How to broadcast music in high quality in Skype: the simplest solutions for beginners

Not all lovers of living communication with the help of video calls know that the Skype program is revered by many allows you to include musical accompaniment to the interlocutor and even listen to your favorite compositions. Now we are speeching about how to broadcast music in Skype. To do this, you can use several non-hard methods available to any user.

How to enable music in Skype without programs? The simplest solution

In principle, in a conversation with the interlocutor, most users are trying to apply the easiest method - simply include some kind of composition through the software player available in the system. On laptops, the signal capture is made using a built-in microphone, a separate microphone corresponds to stationary PCs.

how to broadcast music in skype

But this is not a way out! With this situation, it will not be possible to achieve any normal quality, and the interlocutor will simply hear the reflection of the signal. Nevertheless, if it is pretty thinking about how to broadcast music with high signal transmission quality in Skype, you can find a few simple solutions. To begin with, we will analyze the Windows systems.

How to broadcast music with Windows tools in Skype?

First of all, in the running Skype application you need to go to the toolbox on the main panel and select the settings section from the menu, in which you want to use the audio setup string.

On the right, all devices involved (microphone, speakers, call, etc.) will be shown. After that, you will need to go to the standard "control panel" to the sound section and select the recording device there. But it is easier to do it through the right click menu on the volume icon in the system tray.

how to translate music in skype

On the recording device tab, the right click is used, after which the display string is selected for disabled components. For example, in Windows 7, a mixer may appear, in Windows 10 to the mixing console, you can go directly from the system tray. In the remote, you can see a special volume adjustment slider for Skype, which you just need to move to the maximum volume position and save the settings.

how to enable music in skype without programs

How to translate music with changed parameters in Skype? Returning to the sound settings directly in the program and instead of the microphone, select the mixer included. All. Now your interlocutor will hear music in good quality, as it should be.

Most popular third-party programs

The question of how to broadcast music in Skype can be solved using special plug-ins programs that complement Skype's own capabilities.

how to broadcast music in skype

Today, you can call small utilities like Pamela for Skype, Pretty May Call Recorder for Skype, Virtual Audio Cable and Skype Audio Player (the latest program requires the NET platform update. Framework). All of them are quite simple in mastering and have flexible settings. All work comes down to start the addition when starting the main program and choose music that should be transmitted to the interlocutor. Control is practically no different from standard software players.

Instead of the result

Based on the foregoing, it is not difficult to conclude that the broadcast of music in the Skype program involves completely simple methods that allow you to make the necessary setting. What is better to say hard. But many users are inclined to think that the optimal option will be the use of additional utilities, since they have a wider range of possibilities and ease of management. By the way, the Pamela application, as many others, transfers the sound to the programmatically, so the use of the microphone is not required here at all.

It is impossible to transmit music to the standard means of the messenger: you can only turn it on loudly in the room during a conversation so that the interlocutor can hear her. However, this option does not suit many users, since the sound quality is much suffering. How then include music in Skype? For these purposes, programs have been developed.

What in Skype itself?

You can download music to Skype myself. To do this, go to the "Settings" window (section "Tools" in the top panel). We then switch to the "Sounds" tab and click on the "Upload Sound Files" button. However, it will only be sounds for calls, warnings and notifications.

Sound settings

It is possible to download audio files of only two formats: .wav and .skype.


The volume of options offered by this platform is impressive. It includes broadcasting audio records during a conversation. The option is called "Player of Sound Emotions". Emotions Here are a set of standard sound files in WAV format. They are short: applause, sigh, drum, etc. However, this is not all. The player allows you to add your audio recordings in such formats as MP3, WMA and OGG.

1. Download the program on the official website

2. Skype and Pamela simultaneously. In the top panel, PAMELA click on the "Tools" section and choose the familiar point "Show emotion player".

