lower left corner, there is also information about the date and time of the draw on this ticket.

Sometimes you can meet a ticket of this type:

This ticket does not specify the circulation number. Since such a ticket is bought on the nearest circulation of the lottery.

You have a ticket number and you always on the site can check won your ticket or not, you can watch here.

Belinsky 61400. Russia +7 964 186 0000

If you are still impossible to check the current circulation ticket, then use the check of the housing lottery tickets by numbers.

Attention ! The ticket number begins with 9999, 9998 or the circulation number (example: 430).

Check Ticket Housing lottery by ticket number

Attention! The ability to check the ticket of the housing lottery using the ticket number appears after 10:20 Moscow time, at the date of the circulation, then at any time, because on the site of the column, data on new circulations appear not. No time to wait take advantage crucible table of housing lottery , Results of the circulation (table) We publish on Sunday, from 2:30 am .

Fill in the form fields located above, the participant of any carade of the housing lottery will be able to check the ticket to win. Checking takes less than a minute, does not require the study of the Lottery rules and you will find out the exact amount of winnings.

How to check the ticket housing lottery

Many state housing lottery participants have a question "How to check the housing lottery ticket at a ticket number. To check, you will need to enter the form above, using the keyboard:

  • Enter the number of circulation
  • Enter the ticket number
  • Press the "Check Ticket" button

Under the verification form, the size of the ticket or data on its absence will appear.

Good luck!

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Housing lottery: how to check the ticket?

Housing lottery is a weekly television game that is broadcast through the NTV channel at 8 am. Together with other varieties of lotteries, it turns on in the TV show "We won." Participants can win real estate (cottages, houses, studios, multi-room apartments), as well as a monetary prize of millions of rubles. The type of real estate playable is published in advance: printed on the front side of tickets.

The rules are quite simple: there are numbers on two fields, while they are unique for each ticket released. The player needs to track the drop-down lottery numbers and cross the coincidence. In the first round, the victory won the one who had previously agreed on the 5th numbers in one line. The winner of the second round should coincide the entire 15 numbers. In the third requirements above - all 30 numbers.

The results of the housing lottery with all the dropped numbers are published on the Internet in a few hours. After 10:00 in Moscow, you can go to the site and check the ticket. This option is suitable for those who missed the broadcast of the draw, but does not want to wait until the official announcement of the winners.

You can spend check in the Housing Lottery section - check the ticket by the number. " The section opens a simple window with three fields:

The housing lottery is checked by ticket number and the circulation number, which can be found on the back and face. The ticket is a long sequence consisting of 8 or more numbers. It is easy to find it, since it signed appropriately and printed on the back. It can be located both above the gaming table and after it. Design can change every year.

Housing lottery circulation number is 3 digits. In 2018-2020, they start with 3x. Usually the circulation is published on the front part along with the date of the draw, time and television channel. Also can duplicate in front of the gaming table.

On the site you can check tickets for the last game of the housing lottery. If you need to compare older tickets (the time of the winnings takes 180 days), at the bottom under the form there is a list of archival records for the last month. First you need to find the circulation and date of holding, see the numbers that have fallen and compare with those printed in the game field.

All players with an equal probability of victory can be applied at home. In some cases, several apartments are played at once.

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