Facial cleaning in the cabin: Top 5 best methods

According to cosmetologists, every representative of the beautiful sex, regardless of the condition of its cover and skin problems, 1 time in 2-3 months is needed cleaning the face. The skin of a woman every second has to face a huge number of pathogenic agents - dust and pollution of the metropolis, microscopic residues of cosmetics, and finally natural skin secretions. These factors are gradually clogged by pores, contribute to the emergence of micro-visits and acne, lead to a deterioration in the state of the proof, flexible face color and premature aging.

Cleaning the face of a cosmetologist will not only get rid of possible problems in the future, but also visually overtakes the skin, make it smooth, smooth and shining.

Facial cleaning: at home or in the cabin?

It is no secret that many women make mechanical cleaning of the face independently. But its effectiveness, security and "immunity" to possible unpleasant consequences are directly dependent on the competence of a person practicing method. Unfortunately, get rid of the consequences of the wrong home cleaning very difficult: inflammation, scars, scars - only a small part of the problems that can be encountered. Therefore, it is so important to trust your face only a professional. A professional approach to face care has a number of indisputable advantages.

In the arsenal of an experienced cosmetologist, as a rule, a good technical base that makes it possible to work with each client individually, picking up the optimal cleaning of the skin skin. Everything is taken into account: the condition of the skin and the severity of the problem, the characteristics of the body of a woman and her personal wishes. Having deep knowledge in the field of cosmetology, and possessing practical experience, the beautician will never do what causes harm. So, the risk of advent of negative reactions is minimized.

What salon skin cleansing techniques are popular today?

Mechanical cleaning

Facial cleaning in the cabin: Top 5 best methods

The method tested by millions of women, which, despite the emergence of more advanced and absolutely painless technologies, however, still retains its relevance. It is rightly called the method of deep skin cleansing, which gives the most deep effect. The mechanical cleaning of the face in the cabin is carried out as follows: a qualified specialist prepares the skin to the procedure using a lotion of opening, sometimes a steam bath is proposed as an alternative. After that, with hands or with a special spoon, clean the pores. At the end of the procedure, cosmetic therapy - a mask with a soothing and anti-inflammatory effect.

Features of the procedure: This is a sufficiently painful method, which has contraindications, can lead to damage to the cover, infection and formation of scars. But if you entrust the person by a qualified specialist of all of the listed consequences will be avoided. After the procedure, moderate recommendations will have to be observed - to process the skin with anti-inflammatory agents (lotion, tonic), apply protective cream, to refrain about the use of decorative cosmetics. Planning mechanical cleaning is not standing on the eve of an important event, since it will take 2-3 days to restore the skin.

Ultrasonic cleaning

Ultrasonic cleaning perfectly copes with rigorous corks, knocks out the dust of the metropolis and resistant to cleansing remnants of decorative cosmetics. She has one more advantage: unlike the previous method, it is possible not only to remove contaminants painlessly, but also to launch the processes of skin restoration, natural reparation. Mikromassage, accompanying the course of the procedure, additionally grinds the skin and improves metabolism. In the completion of ultrasonic cleaning - a soothing mask.

Feature procedure: This is one of the most gentle skin cleansing methods. Painless, non-making. Work on problem areas is carried out with a laser with high-frequency sound waves. After the procedure, there are no traces, swelling, red place of spots. You can feel the queen immediately upon completion. But there are disadvantages.

At the depth of impact on the skin, this option is inferior to other techniques, because the owners of a fatty or combined skin type, it may not come up, or it will have to be combined with other technologies.

Chemical cleaning

Facial cleaning in the cabin: Top 5 best methods

It is among the safest skin cleansing techniques, but only a highly qualified master should be carried out. Since the chemical cleaning of the face is still quite an aggressive procedure, evasion from the protocol of its conduct and exceeding the permissible concentration of the active substance are fraught with bad reactions, up to the epidermis burn.

The principle of operation of the procedure is based on the effect of fruit acids and other chemical components. Most often preparations are used with retinol, enzymes, glycolic and retinoic acids. During the impact of the reagent on the skin, the bonds are destroyed between dead cells, their removal, change in the structure of the skin. All this allows you to effectively clean the skin from cosmetic imperfections, add it freshness and paints of youth. Wrinkles smoothed, the complexion becomes healthy and shining.

Features of the procedure: After the procedure, the skin vulnerability to ultraviolet is significantly increased. Therefore, it is necessary to use a sunscreen with SPF not less than 30. Deep chemical peeling is strictly prohibited at home, since it is a medical procedure that requires preliminary training and absolute knowledge of the technique.

