TAMPERMONKEY What does this program do she need it?

TAMPERMONKEY What does this program do she need it?

Hellow, PIPLE This time I will write about the TAMPERMONKEY program, about what it is and how to remove. TampermonKey This is not really a program, but an extension for chromium-based browsers. If you do not know what kind of script or script is in the browser, then you are unlikely to be interested in this expansion, however, if you are here then I have to tell you what TampermonKey is.

So, as I have already written this expansion, it can be downloaded from Google Store, it seems to be not malicious, but the benefit of it is dubious, since only specialists can extract it. But at the same time this expansion appears and those who have not installed it - as it happened, just a mystery



The TampermonKey extension will allow you to rule over the scripts, you can see which scripts work, and which are awake. Also, this extension allows you to block some kind of script, as it can shove advertising to the site, here it can be cut out. And it happens that crucial Websites will make such a site that it will often update some elements, in general TampermonKey will allow you to set the update interval and reduce the load on your processor. In how


TampermonKey also helps your browser to understand more scripts, in general, if you figure out a little, then this extension can fix some problems, but again, it is necessary to smoke in such matters.

Also TampermonKey supports scripts that were written for GreaseEmonket, this is his colleague on the workshop, can also change the viewed pages on the fly with special Java scripts. For especially advanced specials there is a base of ready-made scripts on Userscripts.org

How to remove TAMPERMONKEY? Also enough simply - you need to go to the add-ons section, and for this, use this address chrome: // extensions, this is immediately inserted in the same line where the site is pressed, and click Enter. A page with extensions will open, remove the first tick and then delete this TAMPERMONKEY extension (click on the ballot):


If you have thoughts in my head, they say this is a virusnyak, and the thought is similar to such a message (and it should actually have an antivirus if suspicion really is):


Then you need to act! I'm just obliged to advise you two utilities for checking for viruses, it is ADWCleaner and Dr.Web Cureit! - The best utilities of your kind

Well, everything seems to be all, I have not forgotten anything, it's time to desire good luck to you, to new meetings!

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Many users who periodically view active plugins and additions to their browsers, such as Chrome, Opera and Firefox could see among them a supplement named TampermonKey. And its specially installed it. Where did it come from and then for which it is intended. You will find answers to these questions in this article.

TampermonKey What is this program


TampermonKey extension

For a start, let's figure it out with his translation into Russian. TAMPERMONKEY consists of two words. Tamper. - interfere with I. Monkey. - a monkey. So it turns out that TampermonKey is a intervening monkey, which in itself is interesting.

On many sites you can find information that TampermonKey is an add-on for browsers, which is designed to manage user scripts. The script is a recorded sequence of some commands for the browser.

Most often, programmers work with scripts. But the usual users constantly encounter them on the Internet on various sites. Just do not notice it.

But this is not the entire list of functions performed by the TampermonKey extension. This "intervening monkey" also perfectly copes with the display of advertising in browsers, and it makes it after of adblock.

Many users were seen that after disconnecting and removing TAMPERMONKEY, the display of advertising in browsers stops.

How does TAMPERMONKEY get to the computer?

It makes it like most other malicious applications - when downloading content from sites of dubious origin, spreading malware. And you can not even notice this.

Immediately after starting the downloaded file, the TAMPERMONKEY installation can begin in the background.

How to remove TAMPERMONKEY?

You need to go to the management of your browser extensions (menu-> extensions (add-on)), find in the list of installed TAMPERMONKEY add-ons and delete or disable it.

TampermonKey What is this program

Supplements Yandex Browser

TampermonKey extension

Removing TampermonKey.


TAMPERMONKEY 99% of users will not use as a script manager. Therefore, there is no benefit from it. If you do not want to constantly see advertising with in your browser, remove TampermonKey from it.

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