12 ways to quickly wash the microwave from fat and nagar at home


🧽 The microwave stove today is in almost every home. It allows you to quickly heat the food and drinks, prepare delicious dishes, defrost meat, fish, vegetables. But due to the frequent use, such a device is rapidly contaminated. Then the owners arises a question about the cleansing of technology. There are different methods of care for the microwave. Therefore, you can easily choose the most suitable.

How to clean the microwave inside with fat at home? | Folk ways

Despite the wide selection of chemicals for cleaning, today many prefer the folk methods. This is associated with their availability and security. They do not harm health and more gently affect the furnace surface. There are a large number of different ways. But not all of them help.

The most effective folk microwave cleaning methods are shown below:

  1. water vapor;
  2. Table vinegar;
  3. lemon;
  4. soda;
  5. Orange peels;
  6. lemon juice.

№1. Water par

Microwave cleaning ferry

Excellent copes with fat traces. It is necessary to pour about 300-350 ml of water into a wide bowl. Put in the microwave stove and turn on for 5-7 minutes. After completing the program, wait 2-3 minutes. Open the home appliances door and wipe it with a wet sponge or cloth.

Hot steam dissolves even the old fat, and also softens and makes it easier to remove other contaminants. This method allows you to clean the microwave in just a few movements.


  • Maximum simplicity;
  • does not smell;
  • does not harm the surface of the microwave;
  • availability.


  • copes not with all pollution;
  • Does not remove unpleasant smell.

№2. Vinegar

Microwave cleaning vinegar

Well copes with fat and ordinary vinegar. 500 ml of water is poured into the container and a pair of tablespoons of the OCST are added. Put in the microwave and turn on the heating for 10 minutes. After completing the program, there are still 10 minutes and open the door of the device. Capacity with acetic solution is removed. The surface is wiped with a moistened with a sponge. After completing the cleaning, the door must be left open until the walls of the walls and the weathered of acetic smell.


  • availability;
  • effectiveness in relation to fat traces;
  • removal of unpleasant odor;
  • Disinfection of the surface.


  • leaves for a time the smell of vinegar;
  • It does not always help.

Number 3. Lemon acid

Cleaning microwave lemon acid

Allows you to quickly remove even forged fat and other dirt from the walls of the microwave. In 500 ml of water dissolve a tablespoon of lemon. Put in the stove for 5-7 minutes. Then get and wipe the surface. All dirt is removed literally in one movement.



  • budget ;
  • lack of aroma;
  • effectiveness;
  • Effective elimination of unpleasant odor.


  • does not remove the yellowness;
  • It is not recommended to often apply in relation to microwaves with a ceramic coating.

№4. Soda

Cleaning microwave soda

Food soda is often used by hostesses to remove contaminants on plates, table top headset. It copes well with the cleaning of the microwave. It is necessary in 500 ml of water to dissolve a tablespoon of soda. Put a container with such a solution in the technique and turn on the heating for 5 minutes. Water the walls with a soft cloth.



  • eliminates not only fat, A and Nagar;
  • security;
  • does not harm ceramic coating;
  • does not smell;
  • availability.


  • does not remove the unpleasant odor;
  • Not always effective.

№5. Orange peels

Microwave cleaning with orange crusts

If at home was an orange, then you should not throw it into the peel. The crusts of this citrus can help clean the microwave. To do this, you must remove the zest from the orange and pour it with water. Place the vessel with such content in the device. Turn on the heating for 5-7 minutes. Remove the container. Rinse the technique with vinegar, soda or ordinary detergent.


  • Removes the unavailable smell in the stove;
  • harmfulness.


  • leaves the smell of orange, which is weathering for a long time;
  • complexity of application (additionally need to use detergent);
  • Changes only with unlock pollution.

№6. Lemon juice

Microwave Cleaning Lemon Juice

If there is a lemon at home, you can use it to purify the microwave oven. We must squeeze a couple of spoons of juice. Add them to a wide bowl with 0.5 liters of water. Put in the device and turn on the heating for 5 minutes. Remove the container. Clean the walls of the technique with a wet sponge.


  • well copes with fatty pollution;
  • removes unpleasant odor;
  • harmlessness for health;
  • availability.


  • Not suitable for all surfaces of microwave;
  • does not remove Nagar;
  • For a long time, a pronounced citrus smell remains.

How to quickly and effectively wash the microwave at home? | Stores

It is not always possible to effectively clean the microwave by folk methods. Therefore, many hostesses resort to the use of chemical domestic products.

Use such methods:

  • detergent for dishes;
  • detergent in combination with hydrogen peroxide;
  • Gel for cleaning ovens;
  • cleaning spray for kitchen;
  • Means for washing glass;
  • wet wipes.

№1. Detergent

Microwave cleaning detergent

It is possible to quickly clean the walls of the microwave stove using an ordinary dishwashing agent. This is the most appropriate method for regular technician care. A couple of drops of liquid chemical composition should be dripped on a wet sponge. Squeeze the foam and evenly distribute it along the walls of the microwave. Put a sponge in the center of the stove. Turn on the device for 30 seconds. After completing the program, rinse the technique.


  • effectiveness;
  • Refreshment of the surface inside the device.


  • It does not always cope with pollution (efficiency depends on the composition);
  • Good tool is expensive;
  • Leaves at the time of the smell of detergent.

№2. Hydrogen peroxide

Cleaning microwave peroxide

This method should be used if the detergent did not give the proper effect. To enhance the action of the cleaning composition on the sponge, a couple of drops of hydrogen peroxide drip. Squeeze the foam and apply it on the walls. Technology with a sponge turn on half a minute. Then clean the surface.


  • high efficiency;
  • removes fat and strong nagar;
  • whitens the surface;
  • Removes unpleasant odor.


  • It remains at the time of the smell of cleaning agent.

Number 3. Oven cleaning gel

Microwave cleaning gel for cleaning ovens

In such funds contain alkalis. They corrode fat and strong nagar. It is a gel for cleaning ovens used to purify the grill with a microwave oven. The means are treated all surfaces and leave for 15 minutes. Then the walls of the microwave are washed. The gel perfectly removes the emerged and enough solar pollution.


  • high efficiency in relation to all pollution;
  • Fast removal of dirt;
  • A good gel is expensive.


  • insecurity;
  • the need for careful washing with water;
  • Not suitable for all types of microwaves.

№4. FROM PRE for kitchen

wash the microwave to the kitchen

Sold various Sprays for kitchen. Among them is the most effective is Silit  Bang  Antizir . It helps well in the rapid cleaning of the microwave oven. It has acids in its composition. They corrupt any contamination. It is enough to simply process the walls of technology Silit  Bang  Antizir or another similar means and leave for a while. Dissolved contamination is easily removed with a sponge.


  • Quickly removes heavy pollution;
  • Easy use.


  • not suitable for ceramic microwave ovens;
  • It is required to thoroughly rinse the surface;
  • unsafe ( spray It can harm health if it is bad to remove it).

№5. Glass cleansing

Clean the microwave to the glass cleansing

The mistresses of the microwave and the usual means for washing glass, mirrors. The liquid is treated with all the inner pieces of technology. Heat the oven is not required. Spray For glasses, it copes well with the solar fat and other pollution. After the wall processing the walls, they need to be thoroughly rinsed with a damp cloth.


  • simplicity;
  • High purification speed;
  • Suitable for all microwave ovens;
  • Removes unpleasant odor.


  • chemical composition;
  • does not cope with Nagar;
  • Insecure health with poor cleaning walls from the means.

№6. Wet wipes

wipe the microwave with wet wipes

Help for microwave mistresses and using conventional wet napkins. It is necessary to heat the device. Warm walls clear from pollution with a napkin. Then wipe the surface with a damp pure sponge.


  • availability;
  • Easy use;
  • safety for the surface of the equipment;
  • Furnace refreshment.


  • Not all pollution can be removed in this way (for example, Nagar and the dye fat remain).