Vacuum cleaning

Facial cleaning in the cabin: Top 5 best methods

Vacuum leather cleaning is carried out by means of a special device with multiple replaceable nozzles. Depending on the processed skin section, a beak tip is used (for working with bold areas), a flat nozzle (wrinkle correction) and a round nozzle (improving the Lymph current). The device creates negative pressure in the cavity of the nozzle - the "effect of a vacuum cleaner", due to which the cover is cleaned - the angry rash is removed, the pores are cleaned.

Features of the procedure: The advantages of this method include its low trauma and the minimum risk of infection. Due to the effect of the instrument, the skin is cleaned and saturated with oxygen, its tone and elasticity increases, it is visually tightened and becomes more young. But practicing vacuum cleansing of the skin should not be women with dry sensitive cover and the presence of cooperosis, since the device has a drain effect and damage to the skin. Also from this technique should be abstained by women with numerous inflammations on the face and acne during the exacerbation period.

Laser cleaning

This is a conditional skin cleansing technique, since other, more large-scale targets. It is called heavy artillery in the struggle for the youth and beauty of the skin. Cleansing the cover is a good bonus to the renewal of connective tissue, getting rid of scars and pigment spots. Laser peeling under local anesthesia is carried out, after pre-applying a special moisturizing solution on the skin.

Features of the procedure: Practice Laser cleansing of the skin can be only in the "cloudy" season, since the activity of the sun's rays can cause hyperpigmentation on the cleaned skin. Within two weeks after the procedure, redness of the skin may be maintained, the regime requirements will have to comply with special regenerating agents, minimize make-up makeup and perform it by gentle means, to abandon alcohol-containing compositions. The reward "For durability" will be a pronounced rejuvenating effect and blooming healthy skin.

Expert comment

Victoria Petrovna Shteuba, Dermotokostologist Apollonia Dental Clinic

Victoria Petrovna Shteuba, Dermotokostologist Apollonia Dental Clinic

The cleaning of the face is periodically necessary for everyone, since this procedure is healing the skin, removes the layers of burned epithelium, hasty plugs, comedones, stimulates, smoothes wrinkles, gives the skin fresh, shining look.

But first of all, this procedure is recommended for people with problem, oily skin. It is best to do a specialist with a cosmetologist at a specialist, as it can correctly pick up what kind of cleaning, or what combination of methods you will fit the most: manual, van, vacuum, ultrasound and so on.

You will be paid enough time (which is always lacking at home) for the qualitative execution of all necessary stages of cleaning: cleansing the skin, pore opening, cleaning itself, disinfection, deposition of leather type. Agree, at home there is always a lack of time, patience, and sometimes - both knowledge, therefore the results of self-cleaning are not always pleased: red spots, new inflammatory elements on the skin. The doctor will do all Lege Artis, that is, for all the rules of art. The procedure does not require special training, only after it it is necessary to adhere to the recommendations of the cosmetologist about the correct care and sunscreen.

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Facial cleaning is a way to gain a healthy shining skin. You can make this procedure in the cabin and at home. Each has its advantages.

Do I need to make facial cleaning?

Only having Pure I.  Shining Skin can think Himself Attractive man . Huge role Playing Daily cleaning OT.  Skin Sala и Others Pollution . If you do not comply with hygienic standards, it is quite possible to achieve inflammation, the appearance of comedones and acne on the face.

Cleaning the face will allow returning the skin even color, make it elastic, removes the layer of unnecessary erupted cells. If the skin receives a proper oxygen level, it is less susceptible to age and facial wrigs. Clean pores are not clogged with mud and do not inflict.

Manual face cleaning
Manual face cleaning

Important: Cleaning the face allows you to eat the skin in full, which means to get the required number of trace elements to preserve youth and health.

Facial cleaning is different:

  • Mechanical
  • ultrasonic
  • Vacuum
  • galvanic
  • Chemical
  • home

Each of the species has its advantages and even contraindications. So, Mechanical cleaning - holds a master in the beauty salon with the help of special cosmetics. Ultrasonic cleaning - Impact on the skin with ultrasonic waves. Vacuum cleaning - Salon cleaning with a pneumatic apparatus.

Different facial cleaning techniques
Different facial cleaning techniques

Galvanic - Impact on the skin with small discharges of electric current. Chemical - Use of medicines and chemical compositions to get rid of inflammation and skin diseases. Homemade cleaning implies a gentle effect on the skin with cosmetics and recipes of traditional medicine.

Cleaning the face is definitely necessary. The frequency and intensity of the procedure depends on the severity of the problems of your skin. A cosmetologist recommends that the procedure that will suit you and will not leave negative consequences.