Section "Tools"

3. The new window will appear a list of standard sounds. Scroll through it and click on the green plusion. Select one of the buttons:

  • "Add emotion" - if you want to add only one song.
  • "Add a folder with emotions" - if you wish to download several at once. Previously, you can place this set of audio records in a separate folder.
Loading sounds

4. Include items you need in the explorer and click on "Open".

Select audio file

Audio recordings are loaded and placed at the beginning of the list. We open the record already in the Pamela program also double-click. The sound will be heard to both interlocutors.

Unfortunately, the playlists cannot be created here - all the music is going in a row. Each recording also needs to be opened separately manually. Another shortage of the program is only 15 minutes for broadcast within one conversation. However, it is only in the free version. In paid - opportunities more.

Virtual Audio Cable

This program sends music from various other utilities. It is comfortable to use only in the case of a paid version. If you believe reviews about the free option, the music in it is transmitted with interference and is constantly interrupted.

1.Cill and install the program. Next, right-click on the speaker on the taskbar. Click on the second item "Playback Device".

Towing sound

2. In the first tab already there is a line 1 (Virtual Audio Cable). Call the context menu by right-click and select the "Use By Default" option.

Playback tab

3. Recking on the "Record" section. Click on Line 1 and open the "Properties" block.

Section "Record"

4. In the drop-down menu, we put Line again 1. Save all parameters - click on OK.

Selecting a device

5. Purchase attention to the messenger himself. It also needs to establish certain parameters. Call the "Settings ..." window.

6. Close the "Sound Setup" tab.

Tab "Sound Setup"

7. In the microphone, we put Line 1 (Virtual Audio Cable).

Select microphone

Now you can run an audio player and call friends in Skype. You can make the volume of music yourself. To do this, turn off the "Allow automatic microphone setting" option, and then increase the volume or reduce.

The lack of a program is that in addition to broadcasting sound, there will be nothing, that is, you will not be able to communicate, since you will be disabled devices for sound output.


Unlike the Virtual Audio Cable, Clawnfish creates a music background while talking on Skype. The program has a formal resource:

Playback can go not only on the installed player, but also from online resources (YouTube, for example). However, for this you will need to put the 3DYD DirectShow filter.

We looked at how to broadcast music in Skype. This can be done at the expense of separately developed programs. The most optimal option is Clownfish or Pamela, as they allow you to create a musical background. With Virtual Audio Cable, you will not hear each other - only music will play in speakers or headphones.

Good day! You may not pay attention to the fact that when you turn on the screen demonstration, the "Transmit Sound of Computer" option appears. It disables the microphone and allows your interlocutor to hear the audio played by the device on which Skype is running. At the same time you can no longer hear. Let's talk in more detail on how to translate sound from a computer to Skype, why do this function need, and how to enable it.

Why do you need a live broadcast in Skype - how it is useful

Probably, everyone came across the need to broadcast his screen across Skype when he played on a computer, for example, in CS GO, he listened to a favorite song, held a foreign language course on the Messenger. In these cases, it is important to pass the sound that has a non-microphone and outsiders.

How to make a sound demonstration in skype

To implement this feature, the audio demonstration function was created in Skype.

It will help your interlocutors:

  • hear in real time what you hear you;
  • find out something new if you have included any training course, for example, a foreign language;
  • give listen to your favorite music downloaded from VC, buddies;
  • Transmit greetings with his beloved voice of the famous actor;
  • Share the episodes of the game of the COP;
  • Play yourself;
  • Opport to help translate oral speech or song online.

You can reproduce the sound in other programs, such as TeamViewer, discord. If you turn on the melody, then let it listen to her friends, in theory, you can and through Viber.

How to make a demonstration of sound and music in Skype

Broadcasting audio recordings through Skype can be used for different purposes. Consider how to enable the function.

For this:

  • call a person from the list of contacts;
  • After his response, turn on the "Screen Demonstration" option;
  • Click the "Transmit Computer Sound" button. At this time, you can change the melody, lose the song, include a foreign language course. Your interlocutor will hear everything if the interference will not shove the sounds.