Microwave care recommendations

A very contaminated microwave has to be cleaned for a long time and difficult. Sometimes even chemicals do not cope. And the potent aggressive compositions can spoil the surface. Therefore, in order not to break your head over how to remove the nap and the dyeing fat, you need to wash the household technique in a timely manner. Cleaning the microwave is recommended after each use.

Useful device care tips are shown below:

  • So that the walls of the microwave oven are not dirty, it is necessary to use a special dishes. Plastic volume lids are sold in stores. They protect the walls of the equipment from fat splashes and the formation of Nagar, as well as from yellowing.
  • Often, after cleaning the furnace, the chemical means remains an unpleasant smell. It can be passed food. To get rid of it, the activated carbon, coffee beans or a stone salt should be put in a warm microwave and close the lid. After a couple of hours inside the device, a hint of a chemical smell will remain.
  • After each use of the microwave wall, it is worth wiped with special napkins for the kitchen. They effectively clean and prevent pollution.
  • It is necessary to clean the microwave not only from the inside, but outside. Dust accumulates on the surface of the technique, traces of dirty hands remain. Clean the technique with a damp cloth or sponge with detergent (if necessary).

Today it is difficult to imagine life without microwave. This functional device becomes an excellent assistant in the kitchen. But you need to care for him. It is not difficult. In addition, there are many different methods for removing contaminants. If folk ways do not cope, factory funds will help. The main thing is not to run the technique and carry out its complete cleaning at least 2-3 times a week.


Before you start cleaning the microwave at home from fat, nagar and other contaminants, you need to prepare:

  1. 1Before Disable the device from the network , pulling out the plug out of the outlet (however, this item is performed only if you do not use the stove self-cleaning function or do not make a steam bath).
  2. 2When washing the device Thoroughly squeeze the rag , not allowing penetration into the inside of too much water (you can pour the parts sensitive to the moisture). The liquid should also not get on the side grills.
  3. 3 Immediately decide what way you can wash the furnace . Prepare all consumables, cleaning compositions, protect your hands with gloves.

IMPORTANT! You can not disassemble the microwave to the components on your own (even for cleaning). If contamination somehow got inside, it is better to seek help from a specialist.

The fastest way - with vinegar

In order to quickly wash the microwave inside it is not necessary to use some expensive purchased tools. You can resort to the help of ordinary vinegar. This effective way will help to easily and highly get rid of not only from minor contaminants inside the microwave, but also from the unpleasant odor.

You will need:

  • vinegar 9% (or vinegar 70%);
  • water;
  • small capacitance;
  • Roying from microfiber.

Step-by-step instruction:

  1. Step 1 In a small container, mix 2 tbsp. Spoons of vinegar 9% (you can replace them with 1 hour. Spoon of vinegar 70%) and 2 glasses of clean water.
  2. Step 2. Put a bowl with a composition in a microwave.
  3. Step 3. Turn on the stove to the maximum mode, set the timer for 10 minutes.
  4. Step 4. After that, disconnect the device and leave the tank with the means within another 60 minutes so that the whole acid steam can settle on the inner surface of the instrument and remove the yellowness, fat, naigra and other types of contamination.
  5. Step 5. Thoroughly wipe the device inside with a dry cloth, removing the remains of dissolved dirt.
  6. Step 6. Open the stove door and leave the device to ventilate (the smell of vinegar must blend completely).

The method of cleaning the acetic bath is effectively working on simple pollution (he may not cope with the solar clutch). You need to use this way with care to those who clean the microwave with enameled coating in the chamber.

Method 2 - Cleaning with citric acid

Quickly and effectively clean from the inside the microwave can also be with citric acid. The method is perfectly flushes any kind of contaminants, whether it is thickening nagar or fresh fat traces.

You will need:

  • boiling water;
  • lemon acid;
  • paper towels;
  • Small bowl.

How to clean:

  1. 1Mix in a small container 500 ml of boiling water and about 25-40 g of citric acid.
  2. 2Place a bowl with the compositions in the microwave.
  3. 3Add maximum power on the display and set the timer for 10 minutes.
  4. 4Through the allotted time, get the container with a cleaning makeup from the stove.
  5. 5With the help of paper towels, begin to gently remove the spacious fat and dirt, especially paying attention to the glass disk to which the dishes are made.

Here is a good video, which shows the process, and the result:

If you feel that after the first softening is not all the dirt, and the inner surface of the microwave is still glittering from fat, then return the capacity with water and citric acid, return the power of the device to the maximum, and the timer is 5 minutes. The secondary procedure should help completely dissolve dirt, so that the complex stains will be made much easier.

Method 3 - Soda microwave cleaning

A good assistant in the fight against mud in a microwave - soda. The remedy helps to clean the microwave inside the fat without effort, and in combination with the crusts of the lemon, it also works as a "freshener" for microwave.

You will need:

  • Two well-moisturized rags (for pre-steam bath);
  • soda;
  • small capacitance;
  • paper towels;
  • Lemon peel.

How to clean:

  1. 1First of all, extract two rags in clean water.
  2. 2Place wet towels on a glass disk, close the device, set the maximum power on the display, and set the timer for 60 seconds.
  3. 3After allotted time, turn off the stove from the network, the same wet towels (pre-press them) begin to wipe the device, removing softening dirt from the walls, doors and disk.
  4. 4In a small amount of water, divert 2 tbsp. Spoons of soda, and the resulting composition pretty wipe the glass disk, door and inner walls of the stove.
  5. 5After that, dryly sweat the device with paper towels and leave to ventilate some time.

Method 4 - Sponge + detergent for dishes

Conduct with traces of fat and old nagar in the microwave can also be the usual dishwashing agent.

You will need:

  • sponge for washing dishes;
  • any detergent for dishes;
  • paper towels;
  • rubber gloves.

How to clean:

  1. 1If you are the happy owner of the dishwasher, then you can pre-pull a glass disk from the microwave oven and wash it in it. If the PMM you do not have, then do not worry, you can clean the glass plate and manually with the same composition that is used for washing the entire furnace.
  2. 2Spongely squeezed in the water sponge slightly squeeze (so that water does not drip out). Apply a dishwashing liquid on it (it is better to take proven funds that are well removed fat, for example, the same "Ferie").
  3. 3Site a few times, set up a sponge to beat the remedy on it in a foam.
  4. 4Put the foamed sponge into the microwave, close it, set the minimum power on the display, and set the timer for 30 seconds. Turn on the device.
  5. 5With the help of a pure sponge, remove all dissolved contaminants from the internal surfaces of the device.
  6. 6After that, paper towels are once again walking around all the walls inside the microwave, wiping the remnants of the means and dirt.

Method 5 - orange crusts

An interesting way to remove contaminants from the inner surfaces of the microwave is to use pegs of orange, infused on ordinary water. Lifehak can be used to remove different types of spots.

You will need:

  • crusts from one orange;
  • water;
  • Small capacity.

How to clean:

  1. 1Clean orange from crusts. Cut them into small stripes and fold into a shallow container.
  2. 2Pour the crust with a small amount of clean water so that the water is only slightly covered them.
  3. 3Put the capacitance with the crusts in the microwave, close it. On the display set the maximum power, the timer do up to 1 minute.
  4. 4After the timer Zink does not open the stove. Leave the capacitance with the crusts inside for 1.5-2 hours.
  5. 5After allotted time, open the microwave, remove the orange solution.
  6. 6Water in clean water a napkin, press her so that the water does not eat from it and did not pour the inside of the stove.
  7. 7Wet cloth remove from walls, glass disk and doors all softening pollution.
  8. 8Wash the purified microwave dryer with a fabric or paper towel (you can leave the device open for some time so that it is completely dry).

This recipe effectively cleans many types of pollution. So if you did not succeed in the first time to withdraw all stains and traces of scale and to the state of "purely" is still too far, then repeat the procedure 2-3 times. After each right, carefully clean the whole dissolved fat and only then repeat the procedure again.

Method 6 - Economic Soap

Helping in the fight against a dirty microwave may also have an ordinary shopping soap. It not only helps to remove the solar fat from the walls of the chamber, but also has a disinfecting effect.