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How to make facial cleaning at home?

  • First of all, facial cleaning is not a frequent procedure. Even home cleaning faces should not be made more often than one or two times a month. The main condition is to make cleaning correctly, in compliance with all rules
  • Be prepared for the fact that the usual home procedure requires a sufficient amount of time. So, on average, one or two hours leaves for such a cleaning
  • First stage of home cleaning face - This is a preliminary cleansing of the skin. From the person should remove all the remnants of makeup, dust and fat. To do this, it is best to use not alcohol
  • Michael water is perfect. In the absence of such a face with a small amount of cosmetic gel. Lotion is better not to use, as he leaves behind the film
First stage - careful cleansing of the face from everyday mud
First stage - careful cleansing of the face from everyday mud

Second stage of home cleaning face It assumes the removal of the personnel layer of burned old cells. To do this, use the coffee scrub. It is a wonderful soft tool that gently cleanse the skin without grazing it.

The unique properties of caffeine carry out cell regeneration, which is very important in the procedure for cleaning the face. Coffee scrub can be prepared from previously coffee bush, mixing it with oil or gel.

Second stage - peeling face
second stage - peeling face

The third stage of home cleaning face - This is pores to cleanse them. To do this, you need to make a steam bath. Boiling water is poured into the dishes. You can add a few drops of essential oil.

Most often used tea tree oil with antibacterial properties. For breaking, you can use clean water, and you can make a decoction of grasses from chamomile, calendula or cleanliness. The head is covered with a towel and keep a face over the ferry about fifteen minutes.

Third stage - pore pore pore
Third stage - pore pore pore

Fourth stage of home cleaning face - This cleansing open pores. To do this, you need to good to disinfive your hands. Not strong pins of finger pads try to remove all unwanted black dots, acne and acne.

Do not injure your skin with the nails and do not strongly press the pimple that has not yet matured. After manually squeezing, the skin with water or decoction, over which they kept face.

Fourth Stage - Acne Removal
Fourth Stage - Acne Removal

Fifth stage of home cleaning face - mask for the face. It performs double: cleanses the skin and simultaneously nourishes it. To do this, a honey-banana mask is suitable for everyone and very useful. In the dish, break up half a banana fork, you can use the blender.

Add a tablespoon of liquid honey (candied honey easily to the microwave). Mask hold on the face of twenty minutes and rinse with water (well use the same broth).

Fifth stage - applying mask on face
Fifth stage - applying mask on face

Now you remain well moistened to the skin of the face. To do this, use your favorite cream. It is useful to take advantage of the scarlet leaves, its juice nourishes and cleans the skin.

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Cleaning face aspirin at home

More serious problems on the face require a major solution. Thus, the home of the face also involves cleansing the skin and pores using an ordinary pharmacy aspirin. The fact is that this acid has excellent anti-inflammatory qualities and is the best peeling for the face.

Before using aspirin, check your reaction to it. Aspirin is contraindicated:

  • Pregnant
  • nursing
  • People with allergies on the drug
  • During acute infectious disease
  • with purulent inflammation on the face
Purification of face aspirin
Purification of face aspirin

There are several ways to use aspirin on the face:

  • Intensive cleaning - implies a deep impact on the skin with this means. For this, three tablets are thoroughly thoroughly in powder. Mix them follows with a favorite cream or a face lotion without alcohol. Mass are applied to face as a mask and keep fifteen minutes
  • Cleaning aggressive - Such cleaning is needed for problem areas or oily skin, it is not suitable. Six pills are manding into powder and interfere with lemon juice before the formation of pasta. Mass are applied to the face and keep ten minutes, remove warm water and sponge
  • Cleansing - Cleans the pores from a row plug and narrows them. Two tablets should be taken into powder and mix it with the same amount of white pharmacy clay. Add a small amount of water to form a paste. The mask should be applied on the face of a thin layer, keep up to dry and flush with cold water
  • Cleaning - Two tablets are pushed into powder, bred by the minimum amount before the formation of pasta. Mix the mass with a conventional yoghurt or sour cream. Use the tool as a scrub or mask. Wash off the remains of cold water

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Cleaning face soda at home

Homemade peeling and facial cleaning can be carried out very fastened using conventional food soda. Soda has an excellent anti-inflammatory effect and easily copes with any skin problems.

The only condition requiring compliance is not frequent and safe to use soda. It can not be applied to the skin in pure form and too often.