Notice if the microphone has been disabled and so that you do not speak, your contact will not hear you. All of his attention will be absorbed by the music played by the computer, or system sounds. Check if the microphone is turned on and the PC output is not damaged.

However, the transmission does not have high quality. Often, noises are heard, the feeling arises that something is shuffling the sound, it does not allow him to sound louder, the transmission is interrupted.

Solve the problem, you can, if you use third-party programs instead of Skype.

Here are some applications that can be downloaded and add to your piggy bank:

  • Virtual Audio Cable. This paid program works as a virtual microphone, allows you to transfer and receive audio music, simultaneously record it;
  • Pamela for Skype. Carries out broadcast emotions - sigh, drumming, allows you to play audio in WMA format, MP3, OGG. The paid and free version of the player is available;
  • Skype Audio Player. It is possible to reproduce the sound during the conversation, play music. Supports MP3, AVI;
  • Bandicam. Allows you to record the screen, sound messages, conversations, makes audio, video records. Works on a PC, a laptop with Windows, the phone with android.

Why during the screen demonstration there is no sound in Skype

In addition to audio, Skype allows you to broadcast the screen. However, when his demonstrations can be faced with the fact that there is no sound, it sounds quieter, as if someone specially reduced him or muted.

Sound is not broadcast when displaying the screen in Skype

This may be due to the following reasons:

  • slow Internet;
  • The computer's sound transmission feature is enabled and vice versa;
  • Disabled or the microphone does not work;
  • headphones or columns are turned off or;
  • Low volume level;
  • simultaneous transmission of video;
  • Skype update is not installed, Windows 8, 10;
  • Problems with sound card.


Skype allows you to demonstrate not only the screen, but also listen to audio. There are two options - through a microphone, direct transmission of the audio played by the computer. To improve the quality of transmission, recording audio without video, third-party programs are used.

Advantages and disadvantages

Pros of the audio demonstration in Skype

  • The ability to share an audio reproducible to the device currently.

Cons demonstration audio in Skype

  • When using the SKYPE function, the sound quality leaves much to be desired;
  • It is impossible to record;
  • To improve the quality and obtaining normal sound, additional functions need to load third-party programs.

Video review

Today young people have little simple communication on Skype, they want comfort, for example, to play music and her, heard the interlocutor.

High difficulty make such a combination, no. To do this, you can use one of the two methods described in this article.

The first standard (for some reason it does not work for everyone - I have 7 on Windows 7), the second - with the help of an additional program.

If a standard way to make music in Skype to be heard by the interlocutors, it will not work, try the second.

The second method is even preferable - then you will have an answering machine, the ability to recording conversations, redirection and many other useful functions.

Standard way to include in Skype Music To hear others heard

To use the standard way, enter the microphone settings and turn on the stereo mixer, then the person on another line will have to hear playing music in Skype.

To do this, click the right CL. Mice on the sound icon in the tray (speaker icon) and click on the string: "Recording devices" and as shown below in the picture Disconnect the microphone and turn on the mixer.

turn on the mixer so that the interlocutor in Skype heard music

You can also turn off the echo suppression, only then your interlocutor will hear his voice in his skium.

Also in Windows 7, you can simply disable the "digital audio, s \ pdif" and you can hear you and music - in Windows 8, such a function is not provided

Play music for the interlocutor via Skype using an additional program

If you wanted to play music to the interlocutor in Skype, then use the program: "Pamela for Skype". You can download it here.

It has long been greatly popular among Skype users. - This is the call manager.

Using it, along with the music you will receive an answering machine and the ability to record voice video calls, text correspondence, call redirection and other useful functions.

After installation, Skype will ask for access to the use of the program - Allow

Give the program in Skype access

Next, run Skype together with the "Pamela for Skype" and (in the program) program, click "Tools", and then click on the "Show Emotion Player" string.

In the player of sound emotions, at the bottom, click on the green plus game and add the music you want to hear the interlocutor (you can use a whole folder).