How to clean:

  1. Step 1 Laming of the household soap on a grater.
  2. Step 2. Add a soap chips into the water. Expect the proportions on the eye, as a result you should have a rich soap solution without slices of soap.
  3. Step 3. Apply the composition on the inner walls of the microwave chamber and leave it for 45-60 minutes.
  4. Step 4. Remove the remains of the soap solution using a wet napkin (as often as possible, ride a napkin in clean water).
  5. Step 5. Open the microwave door and leave the instrument to ventilate for a while (it will help remove the smell of soap).

Household chemicals

If you do not manage to clean up the microwave oven with handicrafts, you need to use household chemicals.

On the market you can find a lot of different compositions that are suitable for cleaning the surfaces of microwaves (including grills and stainless steel decisions).

Choose only specialized funds intended for washing microwave ovens. Pay attention to the composition of the drug, it should not be abrasives or aggressive chemical compounds.

Be sure to read the instruction manual for your stove and make sure that the manufacturer allows the use of certain substances when cleaning the device (especially if the device is built into the kitchen set).

The best means for washing microwaves:

  • Fairy;
  • AOS;
  • Fresh;
  • Magic Power;
  • Sano;
  • Meule;
  • Korting;
  • Electrolux;
  • Green & Clean.

Function of self-cleaning microwave

Many hostess probably paid attention to the fact that in some microwave ovens there is a built-in function of self-cleaning.

The "self-cleaning" mode of different models of microwave furnaces can be called differently, however, the principle of its action is always the same: you simply put inside the device with water capacitance, choose the desired mode for self-cleaning of the device.

During the work of the stove, the water will evaporate, dissolving fat, scale, nagar, located on the walls of the device. After such a procedure, the dirt will be much easier to wash off even with an ordinary wet cloth.

However, everything described only sounds perfect. In fact, usually one self-cleaning device is not enough. The function of the steam bath is rather auxiliary, it can be used to pre-prepare the device for cleaning.

So you should not wait for some miracles from such a procedure, with strong pollution, it is unlikely to help even dissolve the dirt from the first time, not to mention full purification.

We bring beauty outside

Wash the microwave oven is, of course, much easier than inside. Here you can use not only specialized means for cleaning microwave ovens, but also, for example, wipers in the form of spray.

Well copes with pollution and a solution based on vinegar (white food 9%), water and ethyl alcohol (components are taken in a 1: 2: 1 ratio).

Clean the oven outside:

  • Remove all dust from the surface of the case.
  • Wipe the rear microwave panel dry or slightly damp sponge (it's better to use a dry rag).
  • The door of the stove, the upper and side surfaces of the walls sprinkle the cleaning makeup.
  • Leave the tool for 5-8 minutes, and then remove it to the residue with microfiber cloth.
  • Wipe the housing dry with a clean cloth.

How can not clean microwave

In order to wash the microwave oven correctly and did not lead to damage to the electrical appliance, must be observed Several important rules :

  • Cannot be used when cleaning Metal sponges, brushes, scrapers or sponges, leaving behind the crumbs . Strongly rub the surfaces either should not. You can damage the housing and the camera itself.
  • Gently with water When washing. You can not pour the device with water, wash it under the shower (yes, and such cases are), use too wet rags. When a liquid gets inside the device, a closure may occur, and this is not necessary for you.
  • You can not use cleaning agents with abrasive or aggressive chemical compounds. Only specialized drugs for microwave ovens or means for washing dishes.

How to keep clean in the microwave

If you endure the cleaning and the washing of the microwave every time you think with your shudder, try to follow several recommendations that will get rid of you from the need to look for an effective cleaning agent that displays the dirt from the stove chamber:

  1. Tip №1. When heated, cover the plate with a hood with a cap or food film. You can use special closed tropes with valves. This will help avoid splashing fat, juice and food parties.
  2. Tip №2. Do not allow the formation of a thick layer of contamination. If the food or fat scattered around the chamber, then immediately remove everything, not allowing to sleep or merge.
  3. Tip number 3. Daily rub the microwave with a damp cloth inside and outside to remove even the smallest pollution.
  4. Tip number 4. If you use a microwave oven, then spend its full cleaning at least once a month.

Frequently asked Questions

Many after the acquisition and operation of the microwave oven remain some questions. Here are some of the most common of them.

How to get rid of smell?

Quite often, after cleaning the stove from Nagara or fat, there remains an unpleasant smell, which subsequently settles on the products. It usually smells of household chemicals, self-made means for cleaning the microwave, accordion.

You can get rid of quickly from unpleasant odor with a variety of ways: salt, black coffee, activated carbon, lemon and other citrus, etc.

You can read more about these and other Lifehaki here.

Should I wash the microwave after purchase?

Definitely worth . Just do not need to immediately choose "heavy artillery" like vinegar, soda or household chemicals. It is enough to make a steam bath with a lemon solution: lemon crusts in water and put in the microwave oven at maximum power per minute. After that, simply wipe the inner surface with a paper towel dry.

Is food harmful to food harmful to microwave?

Answer this question is definitely impossible. There are many myths about the dangers and benefits of the food cooked / heated in the microwave oven. You can read more about this here.

And what kind of working way do you use? Share with us and other hosts your experience in the comments! We will definitely add new and working methods.

Clean microwave in 5 minutes 7 Express methods

All the most efficient and rapid methods of cleaning the inside of the microwave are based on one principle - the creation of steam bath and traps for evaporation of cleaning agents. The trap effect will create the stove itself, our task is to make an effective detergent solution from funds that, fortunately, probably already in your kitchen cabinet.

Quick way to clean the microwave

In most cases, laundering the microwave from the solar fatty, sustainable stains helps the method of acetic "bath":

Mix in a bowl of 1.5-2 glasses of water and 2 tablespoons of vinegar (9%) and put it in the microwave. Run the microwave oven at maximum power for 10 minutes, then leave it "shake" another 5-10 minutes. Wipe the oven with a damp rag to remove dirt and smell of vinegar.

Clean microwave in 5 minutes 7 Express methods

Yes, the smell of vinegar during cleaning will be felt, but it will quickly disappear both from the room and from the microwave chamber. And, of course, at the time "Bani" it is advisable to open the window. If the contamination after the "bath" splashed, but still remained, you can turn on the oven for another 10 minutes or wipe it with a sponge, moistened in the same acetate solution and fenced by soda.

Clean microwave in 5 minutes 7 Express methods

Soased fat raid after acetic "Parling" will help launder olive oil.

Now let's talk about other ways that can be replaced or add the above-described cleaning method.

Methodification 2. Cleaning microwave lemon acid or lemons juice (for medium and strong contaminants)

This method allows not only to quickly clean the microwave oven from the inside of fat and nagar, but also eliminate unpleasant odors. However, if the camera of your microwave oven is covered with enamel, then regularly use citric acid for her wash it is not worth it.

What will take: Water (400-500 ml), water tank and 1 tablespoon of citric acid or 4 tablespoons of lemon juice from 2 medium lemons and residues from them.

Recipe: Fill the dishes with water, pour into it citric acid or squeeze the juice from the dummy of lemons, and then put it there and the halves of the fruit themselves as shown in the photo below.

Clean microwave in 5 minutes 7 Express methods

Next, we put the container into the chamber and turn on the microwave to the maximum power for 2-5 minutes - depending on the degree of contamination. When the microwave turns off, it is worth waiting for another 5-15 minutes. We take out the dishes, wipe the furnace inside with a sponge or cloth, in complex places wetting the sponge in the same solution.

Method 3. Cleaning the microwave of soda (for medium contamination)

Clean microwave in 5 minutes 7 Express methods

If the citric acid was not at hand, and you do not grow a lemon tree at home, and generally prefer to use citrus on their direct purpose, then the food soda will help you, which will fall on the chamber walls in the form of condensate and solvent dried splashes and dirt. What will take: water (400-500 ml), water tank and 1 tablespoon of soda.