Cleaning the face of soda gives excellent results
Cleaning the face of soda gives excellent results

The usual food soda can be used for a reader of a person as:

  • Mortar - You should dilute only one teaspoon of food soda in a glass of warm water. Washing in this solution will make rid of oily shine, reduce inflammation and dry the skin
  • Masks - To prepare the simplest and efficient mask you should mix a spoon of soda with flour (five spoons) and breed with water. Mask are applied to problem areas, avoiding the area of ​​the eyes and keep at least ten minutes, then wash off
  • Scrub - For the preparation of the scrub you need to mix soda with water so that it turns out to be Cashier. A slight salt of cooking "extra" and any oil (can be replaced by sour cream) into the mass. Cleaning scrub is made within ten minutes by massage movements and wash off warm water

Important: You can safely replace water on milk and add a little honey to each recipe, it will make the procedure more sparing. Procedure do not too often so as not to overcover the skin.

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Facial cleaning chamomile at home

Facial cleaning chamomile is the most gentle procedure that allows not only cleansing, but also the prevention of skin inflammation. Chamomile perfectly affects the dermis: tones, soothes, aligns the tone and eliminates the rash.

Chamomile - Beautiful Natural Antiseptic
Chamomile - Beautiful Natural Antiseptic

Cleaning chamomile involves brewing the decoction of flowers. For this, three tablespoons of the pharmaceutical chamomile are poured with a glass of boiling water and insist half an hour.

The skin is thoroughly cleaned from cosmetics and casual mud to the tool without alcohol. For decoction, a woven disk is used.

It is macked in a warm decoction and apply to a problem place. You can wet the gauze bandage and make the compress on the whole face. The procedure has no contraindications and can be done regularly.

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Mechanical face cleaning at home

Mechanical face cleaning - salon procedure, but it can be done at home. First of all, make sure that you really need it. This will tell you:

  • Oily shiny leather
  • Seborrhea
  • Availability comedone
  • acne any light and middle stage
Facial cleaning at home
Facial cleaning at home

Divide your work on the main stages:

  • First step - Remove makeup, thoroughly wash your face with a cosmetic agent
  • Second phase - Spreading the pores, for this you need to purchase a special gel-prialorizer. It is applied with a tassel on the face and covered with a food film. Keep fifteen minutes
  • Third stage - Cleaning the skin. Alternately, remove the film from the sections and remove the remnants of the gel with a cotton swab
  • Fourth stage - Skin food. It is best to wash your face after the procedure of a steep chamomile decoction. This will calm the inflamed areas of the skin and contributes to healing

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Why after cleaning the face appeared acne?

There are situations when the salon or homemade facial cleaning ends with new inflammations and appearances of acne. If the procedure has been carried out by a specialist-cosmetologist, then in this case it is safe to say that he made mistakes and does not have enough experience in his work.

Very often after cleaning more complex acne appear
Very often after cleaning more complex acne appear

Unfortunately, the so-called "injuries" after cleaning the face is much global and more serious than skin problems that existed before cleaning.

Going out of the cabin, you are subject to cleansed skin effects of negative factors: ultraviolet, dust, moisture. Pile from former acne are scored again and inflammation occurs. Therefore, home cleaning are more effective from this point of view.

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How to care for the face after cleaning?

  • After cleaning the face, try to secure peace for at least one day. Do not trust the face with dirty hands and do not go outside
  • Laser cleaning requires regular applied anti-rims on the skin, as the top layer was removed
  • Avoid the first week after cleaning saunas, baths and all kinds of solariums
  • Wash only cool water
  • Do not drink alcohol first days after cleaning
  • Do not clean during menstruation
  • Make clay face masks
  • Wash the chamomist decoction
  • Purchase in the pharmacy Special face gel with antibiotic

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Is it possible to make a facial cleaning pregnant?

In this case, we can say that all the impacts on the skin with the help of natural components have favorably affect the skin. But given the fact that during pregnancy, a woman is experiencing a hormonal restructuring, one should choose more sparing ways to clean the face.

Sparing way to clean face
sparing way to clean face

Ideal and useful:

  • Facial cleansing Romashka
  • Salt, sugar, coffee and soda scrubs
  • clay, gelatin masks
  • Skin Moisturizing Juice Juice
  • Easy mechanical cleaning

Women in position should avoid any serious interventions and wait for the time when the hormones are "leveled." Perhaps just by this time, your skin will become less susceptible.

How to make facial cleaning: tips and reviews

Before choosing a certain type of facial cleaning, it is necessary to obtain a consultation of a cosmetologist or dermatologist. At a minimum, you should know how serious your problems and the possible consequences of their elimination are.