Add a music file to be heard in Skype

That's all. Now that your music heard the interlocutor, you just need to click on the selected music file twice.

Also in the program you can adjust the volume, then you will also hear the playback file even through the headphones.

More similar programs, at the time of writing this record there is no, or rather, I am unknown. If someone has more information about this - share with others.

If problems arise, write in the comments - we will decide together. Successes.

Music broadcast in Skype

The Skype application serves not only to communicate in the usual sense of the word. Using it, you can send files, broadcast video and music, which once again emphasizes the advantages of this program before counterparts. Let's figure out how to broadcast music using Skype.

Broadcast musical compositions through Skype

Unfortunately, Skype does not have built-in tools to broadcast music from the file, or from the network. Of course, you can move your speakers closer to the microphone and thus carry out broadcast. But, hardly the sound quality will satisfy those who will listen. In addition, they will hear third-party noise and conversations that occur in your room. Fortunately, there are ways to solve the problem through third-party applications.

Method 1: Installing Virtual Audio Cable

A small Virtual Audio Cable will help to solve the problem with high-quality music broadcast in Skype. This is a kind of virtual cable or virtual microphone. Find this program on the Internet is quite simple, but the optimal solution will be visited by the official site.


  1. After we downloaded the program files, as a rule, they are located in the archive, open this archive. Depending on the bit of your system (32 or 64 bits), start the file setup. or setup64. .
  2. Starting the Installation File Virtual Audio Cable

  3. A dialog box appears, which offers to extract files from the archive. Click on the button "Extract all" .
  4. Removing the Virtual Audio Cable files

  5. Next, we are invited to choose the directory of file extraction. You can leave it by default. Click on the button "Extract" .
  6. Selecting the Virtual Audio Cable file extraction folder

  7. Already in the extracted folder start the file setup. or setup64. , depending on the configuration of your system.
  8. Starting a setup file

  9. During the installation process, a window opens where we will need to agree with licenses by clicking on the button. "I Accept" .
  10. Agreement M licensed conditions Virtual Audio Cable

  11. In order to directly start installing the application, in the window that opens, click on the button "Install" .
  12. Start Installation Virtual Audio Cable

  13. After that, the installation of the application begins, as well as install the appropriate drivers in the operating system.

    After the installation of the Virtual Audio Cable, click right-click on the speaker icon in the PC notification area. In the context menu, select the item "Playback Devices" .

  14. Switch to playback devices

  15. A window opens with a list of playback devices. As you can see, in the tab "Reproduction" An inscription has already appeared "Line 1 (Virtual Audio Cable)" . Click on it right-click and set the value "Use default" .
  16. Select Default Playback Device

  17. After that go to the tab "Record" . Here, similarly causing menus, also set the value opposite the name Line 1. "Use default" If it is no longer appointed. After that, again, click on the name of the virtual device Line 1. and in the context menu select the item "Properties" .
  18. Transition to the Virtual Audio Cable properties

  19. In the window that opens, in the column "Play from this device" Select from the drop-down list again Line 1. . After that click on the button Ok .
  20. Select a playback device

  21. Next, go directly to the Skype program. Open the menu section "Tools" , and click on item "Settings ..." .
  22. Go to Skype settings

  23. Then go to subsection "Sound settings" .
  24. Transition to Sound Setup in Skype

  25. In the settings block "Microphone" In the selection field of the recording device from the drop-down list, select "Line 1 (Virtual Audio Cable)" .

Microphone Selection in Skype

Now your interlocutor will hear the same thing that would have published your speakers, but only, so to speak directly. You can enable music on any, installed on your computer audio player and, contacting the interlocutor or a group of interlocutors, start musical broadcast.

In addition, removing the checkbox from the point "Allow automatic microphone setting" You can manually adjust the volume of the transmitted music.

Skype sound level

But, unfortunately, this method has shortcomings. First of all, this is what the interlocutors will not be able to communicate with each other, since the receiving party will hear only music from the file, and in the transmission side, in general, the sound output devices (speakers or headphones) will be actually disconnected during the transmission period.