Recipe: Our task is to make a solution that falls on the walls of the chamber in the form of condensate and solvent dried splashes and dirt. To do this, fill the dishes with water, we embarrass the soda into it, put it in the chamber at maximum power for 2-5 minutes, and then leave the oven by one another for another 5 minutes. Then it remains only to rub the camera completely, in complex places wetting a sponge or rag in the same soda solution.

Method 4. Cleaning with vinegar (for strong contaminants)

Vinegar will help launder even the most running microwave effectively and quickly, but its smell in the process of cleaning will have to suffer. And one more thing - if the camera of your microwave oven is covered with enamel, then we do not recommend using this method too often.

Clean microwave in 5 minutes 7 Express methods

What will take: Water (400-500 ml), water tank and 2 tablespoons of vinegar (9%) or 1 teaspoon of 70% essence.

Recipe: First of all, we open the window to the smell of the acid can weathered. Next, we pour water into the plate, we pour bite into it, we put the solution into the chamber and turn on the microwave for 2-5 minutes depending on the degree of contamination. Now give evaporation of vinegar some more time to dissolve the dirt on the chamber walls and begin to wash the microwave oven from the inside with a sponge or soft brush. When you finish, rinse the equipment from the tool.

Method 5. Cleaning the microwave with the help of sponge and "Fairi" (for weak and medium pollution)

Probably, did you think that it will be about ordinary mechanical cleaning? Not at all, although it is not without it, but now we offer a slightly different method that is suitable for washing a weakly polluted microwave.

Clean microwave in 5 minutes 7 Express methods

What will take: Any sponge (except metallic, of course), water for its soaking, as well as any dishwashing liquid like "Fairi", "Dossa", etc.

Recipe: On a richly moistened sponge in the water, we squeeze the detergent with a 1-ruble coin size, then well foam it, squeezing and squeezing a sponge. Next, put it into the chamber and launch the microwave with a minimum power for 30 seconds, following the sponge to start melting. Now we open the door and wash the fiwl fiwaged in pairs and splashes the same sponge. In the next video, you can clearly see the process and the result of cleaning in the method described.

Method 6. Microwave cleaning with a wiper (without "bath") And here's another good and safe method for cleaning with the use of household chemicals, the truth is already without creating a "bath" effect.

What will take: Sponge, water, as well as any glass washing liquid.

Recipe: To begin with, disconnect your power furnace. Next, mix the cleaning solution from the glass and water washing liquid in proportion 2: 1. The solution should turn out so much so that it is enough for cleaning the oven as outside and inside. Next, abundantly moist the sponge in the washing solution and wipe the inside of the microwave, including the ring and plate. Slowing spots need to soak in a wiper for 5 minutes. Further, wipe the whole chamber with a clean cloth moistened in water so that neither dirt remains on the walls, neither the remains of the wiper or its smell.

Method 7. How to clean the microwave by orange crusts

To remove weak and medium contaminants, the method is suitable perfectly. Pros are obvious: the pleasant smell of citrus, which will spread throughout the apartment, and the lack of necessity thoroughly flush the remnants of "means" as it happens with chemicals.

What will take: 1 orange, water, bowl and sponge.

Recipe: Clean the orange, fold the peel into a small bowl, fill it with water, put it into the microwave and start it for 5 minutes. During this time, water must boil, and condensate is formed on the walls. Next you need to wait another 10-15 minutes and only then begin the wash of the furnace. Fat droplets will be pretty easy.

Clean microwave in 5 minutes 7 Express methods

And a little more useful tips:

The procedure for cleaning the camera from the inside is recommended as follows: First, get the ring and a glass plate from the furnace, then wipe the top wall and the lattice, then the sidewalls, then the bottom, and, finally, the door as shown in the photo below. The plate at the time of cleaning can be substituted under the oven to assemble all the dirt in it.

Clean microwave in 5 minutes 7 Express methods

It is necessary to clean the microwave at least one or twice a month. During this time, the flax spots will not have time to say. In order not to launch your assistant and is less likely to wash it, use a special plastic cap that protects the microwave oven chamber from splashing food. Cap can replace glass transparent dishes or food film.

Clean microwave in 5 minutes 7 Express methods

With citric acid and vinegar, it is important not to overdo it in the process of heating the solution or soaking, especially if the internal finish of the cameras enamelled. Stained fat stains that are not deleted even after "bath" can be tried to remove with a cloth moistened in olive oil. Be careful, leading to the microwave in order. Do not use metal sponges and sponges that strongly crumble down. We also advise to refrain from experiments with household chemicals and use only specialized funds or those described in our article (glass cleaner, dishwashing liquid and "home" means). The use of hazardous chemicals can also cause a device for fire.

Do not use abrasive cleaning agents for cleaning the microwave oven in order not to damage its housing. And, of course, we recall that if the food in the cooking or heating process "exploded", leaving the fat splashes and pieces of food on the inner walls of the furnace, then it is better to delete them immediately.

If the housing and part of the microwave furnace are made of plastic, then over time they can be sealed under the influence of ultraviolet and temperature differences. And the less qualitatively plastic, the faster this problem will appear. Fortunately, clean the microwave from the yellowness is not

Method 1. With the help of a chlorine bleach. To whiten the yellowness into several tones will help any remedy with sodium hydrochloride. Moisten in white (or other chlorine bleach) rags from x / b-tissue and squeeze, then cover the microwave and leave for several hours (you can at night). At this time, the housing should be wrapped with a food film or package. Next, wipe the oven pat.

Method 2. Using hydrogen peroxide is 8-30%. Hydrogen peroxide from a home aid kit is suitable only for small yellowness. If the plastic designer is strongly, the means is more powerful - peroxide, which is used to lighten the hair (with a concentration of 8-30% in the composition). Treat the furnace case to the tool, then wrap the food film or foil and leave for 12 hours (for example, at night). You can dilute the water with water in the ratio of 1: 1, then in the resulting solution, soak the rag and, slightly squeezing, cover the microwave. Then wrap everything into the film and leave for a few hours (you can at night)

Clean microwave in 5 minutes 7 Express methods

Method 3. With the help of soda and washing powder. Dissate in warm water washing powder and soda, then apply the composition on the yellowed plastic and leave for the night. Then wipe the oven pat.

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Without a microwave oven, no modern mistress is required. The electrical appliance allows not only to quickly warm up food, but also prepare different dishes. Microwave oven, like any kitchen appliances, quickly contaminated. There are several effective ways to make a quality to clean the microwave from fat, soot and dirty spots.

Photo 1.

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Preparation for cleaning the microwave

On the eve of the cleaning of the electrical appliance, a small preparatory work is required. To get rid of pollution on the microwave, the hostess needs to be stocking:

  • A deep sudden with wide edges made of ceramics or refractory glass;
  • a pure sponge or cloth that absorbs dirt well;
  • Tools for cleaning a microwave oven;
  • pure water;
  • Rubber gloves to protect the skin of the hands from the aggressive impact of used detergents.

Photo 2.

IMPORTANT! Before you begin wash the kitchen appliance, you must turn it off from the network.

After removing the glass dish and roller from the microwave (ring for rotation of the pallet).

Simple ways

Wash the inner surface of the microwave oven with fat and food particles will quickly and effectively help Creating a steam bath with a cleaning agent.

It is enough to prepare the washing solution, put it inside the microwave and turn on the electrical appliance for maximum power for a few minutes. Evaporation of the detergent will make their job. In complete cleaning, it will remain only to wipe the inner surface of the furnace with a sponge. First, the side walls are wiped, then the bottom and the door.

Photo 3.

Read on our website, 4 simple recipes, how to quickly wash the microwave from fat.

An effective detergent solution. Experienced hostesses are prepared using one of the remedies:

  • lemon juice or citric acid in powder;
  • citruses together with crusts;
  • Food soda;
  • vinegar (9%);
  • gel-shaped means for washing cutlery;
  • Special glass cleaner liquid.

Lemon Acid and Lemon Juice

Acid is the strongest means in the fight against fat and pollution on the kitchen appliance. Using juice, squeezed from lemons, or citric acid powder, you can not only clean the microwave, but also to eliminate the unpleasant smell from it.