The facial cleaning should be carried out in compliance with all sanitary standards, since the possible enhancing of infection will only aggravate your problem. Thoroughly wash your hands with soap and clean the nails with alcohol.

If you regularly clean your face from burritable cells, you allow a new skin layer to obtain a maximum of useful substances. The skin that gets nutrition is less prone to diseases and inflammation.

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Manual face cleaningThe basis of the beauty and health of the skin is its purity. Under the influence of aggressive external factors, the pores are blocked, the cellular breathing deteriorates, which is reduced by the elasticity of the skin, premature aging develops, there are comedones, acne, hyperpigmentation and various defects.

To limit all this, the skin must be cleaned regularly and thoroughly. Washing in this case will not be able to do, it is necessary to clean the face. A good facial cleaning eliminates the dirt, blocking the pores of the fat, returns the skin smoothness by eliminating the dead particles from the surface. The face becomes velvet and healthy.

That is why the face cleansing continues to be one of the most popular and demanded cosmetic procedures. Today there are many types of cleaning - laser, chemical, vacuum, ultrasound, mechanical, microcrystalline (microdermabrasion). Each view has its own characteristics and pros.

A competent cosmetologist will always help determine how and how often in each particular case it is better to clean the face. However, manual facial cleaning remains very popular, since it is precisely it prepares the skin to various additional procedures and does not have a large list of contraindications.

Description of the procedure of mechanical cleaning

Mechanical or manual facial cleaning implies a process of mechanical removal of contaminants from the skin surface. Such a procedure is characterized by simplicity and efficiency. In its course, the specialist directly with the help of fingers or special loops removes all the contents of the pores.

The mechanical cleaning of the face is a painful procedure, but its effectiveness is very high. It is especially important to apply mechanical cleaning for a fatty skin type, it is only important to ensure that all the rules of antiseptic care are performed during the procedure.

On the one hand, manual cleaning in the cabin does not differ from all the well-known homemade squeezing acne, but there is a difference and she is colossal. The specialist will squeeze the contents of the pores safely without disturbing the integrity of the skin, not traumating the pores and applying numerous antiseptic drugs.

This method of cleaning the face is the most careful, it is most deeply cleaning the pores, but all patients may not withstand it.

Indications, contraindications, pros and cons of the procedure

AcneThe main testimony for hand cleaning faces are:

  • extended pores;
  • hyperactivity of the sebaceous glands;
  • Akne's presence;
  • The emergence of numerous comedones;
  • reduced tone at the skin;
  • the presence of wiring, milios and other defects;
  • The occurrence of black acne.

Contraindications for mechanical cleaning of the face are not too much, they all conclude in the presence of an acute form of dermatitis, herpetic diseases, eczema, allergic manifestations, period of menstruation and premenstrual syndrome (increase in sensitivity), dryness of skin cover, furunculosis, brittle vessels, inclinations to inflammatory processes, Bronchial asthma, hypertensive disease, blood diseases.

Despite the substantial contraindications, patients and cosmetologists often choose the manual cleaning of the face. Due to the fact that in addition to cleansing, the specialist can get directly to the mouth of a silent duct during cleaning, the beautician has the opportunity to eliminate the deep invisible comedones that can be removed only when manually cleaning the face.

Such a procedure is most effectively depriving a patient of acne and black dots. The skin becomes matte and velvet very quickly.

The same effect can only be obtained using median peeling, however, this procedure has much more contraindications and high risk of getting a burn or allergies.

Elasticity returns to the skin after a couple of days after cleaning, it begins to look brilliantly. However, if a person has all the skin problems have the result of internal problems, then, of course, manual cleaning (like any other) will not help stop the disease, it is necessary to treat the source problem here, and then eliminate the consequences in the form of clogged pores.

For example, when the diagnosis of acne, only after 3 weeks of drug treatment, prescribed cleaning is prescribed. Also, a plus of mechanical cleaning is the possibility of its combination with the ultrasonic method of cleansing the pores to achieve maximum effect.

To the main disadvantages of manual cleaning of the person, specialists, first of all, include their pain. The injury to the skin can be very strong. Such procedures are not conducted on the eve of some events, because redness and swelling can be maintained on the skin up to 3 days. Due to disruption of the integrity of the skin and nonhygiennation of such a procedure, it is practically not carried out in European countries and America.

Preparation and conducting procedure

PeelingBefore manual brushing face, the beautician necessarily produces a demacid and cleans the skin from dirt. After complete cleansing, it is necessary to carry out measures that contribute to the full and maximum disclosure of pores. Sometimes for cleansing a specialist can apply a mask if the skin is very fat, as well as a light acidic surface peeling.