Method 2: Using Pamela for Skype

Partially solve the above problem can be by installing additional software. We are talking about the Pamela for Skype program, which is a comprehensive application designed to expand Skype functionality at once in several directions. But us now she will be interested only in terms of the possibility of organizing the broadcast of music.

You can organize the broadcast of musical compositions in Pamela for Skype through a special tool - "Player of sound emotions" . The main task of this tool is the transfer of emotions by setting sound files (applause, sigh, drum, etc.) in WAV format. But through the player of sound emotions, you can also add conventional music files in MP3, WMA and OGG format, which we need.

Download Pamela for Skype program

  1. Run Skype and Pamela for Skype. In the main menu Pamela for Skype Click on item "Tools" . In the discontinued list, select the position "Show emotion player" .
  2. Transition to the emotion player in Pamela for Skype

  3. Window starts Player of sound emotions . Before us opens a list of preset audio files. Scroll it to the Niza himself. At the very end of this list there is a button "Add" in the form of a green cross. Click on it. A context menu is opened, consisting of two items: "Add emotion" и "Add folder with emotions" . If you are going to add a separate music file, choose the first option if you already have a separate folder with a predetermined composition set, then stop at the second point.
  4. Transition to adding a new composition to emotion player in Pamela for Skype

  5. Window opens Explorer . It needs to go to the directory where a music file or a music folder is stored. Choose an object and click on the button "Open" .
  6. Adding a new composition to emotion player in Pamela for Skype

  7. As you can see, after these actions, the name of the selected file will be displayed in the window Player of sound emotions . In order to lose it, click the double click of the left mouse button by name.

Playing the composition in Pamela for Skype

After that, playing a music file will begin, and the sound will be heard to both interlocutors.

In the same way, other musical compositions can be added. But this method has its drawbacks. First of all, this is the lack of the possibility of creating playlists. Thus, each file will have to run manually. In addition, the free version of the Pamela for Skype (BASIC) provides only 15 minutes of broadcast time over a single communication session. If the user wants to remove this restriction, he will have to purchase a paid version of Professional.

As you can see, despite the fact that the standard Skype tools do not provide for broadcast to interlocutors of music from the Internet and from files located on a computer, if desired, such a broadcast can be arranged.

CloseWe are glad that you could help you solve the problem. CloseDescribe what you did not work.

Our specialists will try to answer as quickly as possible.

Will this article help you?


Hello everyone. With you today, Fedor Lykov. And today I will tell you how to adjust the sound in Skype. The main condition for communicating through the messenger of voice and video communications is good sound quality.

If, with your communication, the sound will constantly twitch, syuit, hoarse and stutter, then the interlocutor will not understand anything. And sometimes there are situations when there is no sound at all, then talk to the souls will not work. In order for such situations to have no panic, you need to know how to configure sound in Skype.

About how to get a Skype account we already understood earlier. To do this, you need to do some simple actions. Therefore, if today's article was interested, then install the program, register and try to perform actions in practice.

And now we start.

How to configure sound in skype on a computer

First of all, you need to run Skype and get into the Software Settings section. It is very simple to do so, since the sequence of actions includes only a few clicks:

  • Click on the button in the form of dots. It is located next to the user's avatar.
  • The result of these actions will be the opening of the menu window.
  • It needs to poke on the "Settings" string.

How to set up sound in skype

  • After that, you need to wait a bit until a special window appears on the screen.
  • When this happens, you need to pay attention to the right column. There in the middle of the list will be "sound and video".

How to set up sound in skype

  • Next you need to check: the correct name of the device is listed in the line microphone and speakers.
  • To check the microphone you need to pronounce any phrase.

If the microphone is working, then the scale from the blue points will be filled as the sound increases. And to check the performance of the speakers, a special button is provided, when you click on it, a beep will be served.