IMPORTANT! Do not use citric acid to clean the microwave oven if the instrument chamber has an enameled inner surface.

To prepare a detergent solution take:

  • water - 500 ml;
  • Juice obtained from 2 lemons - 4 tbsp.

Photo 4.

If fresh citrus is not at hand, it is replaced with a dry citric acid. On 500 ml of water take 1 tbsp. Powder.

The appellation is filled with water, juice poured into it (or lemon acid nomigar). The contents of the plate are thoroughly mixed. For a better result, you can omit into the solution and the remains of the fruits from which the juice was signed. The bowl is put in the microwave. Include the device for 2-5 minutes. The stronger pollution, the more time it will be necessary to get rid of it.

After turning off the furnace, give the solution to work another quarter of an hour. Then remove it from the chamber and wipe the device from the inside with a sponge.

REFERENCE! How to clean the microwave with vinegar and soda read in the article.

Lemon and orange peels

Citrus (lemons, oranges) will help launder the microwave ovens. The method is suitable for combating weak pollution.

To obtain a liquid cleaning agent, peel 1 orange, 3-4 lemon slices and water (0.5 l). Ingredients are mixed in a deep bowl. Send capacity to the electrical appliance chamber. Include a microwave stove by installing a timer for 5 minutes.

After turning off the technician do not open the door. The bowl should stand inside the furnace another quarter of an hour. After this time, it is extracted. The inner surface of the microwave is wiped with a damp cloth. Eliminate fat deposits in this way will not be difficult.

Photo 5.


Soda cleaning will help to cope with medium contamination. To wash the microwave camera with high quality, it will be necessary to dissolve the food product in water. Staying inside the included furnace, the liquid will fall on its inner surface in the form of condensate, dissolving flashes of fat and dirt.

For the preparation of the solution take:

  • water - 0.5 l;
  • Food soda - 2 tsp.

The container with the liquid means is put in the microwave oven. The device includes full power. The timer is installed from 2 to 5 minutes.

After turning off the kitchen appliances withstand a pause of 5 minutes. Then the bowl with the liquid is cleaned, and the camera is wiping from the inside with a sponge. Difficult places are treated with a rag moistened in soda solution.


Photo 6.

For this, a table vinegar with a concentration of 9% (2 tbsp) is dissolved in water (500 ml). The plate with the resulting liquid is put in the chamber. The electrical appliance includes full power for 10 minutes. After 5-10 minutes after it is turned off, the cleaning of the internal surfaces with a damp sponge is completed.

IMPORTANT! Having created an acetic bath inside the microwave furnace, you can disinfect and effectively clean the inner surface of the device from dirt and fat, eliminate the unpleasant odor.

The microwave door after applying this method should be left open for some time, and the room can be used to eliminate the smell of vinegar.

If, after acetic cleaning inside the furnace, pollution remained, it will be necessary to wipe the difficult places with a cloth moistened in the remaining solution.

Read more about cleaning the microwave oven vinegar here.

Dishwashing gel

A dishwashing detergent will help against weak pollution. In addition to detergent, it will be necessary to stockpowder and water.

Photo 7.

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Microwave washed, following step-by-step instructions:

  1. The sponge is abundantly wetted with water.
  2. Pour a little gel on it. Pretty foaming detergent by compressing and connecting the sponge.
  3. Send a sponge into a microwave.
  4. Run the technique by setting it at full power. On the timer set 30 seconds.
  5. After turning off the electrical appliance, its inner walls and the bottom of the same sponge are wiping.


Clean the microwave oven can be without creating a water bath. Remove fat and food residues from the inner surface will help liquid for cleansing glass.

Cleaning is performed step by step:

  1. Turn off the electrical appliance from the network.
  2. Dissolve in a small amount of water with a liquid wiper, observing the proportion of 1: 2.
  3. In the resulting liquid wet a sponge of foam rubber.
  4. Wipe it to the apparatus camera from the inside. Pay special attention to the ring and plate.
  5. Difficult places are abundantly wetted with mortar. Leave it to work for 5 minutes.
  6. Wash the inner surfaces with clean water, eliminating dirt, fatty flaw and residue of the solution.

Photo 8.

Methods for cleaning the microwave housing

After cleaning the microwave oven, it is started to clean her body with a soft cloth or sponge. It is recommended to use the minimum amount of water.

IMPORTANT! The rear wall of the microwave is permissible to clean only dry in order not to spoil the household appliance.

Upon completion of the work, the case is wiped with a dry cloth or a paper towel.

With a para

The easiest and most effective method of cleaning the kitchen unit involves the use of steam. They can take advantage of hostesses having a steam cleaner houses. The device will help not only eliminate the dirt and fat from the walls of the microwave oven and its front working panel, but also to disinfect the processed surfaces.

Photo 9.

To clean the electrical appliance, the steam cleaner will require only water. Detergents do not have to use. Work does not take a lot of time and strength. The hostess only is required to include a device feeding, and process the microwave. In the completion of the procedure, the kitchen appliances wipe dry.


It will help clean the microwave oven outside lemon or lemon juice. For this, the surface of the kitchen unit is wiped with a sponge. It is pre-impregnated with lemon juice. You can also wipe the body with a slice of halves of lemon.

The treated surface is left for 15 minutes. Then it is washed with water and wipe with a dry paper towel.

How to clean the microwave lemon in 5 minutes, read here!


To clean the outdoor side of household appliances, use soda. Dry powder or solution is suitable for cleaning.

IMPORTANT! Soda - Abrasive, which can leave scratches, so it is not recommended to make efforts and rub the powder.

Cleaning solution is prepared from 1 tbsp. Soda and 2 glasses of water. Wetting the napkin in the resulting liquid, wipe the outer surface of the microwave oven. In completion, the device is dried with a clean cloth.

Photo 10.


Ceramic or enamel microwave coating wash with vinegar. For this prepare a solution of 2 parts of water, 1 pieces of vinegar (9%) and 1 part of ethyl alcohol.

In the resulting liquid, the rags are wetted, which is treated with a contaminated surface. The solution is left to work for 15 minutes, then washed off with water and wipe the housing dry with a rag.


Return the purity of the microwave oven outside will help the dishwashing detergent. To do this, a small amount of gel is applied to a wet sponge, foam and processed the microwave housing. After 20 minutes, the remedy washed off and wipe the household appliance.

Useful advice

Photo 11.

To facilitate the process of cleansing the microwave oven and not spoil the household unit, adhere to the advice of experienced housewives:

  • Microwave is clean at least 1-2 times in 30 days;
  • In order not to spoil the enamel coating, are not fond of steam baths with the addition of vinegar;
  • Use when cooking and warming up a special plastic cap dishes, protecting the microwave-furnace chamber from fat splashes;
  • Forward spots are removed by olive oil;
  • try not to use abrasive tools for cleaning the case and camera so as not to damage their surface;
  • If the food "exploded", staying in the oven, the splashes of fat are removed immediately.

Do you use a cap-lid for a microwave furnace?

Yes No, prayer

What can not be done?

In order not to spoil the kitchen unit during its cleaning, prohibited:

  • use the metal sponge;
  • Apply household chemicals, not intended for washing plates and microwave ovens;
  • use abrasive substances;
  • Abused vinegar (the product is undesirable to use to clean the enameled coating).

How to save cleanliness?

Protect the electrical appliance from the appearance of dirty spots and a fatty plaque will help compliance with the rules:

  1. Use a special plastic cap during heating of food to protect the chamber from a spray of fat.
  2. Wash the electrical appliance at least 1 time in 2 weeks so as not to give pollution to solder.
  3. Wipe the microwave using a wet rag for this purpose, after each use of the kitchen electrical appliance to avoid the appearance on its walls of the soot and a layer of fat.

Photo 12.

How to get rid of the unpleasant smell after cleaning?

After the procedure for cleansing the kitchen unit, there is often an unpleasant smell. To prevent a problem, all the washed panels should be wiped out dry, and the furnace itself is left open to ventilation.