To open all the time, the skin is sprinkled with a warm steam or a thermo-heating gel, softening the buried epidermis. Without breaking, cleaning will be very painful, but the process of sparing is contraindicated with bronchial asthma, the proximity of the vessels, thin skin.

Such skin should be discontinued by the method of cold hydrogenation. A moisturizing gel is superimposed on the skin, leading to the swelling of cellular bonds and their weakening. This gel often replaces the peeling procedures. While the patient's skin is sprinkled, the cosmetologist sterilizes the tools and puts on sterile gloves. Naked hands manual cleaning is not produced.

After breaking, the skin need to wipe dry and treat hydrogen peroxide or a lotion without a alcohol content. Processing sections are additionally wiped with such lotion, and the process of cleaning the pores begins. There is a specialist with a specialized pitch or spoons, which are easily removed comedone. These fixtures should constantly be disinfected by lotion or hydrogen peroxide. The effect of the gel with a peeling effect lasts no more than 15 minutes, so at this time the doctor must meet completely. Poles the face is necessary in the opposite direction from the output of the swollen ducts. The tools capture even the deepest corks of the skin sebum, which are not visible or not available with hardware and laser techniques.

However, if it is impossible to grab a cork with a tool, the doctor makes squeezing with his hands, which increases multiple the pain of the process. The specialist pressed into the napkin with fingers presses the contents of the pores along the output of the silent ducts.

Sometimes, at the narrowst of a hasty flow, the tools are used for their expansion - special needles. All tools, as well as the skin after extrusion, are repeatedly treated with sterilizing substances. The angry should be perpendicular to the skin, then the purification procedure will be less painful.

Miliums or so-called white acne need to pour. The puncture is carried out in parallel skin surface. Pustules at the end of cleaning drained, and the skin is processed again with the purpose of disinfection. With a large number of rashes, cleaning is carried out in several stages, since, as already mentioned, after 15 minutes, the pores and the procedure may become unbearable painful and ineffective. Sometimes manual cleaning is combined with vacuum to completely clean the entire surface of the skin. At the same time, with the help of vacuum, the silent content is suused even with their large depths.

On the eve of manual cleaning, it is possible to conduct disinfecting with constant electrical stroke with alkaline solutions, which dissolves hasty sediments and helps to remove all dirt from the pores when cleaning outwards. Manual cleaning is recommended for oily skin once every 10 days, for normal skin once a month, and for dry - no more than 1 times a month and a half. The exact number and frequency of manual cleaning procedure will establish a specific cosmetologist directly.

Skin condition after the procedure and complications

Manual cleaningThe first days that are followed by manual cleaning usually pass under the sign of strengthening the salo-waste on the skin. Redness from pressure gradually comes off, but in its place, peeling often arise.

Only after 5-7 days will be noticeable effect from the cleaning performed, but if you do it regularly, it will be resistant.

It is necessary to care for damaged cleaning skin carefully, it will require disinfectant and tousing pores of drugs. Does not interfere with the use and soothing tonic.

You can use infrared radiation or darsonialization for speedy skin calm. Cosmetologists recommend a course of masks that will restore the pores and help maintain their purity after cleansing procedures. In this case, the most effective are masks based on clay, which perfectly absorb sebum. Sometimes a cryoissage is prescribed using a diluted nitrogen.

Over the next day, after cleaning, it is impossible to use decorative cosmetics so that its particles do not fall into extended pores and caused allergies. It is also impossible to carry out those actions that cause strengthening - to visit the gyms, saunas, baths.

It is possible to wash only special water, which can be replaced by distilled, but not water from under the tap. Imprette antiseptics are shown within 7 days after the procedure, there are a great set in pharmacies today.

It is categorically impossible to sunbathe, both in the sun and in solariums, swim in salted water. Corks that can be formed on the surface of the skin cannot be touched until they ourselves disappear.

If scars were formed in the places of convergence of the crusts, they need to be smeared with frozen-ointment or the means that the dermatologist or cosmetologist will write.

Among the main complications after mechanical cleansing, the emerges redness on the skin, swelling, hematoma, new rash and inflammation, scarring, allergic reactions, and skin infection are distinguished.

Redness, as a rule, go in a couple of days, but when the hyperemia is needed to use soothing masks or creams.

The swelling is also obliged to go very quickly, and in its preservation it is necessary to exclude allergic manifestations or the development of some disease, so immediately need to contact a specialist. If there is a hematoma, a hepariny ointment is used or a row with arnica. The occurrence of inflammatory elements after a couple of days after the procedure can talk about the penetration of infection inside the skin, so self-medication is absolutely excluded here.