In the same section of the parameters, manual setting is provided. To use this option, you need to turn off the "Configure Microphone automatically" checkbox.

When you are 100% confident that all sound parameters are configured correctly, the application provides the ability to check using the "test free call". It is located at the bottom of the section.

How to set up sound in skype

Now we will only wait to wait a bit and after serving the sound signal program, you need to say any phrase, which, after a period of time, it will sound 10 seconds in the dynamics of headphones or columns.

If this happened, it means that there are no problems with sound. You can disconnect from a trial call. This is the main way to check the sound in Skype.

How to set up the sound in Skype when I do not hear the interlocutor

I want to warn you that the root of the problem can be hidden both on your computer and on the device that you are talking to.

However, it is worth noting that if the problem is repeated with several subscribers, then with a probability of 99%, it yourself is to blame for the current situation.

The reason for such a phenomenon when you do not hear the subscriber may be the following:

  1. You incorrectly indicated a device for receiving sound.
  2. The interlocutor pointed out the wrong microphone in the settings of his program.

What to do to restore performance? First, you need to check whether the speakers have broken.

  • We go into parameters and click the speaker check button.
  • At this moment a beep should appear.
  • If this did not happen, then check which device is written in the speaker string. Otherwise, switch to those columns that are used with you.

Sound setting in Skype

  • If it did not help, then, most likely they do not work, and because of this you do not hear the interlocutor.

Now suppose that the sound appeared, but you continue to communicate with silence. Then you need to look for the problem from the interlocutor. Now he must make the same actions on his device.

However, attention should be paid to the microphone string. To check, you need to say anything into the microphone. He must react to your voice.

Customize sound in Skype on your mobile phone

Most recently, we could only dream of using a video monassender on phones. It was intended only for personal computers.

Today, any owner of a tablet or telephone with Android 2.3 and above can easily maintain a conversation with friends.

  • So, to configure Skype in your mobile phone when you first connect, you need to download and register with it. This is the first.

Sound setting in Skype

  • When we did, we need to make sound settings. Usually they are installed automatically when installing the application, but sometimes do not suit the user completely.

For a comfortable communication, we need the correct setting of two phone modules - this is a microphone and speaker. If your friend hears you badly or there is no voice, then you need to pierce a little in the settings.

Did you notice such deviations from the norm only in Skype? I want to "congratulate" your phone hit the list of rare devices that conflict with the program.

This phenomenon is certainly unpleasant, but quite corrected:

  1. The use of the mini headset corrects the sound quality.
  2. Unlicensed phone or tablet firmware.

If the first way can be tried independently, then you need to go to the master behind the licensed firmware. However, this is not a guarantee that he will not put a pirated version.

Another problem that can lead to poor sound quality is a microphone. It happens such that the interlocutor, he hears, it does not hear.

The diagnosis in this case is likely to be the incompatibility of the system and the version of the program.

Since the system is more difficult to reinstall, you can try to make the installation of the most new version of Skype. If it does not help, then try an earlier version. Similar words, you need to find the Skype assembly, which will not conflict with your system.


That's all I wanted to tell you today. We looked at how to configure sound in Skype on a computer and problems that may arise.

And also considered possible solutions for stressful situations associated with sound.

Do not be ill. Your Fedor Lykov.

Calls and sending messages - Small part of the Skype application features. The functional utility, which installed more than 450 million users, allows you to arrange video and audio conferences, send documents, files, songs, snapshots, images, demonstrate the screen, etc. However, many users are interested in additional opportunities, for example, how to translate music in skype , change voice, etc.

Features of broadcast compositions

Unfortunately, the developers have not added to the utility the function of broadcasting compositions. But do not be upset. The way to share music with a friend still exists, and it's not about sending audio recordings, but about the full reproduction of songs on the columns of another subscriber.

There are two ways to please the comrade good song: the use of a special utility and easy launch audio on their columns. The second option is not the best, since the subscriber will hear foreign sounds, crackling, creak, etc. The poet user is recommended to use a special program.