If the smell appeared, it will be possible to eliminate it, applying:

  • Coffee (ground or thick);
  • Salt. The product perfectly chooses outside odors. Salt should be poured into a plate and leave the microwave oven at night.
  • Activated carbon. Tall tablets in powder and leave in a bowl in the microwave chamber for the whole night.
  • Lemon. To do this, in a container filled with water, plunge a couple of citrus fractions and put it in the household unit. The furnace includes 10 minutes.

The product is poured into a plate and put in a hot microwave. Leave inside the chamber until it gets completely cool. It is desirable to hold salt or coffee in the microwave longer.

Photo 13.

Knowing how to quickly and efficiently wash the microwave oven, you can maintain cleanliness in the kitchen and maintain the commodity view of the household appliance.

Useful video

How to quickly clean the microwave, look at the video:

Article author

Expert in the field of cleaning with 20 years of experience. I tell how to achieve the desired goals in cleaning at home using folk or professional funds.

Features of the correct operation of the microwave oven

The microwave oven has quite wide opportunities in terms of heat treatment products - defrosting, warming up and even preparation of full-fledged dishes.

Pollution are an indispensable attribute of any cooking, but if you use certain rules of operation, you can significantly reduce the cleaning time or delay it:

  1. Try to put a timer at the minimum time required for cooking. The boiling leads to excessive breakdown of fluids on the surface of the walls. It will be better to add a few more minutes if the dish is not ready for use.
  2. When the liquid food completely warmed up, it is necessary to wait 10-15 seconds before reaching it from the microwave, it will warn it with boiling droplets on the walls. Also do not neglect the use of the lid to prevent excessive contamination.
  3. In no case, do not try to cook raw eggs in a microwave oven or to fry crushers - you will probably lose a delicious product, having received an unpleasant smell instead with the evaporated walls and the door.
  4. In addition to eggs, the microwave oven will not help in the preparation of any dish in hermetic packaging. The explosions do not like no one, so if you want to save your technique in the original form - forget about the packaged food!
  5. Vegetables, fruits, potatoes, sausages, sausages, etc. Edible supplies (even eggs without shells!) You can warm up in the microwave, observing only one simple rule - make a few holes with a sharp object. Then the steam will be freely go out, not forcing me to "explode".

Microwave Cleaning - Main Stages

Unfortunately, not all observe the above tricks during the operation of technology. Moreover, their observance reduces the total number of frozen droplets and stains, but it can not last if it does not last. From time to time you will be forced to clean our technique. We will talk about the methods a little later, but for now let's step by step to clean the microwave cleaning at home:

  1. Turn off our assistant from the mains.
  2. Open the door, get a glass dish and ring with rollers. MOE them separately.
  3. Thoroughly wash the upper wall.
  4. Clean the lateral surfaces and rear walls from residues.
  5. We wipe the lower part of the furnace.
  6. We deliver the door from the remaining dirt.
  7. If necessary, we clean the microwave outside.

If you do not comply with the rules of neat operation, then a similar procedure must be made at least once every two weeks. With careful use, this period can be enlarged twice.

Kak pochistit mikrovolnovku1

Example how can sprinkle soup

Features of cleaning depending on the materials of the internal chamber

Since its appearance, microwave equipment occurred periodically constructive changes. Thanks to the efforts of engineers, several options for using materials for the internal chamber of the device were invented. Each of them has its advantages and disadvantages. We offer more details to explore the rules that need to be observed depending on the preferred version before switching to the material on how to quickly clean the microwave inside.

Material Specificity
Coating from enamel It is not allowed to use abrasive cleaning products. At the bottom of the device there should be no moisture to avoid corrosion.
Stainless steel It is not allowed to use the abrasive components of any form when cleaning, as well as all kinds of acids.
Coating from ceramics It is impossible to use hard sponges made of metal chips and the like abrasives.

How to clean the microwave at home - the most effective methods

In the 21st century, the clearance masters and simple housewives came up with a lot of effective solutions for cleaning even solar pollution, tightly entered into the furnace housing. Some occupy no more than a minute, others will "steal" much more free time. The ideal method, of course, does not exist - everyone chooses whether to wash the microwave from fat and food particles inside. We offer to get acquainted with the most popular and savage in our field options.

How to clean the microwave from the inside using a pair

If there are no major contaminants in the microwave oven, it makes sense to look at the simplest and most common method that has been the name of the Parik. The essence in the following - we find a deep plate, fill it with water, put inward and launch a microwave oven at maximum power. Usually there is enough time from ten to fifteen minutes. When the process is completed, do not take out the dishes right away - this is a physical phenomenon as condensate. After five to seven minutes, you can open the device, carefully pull out a plate and remove the nutritional sources of dirt using a napkin (better nonwoven) or a soft kitchen sponge.

Kak pochistit mikrovolnovku2.

Microwave cleaning from inside with steam

Cleaning with a conventional sponge and dishwashing agent

If you still think how to wash the microwave from fat, then this method is good both for a weak level of pollution and for medium-sized stains. Generously smoeming a foam sponge in water, add a drop of detergent with a diameter of one and a half or two centimeters to it. Strong compressing and squeezing movements, create as much foam on the surface as possible. Then, as in the previous case, put it in the inner chamber and launch the process. But be careful - it is necessary to use the minimum possible power (otherwise the sponge simply burns), and the maximum time of the procedure is no more than thirty seconds. Subsequently, you can open the door and start cleaning the inner surface with the same sponge itself.

Kak pochistit mikrovolnovku3

Use for washing the orange peel - the choice of this ecologist

We continue to study the methods to combat light and medium pollution. If you do not want to apply any harm to the environment, as well as a supporter of waste-free technologies, then this option will be perfect. Do you know how to wash the microwave with simple crusts from orange? The scheme is simple - take any available capacity, we add orange peels there (the amount is not regulated) and fill with several glasses of water. As in the case of steam, we put the container into the microwave oven and start at maximum power. Ten minutes should be enough with interest. After switching off, you can start cleaning the rules already known to you.

My microwave ovenhouse soap - "Thunderstorm" of soil spots

Sometimes you have to break your head, how to quickly clean the microwave inside, if cleaning has not been carried out for a long time and simple recipes no longer help. Go to the most efficient methods that make it possible to defeat the most complex mud versions. The household soap saved and saves many families, even cleaning household appliances does not cause problems from him. The principle is such - either applied foamed soap on a sponge, or distribute it with your hands on the inner surface of the microwave oven. We leave the layer of soap on the walls for a couple of minutes, and then remove it along with the softening pollution with a damp sponge or napkin.

Kak pochistit Mikrovolnovku5.

Ordinary economic soap

How to clean the microwave lemon or citric acid

Another convenient option for fans of ecology. Lemonic acid is sold in any food store, and its absence can be compensated by ordinary lemon juice. How to quickly and high-qualityly clean the microwave with lemon or its acid? We again take into the hands of deep dishes, fill it with water, and either we pour out the pre-acquired powder, or squeeze the juice from the chopped fruit (later it will also be necessary to put in a plate). By tradition, the resulting mixture put in our microwave and launch at maximum heating power by installing the timer for a period of two to five minutes. After the process is completed, we are waiting for some time and begin the cleaning procedure. In difficult places for processing, a previously prepared lemon solution can be used.

Kak pochistit mikrovolnovku6.

Microwave Cleaning Lemon or Lemon Acid

Cleaning by vinegar - True "heavy artillery"

Despite the unpleasant odor, this method is the most powerful in the fight against spots. How with the help of a basil of acetic acid purchased in the nearest store quickly wash the microwave? First of all, you need to open a window or at least a window to eliminate harmful vapors. All in the same plate pouring or two tablespoons of 9% vinegar, or one teaspoon of 70% acetic essence. We set the container to the glass dish and launch a microwave oven for a period of two to seven minutes (depending on the contamination). Further actions completely repeat the remaining options.