Skin scarring occurs with incorrect acne squeezing technique. Unfortunately, the scarring can be eliminated only with cosmetic procedures. Allergic reactions are treated with local and oral medicament, which should be prescribed in each particular case. But when skin infected, it is possible to even the purpose of antibiotics - it all depends on the degree of penetration of infection.

Manual face cleaning is a highly efficient cleansing procedure, however it has a plurality of pitfalls, therefore it is carried out only if the doctor cannot offer its patient any alternative.

We will be grateful if you use the buttons:

Facial cleaning can be performed at home

Correct skin care is impossible without cleansing procedures. Only a clean face without blackpoints looks fresh and attractive. You can perform professional cleaning in the beauty salon or cosmetology clinic.

But how to be if you need to do it often, but there is no possibility for this? How is the face cleaning at home? What you need to know before proceeding to the procedure? The cosmetologist of the network of centers of aesthetic medicine and cosmetology "Novoclynik" answered these questions. Isabella Ayrapetova.

Why do we need deep cleaning of the face at home

The skin contacts the external environment daily. In large cities, it is subject to negative exposure to exhaust gases and smog. Its barrier function is perfect: she, as an ideal shield, delays toxins from the air and does not allow them to penetrate the tissues. Gradually, it is formed by an invisible eye of a raid, which worsens the skin breathing, reduces the activity of regenerative processes, worsens the appearance, makes the face dim and gray.

In this case, natural biological processes occur in the skin itself. It produces protective substances that help keep moisture and tone tone. We are talking about fatty lubricant, called skin salome or secret.

If the fatty skin is normal, the quantity of this secret is enough only to ensure its functions. But often fatness increases in response to external negative factors, stress, nutritional disorders. The secret becomes more. Externally, this is manifested by shine in the forehead area, chin, cheeks. Often the secret becomes too viscous and can not leave the sebaceous glands. Sealing, it forms a rigorous cork, called comedon. The upper part of the plug, subject to contact with air, is oxidized and becomes dark. So the black dots arise.

A resident of large cities skin is subject to active pollution

The higher the fatness of the skin, the greater the risk of imperfections on it. For dry skin, this problem is not characteristic. Therefore, cleaning the pores of the face at home and in the cabin holders of the skin of different types is required with different periodicity. If the rash is disturbed, there are noticeable black dots, it follows the procedure more often - it can be periodiced it once every other - two months. With normal fat, you can resort to the procedure once every three or four months, and with a dry type of epidermis, it may be required only a year.

During the procedure, the beautician removes from the surface of the face:

  • raid;
  • Surveated skin scales;
  • black spots.

With the help of a tool or hands removes deep contamination.

"To clean the face at home as in the cabin is impossible, - clarifies the cosmetologist Isabella Airapetyov. - Houses and cosmetology clinics use different cosmetics. Professional cosmetics cannot be bought in the store and even in a pharmacy, it can only be purchased from a beautician. And even if you buy everything, the procedure is uncomfortable, you can hardly succeed to clean everything you need to remove. But if you need to put my face in order, make the skin cleaner and fresh, and there is no time to visit the cabin, you can use the home appliances. "

Proper face cleaning at home - cosmetologist technique

This technique does not claim the effect of salon procedures, and its result will largely depend on cosmetics and accuracy during execution. Isabella Ayrapetova recommends following this protocol.

Home cleaning will not replace the salon

1. Remove cosmetics. Use for this suitable cleansing agents: micellar water cleansing milk. For high-quality removal of cosmetics, it is not enough to wash with water or wipe the face with Tonic. As a rule, girls who do not remove cosmetic products carefully every day, and suffer from regular rashes.

2. Clean the face. Use the tool that suits your skin type. For normal - gel or foam for washing. For fatty - agents that are cleaned to the sensation of the "screen", for dry - soft milk, leaving on the surface of the face the feeling of cream. Washing agents need to be used daily, in the morning and evening. With regular careful cleansing, the need for deep cleaning will decrease, since the tendency to the rashes and the appearance of black points will decrease.

3. Perform the exfoliation. For this purpose, you can use a scrub or a ride that remove dead epidermis particles and allow you to reveal the mouths of the sebaceous glands for cleaning them. According to Isabella Airapetyova, it is desirable to choose to exfoliate a rut, which are creamy agents with active enzymes in the composition. They gently split the epidermis buried scales, and to remove them enough to roll the fingertips. Scrubs work differently. They contain abrasive components that work like brushes. If you consider them under a microscope, you can see sharp faces that injured the skin, despite the fact that in the process of applying, you do not feel this. Even for oily skin, which you want to clear as carefully and "plump", scrubs can be dangerous.