Installation of additional applications

A subscriber who decided to find out how to make in Skype so that the interlocutor heard my music, you will have to install a special application. There are several programs: VAC (Virtual Audio Cable) and Pamela for Skype. For installation you need:

  • Go to the official website of the VAC application.
  • Download installation file. There are two versions of the program: 32 and 64 bit. You need to select a suitable installer, depending on the operating system configuration.
  • Unpack the archive.
  • Click on a file called "Setup". Installing VAC
  • Select the path and confirm the installation.

In addition to the utility itself, sound drivers are installed on the computer. After installing the installation, the user must be pressed on the speaker icon located in the lower right corner of the screen. Then you should select the option "Playback Device", click on Line 1 (VAC) and click on "Use By Default". Using the VAC to play sound

In the "Record" section you need to do a similar operation. Using the VAC to record

Setting skype

After selecting the recording and playback device, change the configuration of the Skype itself. Subscriber follows:

  • Run the program to communicate.
  • Select the Tools tab. The section is located at the top of the working window.
  • Go to "Settings".
  • Click on "Sound Settings".
  • Select VAC as a microphone. VAC Setup for Skype
  • Save changes.

You can check the broadcast by calling the Skype communication check service - Sound Test Service.

It is important to know: during the broadcast, the interlocutor will not hear the voice of the subscriber who transmitting music.

Microphone on a laptop

Skype communication is a pleasant and convenient opportunity to see and hear the interlocutor, which is at any end of the world. The transmission of system sounds in Skype will help get the maximum pleasure from communication. Share your favorite song, create the desired atmosphere or discuss interesting moments while watching the film. In addition, such a function is indispensable for conferences and online lessons that are increasingly conducted through Skype in online mode.

Standard way to include in Skype Music To hear others heard

The most convenient and simple is a standard method that allows you to broadcast system sounds in Skype without installing additional utilities. To activate it, open the microphone settings in the Sound section and turn on the stereo mixer. You can additionally activate the suppression of the echo so that the interlocutor could hear his voice. Please note that the standard way to enable system sounds may not work on Windows 8, also in this system does not provide a function of disconnecting the digital audio S \ PDIF.

Play system sounds via Skype using an additional program

To reproducible sounds in Skype were clean and high-quality, you can not do without using third-party programs. Such utilities can be both paid and free, and download them best from the official site. The most famous programs for transmitting sounds in Skype are:

  • Virtual Audio Cable
  • Prettymay Call Recorder for Skype
  • Pamela for Skype.
  • Skype Audio Player.

Skype sound configuration

We use Virtual Audio Cable

Need high-quality translation of music in Skype? This can help install Virtual Audio Cable. This program is a kind of virtual microphone, and download the utility is best from the official site.

After downloading the application, do the following:

  1. Open the archive and run the Setup or Setup64 file (depending on the system's bit).
  2. In the dialog box that appears, select the "Extract All" function.
  3. Select a location where you should save the file (or leave by default) and click "Extract".
  4. After the agreement with the license program, click Install and wait for the installation.

To use the virtual audio cable, press in the lower right corner on the sound icon, select "Playback Device", and in the window that appears - "Line 1 (Virtual Audio Cable)". Schedule it by default in the Skype microphone settings. Now you can share sounds with the interlocutor and even set up the volume of the transmitted music.

Virtual Audio Cable

Alternative program Pamela for Skype

Want to share with the interlocutor in Skype new songs of your favorite group or boast of continued chords on the guitar? To do this, you can use the program "Pamela for Skype". The call manager managed to win widely popular among users thanks to such useful features as recording calls, text correspondence, call redirection, etc. After installing the application, allow you to access Skype, enable the program simultaneously with the messenger and open the "Emotion Player". Add to this section all you need - individual songs, playlists or recording from a voice recorder. So that the sound was heard the interlocutor, just click on the selected file twice.

Do you know other ways to translate sounds in Skype? Offer them in the comments.

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