We try to clean the microwave with vinegar and soda - an uncompromising solution

We are the most powerful method finally. A mixture of soda with acetic acid is one of the most reliable means in the question of how to clean the microwave from fat inside. First, a tablespoon of vinegar is mixed in any comfortable dish, two of the same spoons of soda and two or four spoons of warm water. The resulting "alchemical potion" with a toothbrush is applied on the walls of the microwave oven. In twenty minutes, with the help of a sponge or napkin with faces, you can remove both the mixture and absolutely any contamination.

How to clean the microwave inside - what method is the fastest, convenient and efficient

Now you know much more about cleaning your microwave oven - we studied simple methods for which only water needs, got acquainted with how to clean the microwave with citric acid, and also learned about the existence of more powerful connections. We do not get to name the leader among the described options. Instead, we offer our final rating. Further - only your choice.

Kak pochistit mikrovolnovku7.

Method The degree of pollution
"Parik" First level
Sponge and detergent Initial or medium
Orange peel Initial or medium
Laundry soap Medium or high level
Lemon or lemon acid Medium or high level
Acetic acid Any level
Soda + acetic acid Any level

Pure microwave

The microwave ovens firmly entered the daily use. Quickly warm up, defrosting or cooking with its help is very comfortable. At the same time, dirt is located on the surface and inside the kitchen assistant: the remnants of the burnt and suichers of food, inequate and nagar.

In order for the device to serve for a long time and pleased with his kind, you need to care for it. It is important to regularly clean the microwave oven outside and from the inside. It is best to wipe the microwave with a damp sponge after each use and once a week thoroughly clean. In this case, pollution is easily removed by water, without the use of cleaning agents.

How to clean the microwave oven from the inside

The choice of the method of cleaning the internal chamber of the microwave furnace depends on the degree of its pollution and the type of coating:

  • With purified water. This method is suitable for new techniques and with minor pollution.
  • Using lemon or citric acid. For the average degree of pollution. Suitable for any types of surfaces, but frequent use is not recommended for enamel coating furnaces.
  • Cleaning with a solution of food soda. The method is effective at the average and severe degree of pollution.
  • Using household soap. A very effective way, good the fact that the economic soap should be in every home.
  • Using liquid for washing dishes. The effect is no worse than the cleaning of the economic soap.
  • Using a solution of table vinegar. In this way, you can remove even firmware dirt.
  • Cleaning specialized means. To care for microwave ovens, special compositions have been developed, which in 5 minutes coped with any pollution.

Purification of simple water

Clean the microwave with simple water can be used using the principle of steam bath. For this you need:

  1. In the refractory container pour clean water. It is better to use distilled or filtered.
  2. Place water in a microwave and turn on the maximum power for 5-10 minutes. When boiling, the liquid will be evaporated, and in the form of condensate, settle on the walls inside the chamber.
  3. Water with a sponge, and then wipe dry with a clean cotton cloth or a paper towel.

Cleaning clean water

Fresh lemons or crystalline citric acid

When cleaning with lemon or lemon acid, the same principle "Baths" works. Only instead of simple water uses a solution prepared from 200-250 ml of water and 2 lemons or 1 teaspoon of citric acid. Limon's zest can also be put into liquid, then a pleasant citrus fragrance will be a bonus. Instead of lemon, you can use lime or even an orange.

  1. "Lemon water" is sent to the microwave for 10 minutes at maximum power.
  2. Acid particles together with condensate will be mounted on the walls of the stove, softening fat.
  3. Leave the door closed for another 10-15 minutes for better impact.
  4. After that, pollution is easily and quickly removed with a wet sponge.

Lemon, citric acid, vinegar


Cleaning vinegar is a very effective method. With it, even strong pollution is removed. Vinegar, falling along with water in the form of condensate on the walls of the furnace, destroys fat molecules. The minus of this method is a sharp smell of vinegar evaporation. Therefore, it is necessary to ventilate. When working with acetic acid, caution is needed. Entry, even a small amount of this substance on open skin sections or eye causes strong irritation. It will help immediately washing with plenty of flowing clean water.

  1. In a deep bowl or peary, a solution of 0.5 liters of water and 3 tablespoons of 9% vinegar are prepared.
  2. They put 5 minutes in the microwave and include maximum power.
  3. Leave the door closed for another 15 minutes, after that, wipe the surface of the pusher.
  4. If part of the contamination is removed from the first time, the process is repeated.
  5. After an acetic bath that did not move to the end after acetic bath, it is easy to remove with a cloth moistened in olive oil.

This method, as in the case of citric acid, is not suitable for frequent use in the furnaces, where the inner coating is made of enamel.



If there was no fresh citrus in hand, it is possible to clean the microwave oven with the help of a solution of food soda. In addition to an excellent cleaning effect, it also has bactericidal properties. After cleaning soda, the surface acquires shine. For this:

  1. The tablespoon is dissolved in a glass of warm water.
  2. Pour the solution into a deep refractory cup and heated in a microwave for 10 minutes.
  3. Leave another 15 minutes with a closed door.
  4. Wipe the surface first with a damp sponge, then a dry towel.

Laundry soap

laundry soap

How to clean the microwave to business soap:

  1. Prepare a concentrated solution of household soap and blench it with a sponge.
  2. Apply foam on fat and other surface contaminants.
  3. Leave for 10 minutes.
  4. Wine with a damp with a wet sponge.
  5. Water dry with a clean towel.

Important! Soap remnants remove carefully. If this is not done: when feeding food is soaked in this, not the most pleasant, aroma.

Dishwashing liquid

Acts similarly to the economic soap. Helps effectively cope with flax stains. In order to quickly launder a microwave oven using a product for dishes.

  1. Fill with a sponge solution from a glass of water and several drops of detergent gel.
  2. Treat foam surface and leave for 5-10 minutes.
  3. After wipe first wet, and then a dry towel.

Specialized means of household chemicals

For cleaning microwave ovens it is better to use specially designed tools. They will cope with any pollution in a short time and safely for the state of the device. Use household chemicals according to the instructions on the package.

Specialized means

How to clean the tan for the grill in the microwave oven

TEN - the most contaminated part of the inner microwave chamber. He has a complex geometry, during the operation of the device heats up greatly, fat and dirt turn into a nagar. Working, such a heating element has been around, filling the kitchen with caustic smoke.

It is easy to clean with special chemicals or can be resorted to this method:

  1. Cut the wire that is well maintained in the form of a rounded hook. By the diameter of the coinciding with the tube of the heating element.
  2. Wind on it with wool.
  3. Mix the ethyl alcohol and wipe the TEN. Dirt will easily be deleted.

How to clean the microwave outside

To clean the outer surfaces of the microwave oven, except specialized, are suitable for cleaning brakes in the form of aerosols.

A homemade solution is well coped with: water, ethyl alcohol, white food 9% vinegar - in proportion 2: 1: 1.

  1. The first thing is the surface of the microwave oven to clean from dust.
  2. The rear panel can be wiped only dry or slightly moistened sponge.
  3. The door of the microwave, the upper surface and the side planes to be treated with a cleaning solution. Leave for 5-7 minutes, and then remove remnants of the means and wipe the surface of the device dry.

Cleaning vinegar Outside

General Rules for cleaning microwave ovens

Whatever microwave cleaning methods at home would be selected, it is important to comply with general precautions:

  1. Turn off the device from the outlet.
  2. To clean the stove inside, take out a glass stand and a plastic circle with wheels and washed them.
  3. Sponges and rags should only be slightly humid, it is important to avoid moisture from entering the device.
  4. You can not allow the penetration of cleaning agents or moisture behind the magnetron bars, it leads to a short circuit and a furnace breakdown.
  5. Do not use abrasives.
  6. Do not include the device on the network immediately after cleaning. It is important that the remnants of moisture evaporated.

Pollution prevention

  • If, when heated and cooking, cover the dish by another plate, a glass cover or a special plastic cap for microwave ovens - this prevents splashing of fat and liquids on the walls of the inner chamber.
  • Clean the dirt immediately, not allowing it to dry on the surface.
  • Once a day clean the microwave with clean water.

The regular execution of these actions will save from the need to remove non-refined solar spots. The video below shows how to quickly wash the microwave oven.