4. Use the tool to break the epidermis. After washing and exfoliation, skin cover is still not ready for mechanical cleaning of the face at home. It must be loosen to reveal the pores and facilitate the output of their contents. For this purpose, special hydrogenating agents are used in cosmetology. They are called hydrogels, means for cold sparking, softening gels. After applying such a means, the epidermis will become loose enough to remove comedones and contaminants from the pores.

5. Remove the comedones. Put the gloves, take two cotton wands and gently push the skin on the skin on which there are noticeable black dots. You can use cotton discs to help remove the contents of the pores. Do not try to do it with your fingers and the more nails, since there can be long-pass traces for a long time. Do not use metal items - spoons or tweezers, as, without having calculated power, you can easily damage the epidermis. In addition, the non-sterile tweezers itself can be a source of infection at the time and subsequent inflammation.

6. Apply a mask.

"A mask for cleaning the face at home can be chosen from therapeutic cosmetics," advises Isabella Ayrapetova. - Look at the funds presented in pharmacies based on clay. Such compositions have a piglery, antiseptic effect and pull out the comedones. "

Also, a specialist recommends that a mask in the home cosmetics as a means of ambulance when inflammatory elements appear. The composition can be inflamed locally on the entire night, and by the morning it will dry, reduce the inflammatory process and extends the contents of the element. The defect on the face will be less noticeable and will disappear faster without a trace.

Anti-inflammatory mask should be in home cosmetic

What you do not need to do during the procedure

This technique is safe and effective. After her, the face will become fresh, lighter, pleasant to the touch and smooth. Noticeable imperfections and black dots will disappear, which will make the skin well-groomed and neat. But at the same time, it is impossible to make mistakes to which the beautician indicates. Otherwise, the risk of getting unexpected and unpleasant effects is great.

one. Spar face at home before cleaning. Previously, the breaking of the face was widely used even in cosmetology salons. This technique was used to break the epidermis and facilitate pore cleaning. Today, it has been abandoned from her in professional cosmetology, since it has been established that sprinkling increases the intensity of the manifestation of Cooperosis. After one or two procedures, harm you will not notice, but if you break the face before cleaning often, with time on the skin it will be a noticeable vascular grid. And the face will become prone to rapid and light redness.

"Spilling is injured by the vessels," says Isabella Airapetyov, "causes the appearance of vascular stars. It does not rejuvenate anyone and does not decorate. "

2. Use vacuum. The vacuum cleaning of the face at home has become one of the available procedures, since the device for its execution can be found in free sale. But, according to the expert, the vacuum acts as aggressively as the breaking. During the work, a vacuum nozzle occurs mass injury to vessels, which over time leads to irreversible consequences. Vascular asterisks will even appear in girls without a tendency to Cooperoz. And if the first signs of the disease already exist, they will only increase.

3. Use aggressive recipes for facial cleaning at home . In the sale of sufficiently inexpensive and safe tools that will help maintain the skin healthy and beautiful. At the same time, home procedures can be dangerous. For example, the use of salt as scrub. Salt crystals have sharp grains and expressly injured the epidermis. After such a comprehension, micrographs may remain, the risk of pigment spots is seriously increasing. It should also not be cleaned by the face of soda at home, such a way does not have a professional substantiation. The soda can disrupt the hydrolyphid skin barrier, lead to a disorder of the acid-alkaline balance, which in turn changes the composition of the microflora of the epidermis and can contribute to the development of rashes and inflammation.

Salt - unsuitable facial

Ultrasonic face cleaning at home

According to Isabella Airapetova, such a cleaning of the house can be performed. It is relatively safe, since the device generates ultrasound waves, operating only on the surface of the epidermis and not penetrating deep into. Ultrasonic shovel without pressure can be cleaned skin on the forehead, cheeks, chin. It is inconvenient to work in the folds of the wings of the nose, on the nose, in the tender zone near the lips.

It is impossible to carry out ultrasonic cleaning with the "salon effect", because all the imperfections will not get to the shovel, which will remove the beautician. In addition, the procedure itself is not at all a panacea from pollution and black dots. With this work, modern cosmetic products are well coped with, which a specialist recommends use for mechanical cleaning of the face.

"If you do everything right and do not use dangerous funds, the procedure does not imply risks," says Isabella Ayrapetyov. "But I recommend still to contact a specialist." Cleaning is not the simplest procedure, and so as not to get unwanted effects and consequences, to instruct its execution to a professional. "

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