Video: Fast Microwave Cleaning

Preparation and healing of food in the microwave oven is very convenient, but the device with permanent operation is rapidly contaminated, from which it becomes an unclear look and can even fail. Mix the microwave from the exhausted fat, food residues are quick and easy to use in several ways. How exactly to do this: with the help of folk remedies or household chemicals - to solve you.

All methods show efficiency in practice and cope with even difficult pollution, so your microwave will look like new.

Clean household chemicals

If there is no time to stretch the cleaning process, and a quick result is needed, use household chemicals. It has special components - active surfactants. If it gets into fat, they destroy its structure, from which any even the old stain leaves the surface without much effort.

Council in the topic - how to clean the handles from the gas stove from fat

The most popular means for washing microwave ovens are:

  • "Mister Muscle". Spray the liquid from the pulverizer on the inner walls and the outer surface, leave to operate for 1-2 minutes, then wipe with a damp cloth. If the stove is very dirty, then turn on the device to work per 1 minute. With increasing temperature, the tool will act much better;
  • Fairy. It has special components that destroy the lipid structure. Moisten the foam sponge with water, press, drop a few drops of detergent, foam. Apply a thick foam on the inside of the device, wait a few minutes, wipe with a damp cloth. You can not rub the microwave foam, but simply put a sponge inside, set the minimum power and turn on the microwave oven to work for 30 seconds. Fat softens, and it will be easy to wash off;
  • Mr. Chister. Spray a bottle concentrate inside the instrument, wait 2 minutes, rinse with water and wipe the dryer with a rag.

In large departments with household chemicals, you can find wet wipes intended for washing microwave ovens. They are effectively fighting with fat, nagar, remove the remains of oil and food. They do not need to pre-wet, because the fabric is already impregnated with hypoallergenic lotion with a disinfecting effect.

When using any household chemicals, do not forget about your own safety: spend cleaning in the respirator and gloves, air the room. Before cleaning, carefully study the recommendations given by the manufacturer, and follow the application order.

Use folk remedies for cleaning the microwave

If household chemicals at home did not find or you appear to be an enemy enemy, apply the smelter and try something from the following ways:

  • vinegar. Divide 100 ml of vinegar in 1 liter of water, moisten a rag in the liquid, press and spend the stove on all walls, leave the solution for 2-3 minutes. To speed up the cleaning process, turn on the device to work for 1 minute with a power of 600 W;
  • lemon acid. According to the properties, the principle of action is similar to vinegar. Divide Art. Powder in 200 ml of water, break into a heat-resistant cup designed to warm up in the microwave, and turn on the oven for 3-4 minutes. During heating, the acidic water evaporates, the solution settles on the walls and breaks the fat. You will only have to collect it with a cloth;
  • soda. Divide Art. Powder in a glass of warm water and stir up to complete dissolution. Fill the resulting fluid into a glass jar, set the microwave inside and heat 5 minutes so that the fluid began to evaporate. At the end, wipe the microwave from the inside with a sponge, having gathered the remains of fat and nagar;
  • laundry soap. By effectiveness, this method is not inferior to household chemicals, since soap can cope with difficult stains. You will need a piece of foam rubber. Fill on it soap obtained by foam apply on a contaminated surface. Leave the microwave for 15-20 minutes, including it is impossible to work. After time, wash the remains of the foam with a clean cloth;
  • Couple. If the fat appeared on the walls recently, it can be removed by conventional water. Fill the heat-resistant dishes with a thick bottom on 2/3 water (preferably filtered, no salts). Put a bowl inside the instrument, set the timer for 5-7 minutes and turn on the microwave oven to work. Make sure that the fluid is not spilled during a boiling and did not bother completely. When the device will cool down slightly, remove the fat with a microfiber cloth.

When cleaning the microwave oven, do not use abrasive products, metal sponges, rigid brushes. They will leave deep scratches on the surface and damage the glossy coating.

Hostess at a notes

The more often the microwave and rarely wash it, the longer it takes on its subsequent cleaning.

Observe ordinary tips, and then the device will not get very hot:

  • All food during warming or when cooking, cover the protective lid. This prevents splashing of food through the walls;
  • When heated, do not pour soup along the edges of the plate, so fat quickly falls on the surface of the device;
  • At the end of operation, leave the door door open for a couple of minutes, it is necessary for airing;
  • Once a week, wipe the microwave not only outside, but also inside a clean cloth.

These recommendations will help you to contain a microwave oven clean and order. Further cleaning does not take much time and strength, and the microwave itself will serve you for many years.

In the process of heating, food on the walls of the microwave is gradually accumulated by splashes of fat, small particles of products, other contaminants. After each use, the stove is usually not washed. However, periodically do it anyway.

The frequency of washing the microwave can be installed at its discretion, depending on the degree of contamination. Also, for cleaning the inner surface of the furnace, it is not necessary to use expensive detergents. Perfectly work and the simplest products that are practically in every home:

What will be needed for cleaning

To work should be prepared:

  • the dirty microwave itself;
  • Food soda;
  • Deep and wide plate / bowl;
  • clean sponge or well absorbing dirt rag;
  • 400 ml of pure water (it is approximately 2 glasses);
  • Fairy or other dishwashing agents.

The plate is suitable from ceramics or special heat-resistant glass that can be used in microwave ovens.

A mixture for cleaning is a soda with water - you can pour into the usual cup. However, a bowl or deep plate provides a large area for evaporation of water, so its use is much more efficient.

How to clean the microwave soda

Pour water in a bowl. Pour the soda table in it. Stir until completely dissolved.

Put in the center of a dirty microwave oven.

Close the door. Enable microwave oven. Treatment time - from 2 to 5 minutes, power - maximum. The stronger pollution, the longer it is required to eliminate it.

In the process of operation of the microwave oven, the soda solution will actively evaporate, settle on the walls and dissolve the fatty flight.

After turning off the stove wait 10 minutes. Water is still evaporated at this time, and the cleaning process continues. It turns out a kind of steam "bath". Well, of course, to immediately get hot dishes in principle not recommended.

Remove the bowl and wipe the camera from the resulting wet sediment. All, microwave clean and ready to work.

In the end, it remains to pour out the residues of soda soda from the bowl and wash well with the help of "Fairi" or other high-quality dishware.

How to clean the microwave lemon

If soda in the farm did not find, without any problems, you can use lemon or citric acid. These products also cope with fatty stains.

To work, you will need:

  • Bowl;
  • 2 glasses of water;
  • 1 large lemon (can be replaced by a tablespoon of powder citric acid);
  • rag.

The process of cleaning lemon is similar to the first option. Pour 2 glasses of water in a spacious bowl. Lemon cut in pressure.

Juice squeeze into the water in the bowl. There is also a squeezed citrus. All this put in the microwave.

Treatment time - 2-5 minutes. After turning off, give the stove to stand 10 minutes with a bowl inside. Then dishes. A dry rag wipe the walls well. Place free from dirty water and clean thoroughly.

How to clean the microwave by vinegar

For abundant and resistant contaminants, a solution of vinegar is used. On 2 glasses of water there are enough two tablespoons of 9% of the table vinegar.

Before cleaning the microwave this way, you must open the window. Couples of vinegar not only unpleasantly smelling, but not good for health. Inhale them extremely undesirable! In the presence of small children in the apartment for cleaning the working surfaces of household appliances, it is better to use other methods: soda or lemon.

Vinegar pour into water. Place with solution to the microwave for 2-5 minutes.

After disconnection, also give the stove to stand 10 minutes from the bowl inside.

Then take a plate. Clean rag to collect a broken fatty. In particularly contaminated places, it is easy to lose with a sponge - only not an abrasive side - moistened in acetic solution. At the end of the wall processing, rinse well from vinegar and wipe.

The remedy works fine with the most persistent, solar pollution.

However, it is not necessary to use it often if the microwave walls are covered with enamel. Maximum - once in the half of the year.

Listed ways are good in that it allows you to gently remove even resistant pollution at a minimum of the spent effort and time. All products used are used for cooking, therefore are not toxic for humans.

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